Dirty Game Episode 12


Our tongues started fighting the war of supremacy as we twisted, entwined and entangled it in action. In fact, her action showed that it has been long she has done it. She needed it badly which I was also ready to offer her, but unfortunately, Taiwo came around which made us shocked and quickly separated immediately. She looked at us with hatred, hissed and went in. We felt embarrassed…

“Could you see what you have caused now”, I said accusingly.

“I’m very sorry dear. I’m gonna talk to her”, she pleaded.

“That will be better, otherwise I will stop this relationship with you because I will not like to be in a relationship where my life will be at stake”, I threatened.

“I’m gonna work things out. Just give me little time to work on it please. I’m seriously sorry for any inconvenience this might brought to you. I highly regret it”, she said soberly and went in with Taiwo. She came back after some minutes with Taiwo smiling.

“I’m very sorry for all what I have done to you. Hope you would be so glad to forgive and forget about everything?” Taiwo requested.

I stood up from where I sat and hugged her and said, “Bygones are Bygones”.

Zainab seemed like the happiest person on the earth at that very moment. She clapped her hands and shouted “hurrrreeey! She rushed in and came out with a bottle of non alcoholic wine and three glasses. She poured the wine into the glasses and handed them to us. We clinked the glasses and had fun together that very night.

She presented various things like T-shirts, suit, shoes, trousers among others to me and Taiwo assisted in carrying it to where I got bike when I was going. I basked in between them as if they were my entourage. I got home happily that very day and gisted my sister but didn’t let her know that Zainab was the source of the problem. Zainab called me when I got home and gave the phone to Taiwo to speak with me as well. I was over joyous and felt on top of the world that very night. In fact, my night was also special.

The following day, I got a message from Zainab telling me to come over that Taiwo has gone to work and she was feeling lonely. I took my bath and dressed up by putting on one of the wears she brought for me. My look was charming and inviting which could drive ladies crazy. I joined her in a short period of time. When I got there, what I saw her with was seriously killing and made me lost total control. The camisole top she had over her upper half was pink and it was dropping rather low giving me the deepest cleavage I’ve seen long. She put on neither skirt nor tight but g-string pant showing every trace that made up her roundedness providing the dotted outline of her puffy p****. I was just standing like a log wood looking at her like a lucozade without knowing what action to take. She stared at me and put on a sexy smile…

“Why are you looking as if this thing is strange to you? Abeg join me joor. I’m seriously in need of you, or you have turned to fada ni?” she asked jokingly.

“Did I hear you say fada? See you, I’m gonna finish you today”, I replied while moving closer to her.

She giggled and started running away from me while I ran after her. She fell on her bed in the room when I caught up with her and started playing with her. We started from kissing. We twisted, entwined and entangled in action. I slipped in a finger into her pant and gently dipped it into her honey pot, which instantly sent waves of current into her head, because it really had been quite long she felt a “manly touch” in that spot. I brought down my lips and kissed her again, this time more strongly than the old kisses. She closed her eyes, and moaned softly for me, which really got me excited……

I grasped her two bosoms and squeezed them softly, while her heart, body, and soul opened up for me

“Oooooh it has been quite long I felt a rod slide into me”, she muttered to herself, as I allowed her caressing me. I slowly increased the tempo of my thrust, which also left me gasping for breath as my joystick penetrated and opened her kitty more and more which made her moaned loudly, “Please stop it’s okay” she finally pleaded as she strongly held me, while I gazed into her eyes and jerked as if something had pushed me from behind, before lying on top of her.

She closed her eyes as we both breathed deeply and gently. We both stood up after some minutes and went to bathroom to have our bath. We wined and dined together before we zoomed off to my house. I introduced her to my sister and she did well to her. We discussed and caught fun. In fact, it was really a good day.

She got a call from Taiwo when it was around 7:05pm which made her left for that day.

The following day which was Tuesday, she came to my house where we planned about our future…

“I will be leaving for school next week God’s willing”, I said.

She stared and looked into my eyes with passion

Zainab: I’m gonna miss you a lot.

Me: I’m gonna miss you too.

Zainab: In fact, I feel like going with you if not for some pressing issue I’m attending to. Anyway, I’ll be checking on you in school whenever I feel like seeing you. Therefore, you have to be expecting me at anytime.

Me: That’s lovely. You are always welcome. But wait o, how do we go about your dad’s issue with me?

Zainab: There will be no problem whenever we are ready for the introduction and wedding. Just leave that to me, I’ll handle it perfectly.

Me: Are you sure?

Zainab: Trust me dear.

I was happy and hugged her, “love you so much dear”, I said while she reciprocated it back.

Zainab: So, what are the arrangements you have put in place for the resumption?

