Endless Tears-Episode 2


The silence in the massive sitting room was like a grave yard the only sound was the pounding of the senators shoe, as he pace the sitting room nervously. the news of my pregnancy has been delivered and after various bolt of argument the senator had called his son on phone. I looked at the door endlessly waiting to see the copper and have him reassure me that
everything was alright. I have really missed him
those dark eyes and curled hair which had never sizer to gain my attention, those perfectly formed full lips which could awaken my nerve in my body with just one kiss, I have really missed him.
the door just opened and the person I saw was defiantly the copper but he looked totally different. he was obviously not in his uniform coz he had finished his service. even thou it was only two month ago that left he had changed completely.
maybe it because I hadn’t seen him in anything other than his uniform. coper bello stood at the entrance of the house looking at me in complete surprise I squired a little in his continued staring he looked completely handsome I felt like running into his hands.
Alex what are u doing there come inside the senator’s wife said .
copper walked inside facing his mother. the atmosphere changed completely. Hus presence seem to dominate everywhere. he always had the effect everywhere he got to. I acknowledged my heart skipped and the love of my life his here. he kissed his mum check and she panicked. he bearly greeted his father before turning to us
son” his dad began do u know this girl over there??
his eyes held no expression at all I swallow hard as he starred impassively at me.
copper bello I breathed y his he looking at me like that I wondered he looked at my parents before turning to face his Dad .
she was one of the students I met during service he said calming. despite his calm expression his jaw seems to tense
what going on dad??

what going on?
his dad interrupted. so u are the shameless boy that had the audacity to break my daughter virginity and got her pregnant my dad shouted.
the shocked that copper bello experience was palpable. his eyes flew to me instantly and I suddenly feel like to vanish and hide in shame as his eyes went to my stomach I had incredible urge to protect my unborn child.
y Blame my son the mother interjected””
y not blame the s–t of a daughter that u have did my son rape her, she willing gave her self to my son right?
how could u do that son the senator questioned him, he still had his eyes on my stomach.how could u do this do u know the kind of scandal this can cause??am running the second term in the senate and this will be a disaster if it get to the press. how could u be this senseless he roared……
Alex swallowed I can’t be responsible for the pregnancy did she say I am??
what I gasped in horror” copper bello this is the last thing I expected from u.
for God sake woman I am no longer copper bello .I am Alex bello he almost shouted running his hand in his head in agony.
my mouth felt dry my heart raced bitterly. how can u forget that afternoon at coppers lounge. not wanting to discuss my little secret in public u took m innocence copper bello. u said u loved me how could u deny the paternity of my child when u are the only man life. tears burned in my heart.
Alex bello hissed, and u were stupid enough to believe that I loved u?? he laughed strangely. those words were said in the heat of sexual passion, surely u where not dumb enough to believe me huh? I felt like a piece of trash. tears ran down my eyes, look at u . u are not fit to be a maid in this house and u believe I will love u. u came all the way to fct with a sillpers thinking
will accept u, I have never loved u.i only needed a willing body and u volunteered .that all.
silent sliced thru me and cold gripped me I think am going to be sick. tears tricked down my check No! it cannot be happening to me. everybody turned their back on me.
to be continued