Erotic Story: Getting the Boss’ Chick – S*xual Experience of a Lady and Her Office Boss

A sizzling story of s*xual experience of an office laborer and her supervisor all around described to engage and fulfill. (This article is appraised 18+)

Matilda sat down nervously at her desk.
She was not sure she would be able to pull off what she wanted to. Her boss was still at the office and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Why did she think she would be able to do this?
Matilda has had a huge crush on her boss for months. He was handsome, passionate and charismatic. He was also quite friendly and smiled at his staff. Matilda wanted him. She knew he was married but that did not matter to her. She did not want to compete with his wife, she simply wanted a piece of him.
She had spent months trying to give hints of how she felt. She smiled at him and even try to talk to him. Although he was polite, she felt like he had no interest. She then decided to take things further. She could not blame him for refusing her subtle advances when she was in the midst of nearly 20 staff.
She needed a place and time when she would be alone. She observed his movements and notice the days where he was more likely to stay back late at work. It was usually Mondays and Fridays. She decided to hang around when others had gone one Friday evening.
When she was sure no one else was around, Matilda stepped out to get some food. She returned and knocked on her boss’ door.
“Come in,” he called out. He looked surprised to see her. “You are still around?”
“Yes, sir. I had a few things to do.”
He nodded and she stepped further into his office.
“I brought you something to eat. I don’t know if you are hungry.”
“Oh wow, Matilda. That’s very nice, thanks.”
She set the food on his table and after it seemed like he was not going to say anything else, she left his office.
She felt frustrated. She was looking forward to this night to be the night. She would be really mad at herself if she had to go home without getting what she needed. She decided to give it one more try.
She removed her bra and her panties underneath her white shirt and blue pencil skirt. She put her clothes back on but while putting on the shirt, she unbuttoned the first two buttons so her cleavage was very revealing. After a few minutes, she returned to his office under the pretext of clearing up what he ate with.
As she bent over his desks to pack up, she noticed his eyes zero in on her cleavage. She took her time so he could see very clearly. She then got up, disposed of the plates and returned to him. She stood in front of his desk and he looked up questioningly even though his eyes kept popping back and forth her cleavage.
Slowly, she began to unbutton her shirt.
“What are you doing?” She asked as he got up and slowly made his way towards her. She smiled as she saw the look of interest in his eyes. She took off her shirt as he reached her. He lifted her up and sat her on his desk. He bent and took one boob in his mouth, sucking and kissing as he slid his hand underneath her skirt. He hiked it up until it was around her waist and moaned when he saw she was wearing nothing underneath.
His raging cock ached to be released and he could not keep it caged any longer. He unzipped and released his d*ck. He lifted her forward to the edge of the desk and shoved himself inside her.
Matilda breathed deep in satisfaction. She was getting exactly what she wanted and it was worth the effort. His cock slid easily in and out of her. Her tight p*ssy enveloped his cock so snugly that she was cumming within seconds of penetrating her.
She wrapped her hands around him, holding on to him as she was so close to the edge that she could fall off if she did not hold tighter. Her nails dug into his skin as he roughly f*cked her. His groan got louder and soon he exploded deep inside her.
He released her after a few moments and zipped his trousers. He returned to his chair as Matilda hopped off the desk to adjust her own clothing. No words were needed. They scratched an itch and it was a pleasurable scratch indeed.