Dirty Game Episode 7


She had stopped the breathing and the doctor said she has given up the ghost. On hearing that, I fainted immediately and the next thing I discovered was that, I was tapped by Zainab, and then I woke up from my slumber. I was shocked and shouted “Yeh! Yeh!! Ghost, ghost!”, then I was about to rush out when she grabbed me and started asking…

“What is the matter? What happened? What’s the problem now”, she kept on wondering while I was still panting heavily like someone who was pursued by a masquerade.

She held me tightly, placed her head on my chest and tears started rolling down from her eyes and that was when I knew I was still in her room. So, it was a dream! I hugged her tightly and I started weeping as well. My weep was not because of anything, but the love I have for her was inestimable which got me scared by the horror dream because I was afraid of losing her.

“It was a dream. I’m now ok dear. Am very sorry for scaring you”, I said to her in a fairing tone.

She looked into my eyes while I did same thing. I could see love burning in her eyes like a raging fire.

We stared at each other for some seconds and before we knew anything, we had started kissing. I kissed her lips tenderly while we closed our eyes as I felt the warm taste of her lips……

But she soon got herself and gently pushed away my face, while she looked at me gratefully, and with shinning eyes.

“I have never felt this way before thank you” she said, while she looked away and closed her eyes briefly. I equally felt something strong when we kissed, which I have never felt in my life because I had never been into any relationship before.

She stood up and asked me to join her in eating what she had prepared which I did because I was seriously hungry.

Despite the fact that I was seriously hungry, I was still unable to concentrate on the food I was eating after she broke the kiss, because all my thoughts were now on her, and I knew she was feeling same way. I still wanted her kiss so badly, but yet I had to control myself, because she is nothing but a humble girl who has her pride and dignity to protect, and so I washed my hands and stood up minutes later, while she stared at me which made me almost lost focus…

“Where are you going to?” she asked with a smile, while she equally stood up as well and held my hand.

“I’m now ok. Thanks so much for today. I have to leave now. I’m very sure grandma must have been waiting for me”, I replied.

She stared at me for some minutes.

“You and grandma all the time. Grandma’s pet. I will like to know her one of these days”, she said jokingly while still holding my hands.

“it would be nice o”, I responded in an appreciating tone.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and stared at my face again…

“Are you coming to my house tomorrow as well”, she asked with a pleading face, while I looked up.

“I will try” I replied, but instead of letting me go, she drew closer to me, pulled my face with her palms and kissed me again, while my soul melted and I didn’t know when I kissed her back briefly before pushing me away.

I immediately fled her room without looking back and she ran after me thinking I had took it up with her, but I let her knew it was because I was late and she became calm.

I was very fortunate that night because I could get a bike immediately I got out of her house.

I got home around quarter to ten and met grandma outside waiting for my arrival…

“kilode tofi pe bayi?” (What kept you so late) she curiously asked.

“A se idanwo ranpe ni jawe, awa n se atunse re. Atipe mo ya odo ore mi kan nigba ti a pari” (we did a test and we were doing the correction and also, I visited a friend of mine when we finished”, I replied.

“sugbon o ti wa peju” (but, you are too long) she confessed.

“ema binu” (I’m sorry) I apologized and we went in.

She had prepared me what to eat as usual, but I couldn’t take it because of what I had eaten with Zainab.

I was about to enter my room when my phone started ringing and it was no other person than Zainab. I smiled and picked up her call…

“Hello dear, are you now at home?” she asked with care.

“Yea. Just now. I even met grandma outside waiting for me”, I replied.

“Ehyah! Hope she didn’t get mad at you?” she inquired.

“Not at all”, I replied.

“Thank God o. Afeez, I really appreciate you for today o, in fact, you really made my day. Thenks so much”, she appreciated joyfully.

“Are you the one to thank me? I’m in the right position to do that joor”, I replied jokingly.

“I know you don’t like hearing such”, she said.

“Don’t mind me jawe”, I replied.

“Dear, you know what?” she asked in a tender voice.

“I don’t o, except you tell me”, I replied jokingly.