Me: Nothing much on ground for now jawe, but I trust God.

Zainab: All is well dear.

Me: Ameen.

We played and had fun together. I heard her phone ringing when it was around 6:45pm and when I checked who was calling, it happened to be Taiwo but I didn’t pick it for her and thereafter, my phone started ringing and it was same Taiwo. Then, I picked it up without hesitation…

“Hello dear, how are you doing?” she asked with caring manner.

“I’m very much ok. How was work?” I replied and asked.

“It was fine o. I’m now at home and feel like seeing someone like you beside me. I have really missed you. Wait o, is Zainab not with you?” she asked curiously.

“She is with me, but currently in the toilet”, I replied.

“O ga o. All is well sha. Just help tell her I am waiting for her at home” she said and hung up the call without any good bye message. I was hit by her last words and reaction. “What has gone over this girl again?” I murmured to myself while Zainab came back.

She can see I was disturbed, because it was written on my face and asked about what has happened which I told her nothing…

“You have gotten a missed call from Taiwo” I said.

“Now, I understand”, she said and picked up her phone trying to put call to Taiwo when I interrupted “what did you mean by your word”, I asked anxiously and by then, she has started chatting with her. I stared at her till when she was through with the call and repeat the question.

“I am very sure that Taiwo has called you, or didn’t she?” she asked curiously.

“Yes, she did” I replied immediately.

“To be sincere, I really don’t know what’s wrong with her; even she has changed to me at home. I know I’m responsible for whatever action she has embarked on to hurt you. I’m very sorry” she confessed and pleaded to me.

“Forget about that dear. It’s just a normal thing and there is nothing new under the sun. It’s only that you will need to take things easy and as well be careful with her”, I replied.

“Thanks a lot sweetie” she appreciated and offered me a peck. She later left to her house that very day. When it was on Saturday, I decided to pay her an impromptu visit which I never thought it could bring disaster, but unfortunately, I didn’t meet her but met Taiwo cooking. She attended to me very well. When I asked her about Zainab’s movement…

“She got an urgent call from Dad and promised to be back tomorrow”, she replied. I was worried and tried to put call to her, but her number didn’t go through. After some minutes, I heard my name from Taiwo

“Won’t you come over and assist me, Afeez?” she said peeping through the elaborate shelf placed between the living room and the dining room. I was shocked to hear such from her. She was asking for my help for the first time. Why was the name called in a pet form? I thought before I answered

“Sure, I will” and then joined her in the kitchen washing plates.

“Please scratch my back for me” she pleaded.

” I stared at her and she gave an excuse “my hands are soapy”. I knew her hands were soapy but I doubted this was going to be as normal as the world would want it. “Com’on Afeez”, I heard her pleaded again. I just have to be of help, so I came closer and stretched my right hand while standing beside her and began to scratch her back through the fabric of her tank top. She made movements with her back in a bid to bring the appropriate place to my attention of which I tried reacting to accordingly. However this continued longer than I expected and soon she was saying I was not scratching the right place. I had to ask her to say where exactly she wanted me to scratch.

“Towards my hip” was the reply I got. “Hip?” I muttered inaudibly. Thought she said her back earlier? How come we are travelling down now? I felt the stir below and my joystick began gaining steel strength slightly. As I did so, she asked me to go further down. This means I should literally get hold of the band of her shorts. However, I went further down, purposely lifting her tank top a bit and exposing the skin of her back. “Go down further. It seems it’s travelling down” she had stopped washing but just held one hand with the other while resting her elbows on her knees. I could smell the heightened sexual tension between us in the air and I swear I smelled her scent. She was wet!! I lost control again and my hand travelled down her ass globes. We both knew I had stopped scratching centuries ago and was now completely caressing her. But she wanted it taken further down as she feels it travelling. I had no idea what was making the journey.

I gripped her left ass cheek and gave it a real grab. She was now very turned on! I could easily smell her juices! So musky and intoxicating. The sheer material of her shorts made it almost easy to feel her wetness. I gradually travelled to her crack and freed my second hand to grab the other cheek. I was running crazy. She was just giving out slight moans while attempting to grind her hips into my grip. We were both enjoying this and only had one prayer; Zainab. I was now standing directly behind her. I changed tactics and through the legs of her shorts, slide both my hands into the unclothedness of her two globes. She gave a quick gasp and tried raising herself a bit but I held unto her Unclad buttocks.

“Oh Afeez” she purred. This drove me further the edge and I quickly released myself from her tangle, dropped low and pulled her shorts towards her thighs. She quickly held unto it half way down her round buttocks; she was conscious of Zainab I guess; even though I could still clearly see her puffy p**** lips. They were so swollen and dark. I was staring at it when we heard the door bell ringing.

…to be continued