Echoes of the past Episode 4


Meanwhile, inside the car, Rex was itching to hear Gavin speak and tell him how the second meeting with Beryl went but it seemed Gavin wasn’t ready to talk as his focus was on the car steering wheel, so he decided to do something.

‘’Mehn!, that girl is alluring. Her eyes are so full of love and unspeakable desires, I think I like her,’’ Rex smiled and paused to see Gavin’s reaction but Gavin only pretended not to hear him.

‘’Guy!, I’ll put you for one corner o, why aren’t you saying anything?’’ Gavin smiled in a way that showed only his upper teeth and glanced at Rex, only to find him staring at him with a look to kill but that only made him burst into laughter.

‘’This isn’t funny at all. Tell me what transpired between you both,’’ Rex pleaded.

‘’And why should I tell you?’’

‘’Because we planned it together nah.’’


‘’Of course.’’ Gavin chuckled.

‘’It worked. I’m sure she’ll be more than confused right now.’’

‘’Wow! We really pulled a fast one on her. So tell me, Are you in love with her?’’ Rex wanted to know.

Gavin sighed deeply before smiling again.

‘’Gbam! I said it. I just knew it,’’ Rex screamed excitedly. ‘’But I don’t think that girl is capable of love,’’ he added sadly.

‘’Don’t worry, I’ll get her,’’ Gavin said hopefully. ‘’Let’s stop by and pop some bottles.’’

‘’Nope, evening will be better, 6 pm or so.’’

‘’You’re right,’’ Gavin concurred.

‘’To the house then.’’

‘’Yea sure, lover boy,’’ Rex teased and they laughed…



By now, Mrs Laura Scott had cried to the extent that her voice had become hoarse. She turned around and noticed Cheryl had left the room, so she lazily dragged herself up from the bed and shuffled downstairs where she met Cheryl already dressed for school.

‘’Mom?’’ Cheryl called and stood up.

‘’The trouser is nice but I think the top is too transparent.’’ The mother complained and sat on the couch.

‘’Mom, I need five hundred naira to enable me pay my way to school,’’ Cheryl said instead thus ignoring her mother’s comment about the cloth she wore.

‘’Go take it from my blue purse. It’s on the dressing table in my room.’’

‘’Thanks mom,’’ Cheryl smiled and ran upstairs.

Seconds later, she returned and picked up her black handbag. She wore a blue jean trouser and a loose yellow fitting chiffon top.

‘’I still insist that you change that top and put on something…’’

‘’Mom!’’ Cheryl interrupted.

‘’There’s nothing wrong with this top nah. Anyways, got to go.’’ She smiled cheerfully and kissed her mom goodbye… :


Beryl suddenly became restless after she had walked back into her office. As she sat behind her desk, she was so confused on what to do.

‘’Rose,’’ She called while Rose, her secretary came running into her office.


‘’Yes ma,’’ Rose replied, wondering what had come over her coz the Miss Beryl she knew never called someone with her voice but always used the receiver.

‘’What do you know about the two young men that came here?’’

‘’Two young men?’’ Rose questioned, looking around in a way confused manner.

‘’You mean…’’ Beryl started to say but paused and stared at Rose.

‘’Call me Nora.’’

‘’Okay ma,’’ Rose said and courts eyed a little before turning and walking out of the office.

After Rose had left, Beryl picked up her phone and dialed the number on the complementary card but unfortunately, the call wasn’t answered.

‘’Excuse me ma, you called me,’’ Nora, the receptionist said with her hands folded behind her back.

‘’What are you doing here?’’ Beryl asked with her eyes still glued to her phone screen.

‘’You sent for me, ma?’’

‘’I did?’’ Beryl raised her head to look at her.

‘’Yes,’’ Nora answered, looking worried.

‘’Get back to work,’’ Beryl said and placed the phone on her left ear.

Nora made to leave but she called her back.

‘’Don’t restrict anyone that is here to see me from coming into my office.’’

‘’But ma…,’’ Nora began but the look on Beryl’s face made her swallow her statement and walk out of the office… :

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Gavin had decided to spend some time with Rex at his apartment after the second meeting with Beryl but a call from his mother asking him to get back home immediately cut short the good time he was having with Rex. On getting home, he walked into the sitting room to meet his mom discussing with one hell of a girl who was dressed indecently and looked more or less like a prostitute. Gavin disdained the girl as he moved over to greet his mom.

‘’Welcome honey, We’ve been expecting you,’’ Mrs Edna Lewis said as she hugged him briefly and patted his back. Gavin stood erect and put his hands into his trouser pocket.

‘’We?’’ he asked, his placid eyes darting from the girl to his mom.

‘’Oh yes,’’ the mother smiled. ‘’Meet Ethel, daughter of Mr Barry, the state commissioner of police,’’ She introduced.

‘’Hi handsome,’’ Ethel stood up and smiled seductively, then stretched forth her right hand for a shake.

‘’Nice to meet you, Gavin.’’ Gavin removed his hands from his trouser pocket and accepted the stretched hands with a forced smiled.

‘’Nice meeting you too,’’ he said dryly and removed his hand from her hold. He perfectly understood where his mom was driving at but was he ready for that?

‘’Where’s dad?’’ he turned to his mom and asked while Ethel sat back on the couch.

‘’He went out minutes ago, though he looked worried about something. Any problem?’’ The mom asked with concern written all over her face.

‘’Not at all, mom,’’ Gavin answered and started walking towards the stairs.

‘’Gavin?’’ his mom called as he was about climbing the stairs.

‘’Mom,’’ he stopped and turned back.

‘’Change up quickly and come downstairs immediately.’’

‘’Why mom?’’

‘’You will soon find out.’’

‘’Okay,’’ he said and began climbing the stairs.

‘’But it better not be what I’m thinking.’’ The mother looked baffled,

‘’What are you thinking?’’ She wanted to know.

‘’You will soon find out too,’’ he chuckled and ran up the stairs.


‘’I just hope mom isn’t planning to start up something crazy,’’ Gavin thought to himself as he sat on the edge of his bed and brought out his phone.

‘’Wow! Five missed calls from a strange number,’’ he exclaimed and dailed the number again.

‘’I forgot I had silenced this phone,’’ he hissed as the person picked the call at first ring. He cleared his throat and placed the phone on his right ear, then put his left hand in his trouser pocket.

‘’Hello,’’ Gavin Lewis on the line, may I know who I’m speaking with, please?’’ he said into the phone, sounding official.

‘’Yea, I know it’s Gavin,’’ A female voice sounded at the other end.

‘’Who am I speaking with please?’’ he asked again.

‘’Beryl speaking.’’

‘’What!’’ he exclaimed in surprise and took a few seconds to look at the phone and then glance round his room just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Although he had expected Beryl’s call, it still took him by surprise… :

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To be continued…