“We have to see tomorrow because I have an important issue to discuss with you regarding our studies and the relationship”, she said in a serious mood.

“We gonna discuss it tomorrow after class. Hope it’s not that serious?” I said in fair manner.

“To me, it’s not, but I don’t know what is gonna be your opinion”, she replied.

“Can’t we just discuss it on phone now?” I anxiously asked.

“It’s not what we can discuss on phone joor. Be calm. To be sincere, it’s not a serious matter”, she said calmly.

I sighed, “No problem then. Catch you tomorrow”, I replied unsatisfactorily.

“Good night. Don’t forget to dream about me o. Love you”, she said excitedly.

“And you too o. Love you to the bones”, I reciprocated it and she hung up the call.

It was a cool Friday morning. We had only one lecture to receive on that day and it was to hold from 9:00am to 12:00 noon. It was a 4units course and the lecturer incharge didn’t joke with his attendance.

I left for class and sat at the back gazing at Zainab at the front. We were all waiting for the lecturer in charge to come when the course representative’s phone started ringing. He asked us to keep mute that it was the lecturer and we abided.

After some minutes, she hung up the call, and faced the class and smirked…

“Ladies and gentlemen, am using this medium to inform you that today’s lecture is not going to hold…

We all shouted interruptedly “eeeeeeh….” and some people have started leaving the class immediately without bothering to hear her last word.

“Listen now”, she shouted at us and continued, “You did not even allow me to land before leaving. Did you know if what I wanted to say was ‘is not going to hold here, but another venue”, she said aggressively and on hearing that, almost everyone kept quiet except for those that were murmuring.

In fact, I like the lady due to her courageous attitude.

She cleared her baritone and said “the man said, ‘we should meet on Monday’” and left the class immediately.

The class became rowdy and some people started throwing abusive words to the lady.

I stood up from where I sat and started moving towards Zainab when she was trying to make a call and then, my phone started ringing. She turned to the back and grinned when she saw me…

She wrapped her arm round my waist and dragged me out of the class. I was somehow timid because I was not use to such way of life. We left the school for her house. I sat on my permanent place in her room which was chaise longue.

She started moving up and down in order to offer me what to eat, but I told her not to bother herself.

“oya, let’s discuss what you called me for yesternight” I said gently.

“A minute please”, she said hurriedly and tuned on her television, inserted one Korean film into DVD set and then sat on the bed directly opposite to me, and she started…

“To be sincere, I don’t even know where and how to start this issue, but let me put it this way” she said while I was staring at her, she continued, “but Afeez, can’t you just be living with me here instead of going to and fro everyday? I don’t like the way you stress yourself going up and down and how you leave me most of the time when you are needed the most” while saying that she maintained her eye contact and her gesticulation was good enough to explain herself.

I took a deep breath, “if I say I didn’t understand what you were trying to say, that means I’m a liar. I also wished to reside very close to school, but due to what I have once told you which was financial constraints”, I paused and sighed. Then, I gazed and I saw something very unusual and I froze! Right before me; at the very particular spot where she sat on the bed; her legs were parted and weirdly spread; slightly angled towards me with her skirt ridden up to her mid-thigh!

Was she presenting me an up skirt? I had to quickly pull away my eyes, reassess the situation to reassure myself that this was reality and not a dream.

I returned my gaze but not to that previous spot but to her face and there she was looking at me in the face, telling her story of which I was not following anymore and maintaining a radiant smile. I have to be sure it was a mistake on her own part and have to stare again at the parted legs, certainly she would trace and follow my stare as I did. And yes they were still parted and in fact more revealing. I could now see her inner thighs and the various ridges that formed its roundness. I was lost in confusion.

In fact, at some point, her legs were much separated that I could easily see the terrain of her puffy p***y on her white doted panties!! I was taken and I so much knew that she was aware I was watching and possibly encouraged it!! This was totally killing and made me lost totally.

I could feel my joystick nodding hard and the boxer was already wet.

I didn’t know what to do due to the fact that it was my first time in such scenario.

She gazed at me and stood up

…to be continued