Dirty Diana Season 3 Episode 6


Previously On Dirty Diana. 

“Jason, why did you do that at the party? Why didn’t you stand up for Diana?”  . 

“Diva, I didn’t mean to stand there and do nothing. I was just shocked to hear her confession, I guess”.

“So if you were shocked to hear her confession, what do you think about it? 

“Well to tell you the truth, I like her as a friend, and I don’t see myself going out with her. Sorry! 

Well, she doesn’t like you either! 


“Well I guess that’s fine, I understand if she doesn’t anymore”

An hour later I fell asleep watching it, and the next thing I knew I heard a sound coming from the door which woke me up. 

“Yeah?” I called out groggily after I realized it was someone knocking. 

“It’s Diva!” she called back cheerfully. 

“Oh, come in!” I yawned,

She came in, and closed the door. “Did you just wake up?”

“Tell me about me about Jason first

“He said he was shocked with your confession, since he only thought of you as a friend,” she said, whispering the last part.  

I knew it! He didn’t like me like that… and nobody probably would. I mean why would anyone like a fat, ugly girl?

Guys want skinny, pretty girls, not “Dirty Diana. I guess that’s it then. I should stop liking him,” I finally said. 

“You’re gonna stop liking him?” she asked surprised.

I stood up and grinned. “Yes, Diana will never like Jason Amoateng ever again!”



Five Months later

It’s been five months since I started my training. Banahene has weighed me at the end of each month to see how much weight I’ve lost so far. Today was the day I finally got to see my overall progress.

My current weight is 198 pounds, so in total I have lost 104 pounds in the last five months. My trainer, my best friend, and my family were so amazed that I lost that much weight in so little time.

I for one, was really happy as well. I actually don’t look so fat anymore, and if I continue this, I might be able to meet my weight goal in the next month. I really want to be 160 pounds, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Then again you never know.

Apparently I got taller as well, which was very surprising. I guess all those stretches and diet paid off in the end or maybe I just hit a growth spurt. Either way I am now five feet six inches, so I grew one inch which made me very happy!

Even more exciting news though, is that my seventeenth birthday is today, and my family is throwing me a party.

Mostly because it’s my birthday, but also because I can finally wear a dress and look pretty in it. Sure, I’m still a little bit chubby, but I’m not fat anymore so I don’t care what people say because I worked my butt off in the last five months just to be 198 pounds.

“Diana are you ready?” I heard my mom call as I look through my wardrobe

“Almost!” I called back.

“What do you mean almost? What do you have left to do?”

“Well, for one, I have to find a dress and then I have to do my hair!”

“Let me help then.” I edged to the side so my mom could take her place next to help me root through my wardrobe

“What color do you want your dress to be?” she asked once she was inside.

“Um, purple,” I replied, deciding to go with my favorite color.

“Then I think I have just the dress.” She smiled before heading to the far end of my wardrobe

A few minutes later she came back holding a beautiful purple dress. It was a light purple color, knee length, sleeveless and had a brown belt across the waist.

“Wow, it’s cute, but will it fit me?” I asked, dubiously looking at the waist.

“I think it will. It’s a size sixteen,” my mom replied, looking at the tag.

“Alright, I guess I can at least try it on,” I said before taking it from her and heading to the bathroom. After taking out of my t-shirt, I slipped into the purple dress.

I mentally crossed my fingers as I hoped it would fit me. I began to smile as it first passed my thighs, then my waist, and finally my shoulders.

“It fits!” I exclaimed, jumping up and down. I ran out of the bathroom to tell my mom the exciting news. “Mom it fits!”

“I heard,” she said, laughing at my outburst.

“I haven’t been in a size sixteen dress in forever!” I exclaimed, clearly happy and a big smile forming on my lips.

“I know, but look at you!” she said giving me a once over, “you really do look skinny now.”

“Yeah, I lost a lot of weight, but I’m still a bit chubby. I’m hoping to lose a few more pounds before school starts.”

“Don’t worry you will, and if not you could always stay for an extra month or two until you are satisfied with your weight to go back to school,” she informed me tenderly.

“Really? You’ll let me stay home for another few months if I want to lose a few more pounds?” I asked, shocked.

“Yes, but only after you find out what your weight is at the end of next month, so you’ll still have time to decide.”

“Alright then.” I nodded, glad that she wasn’t pressuring me to go back to school. “So um…Mom, can you help me do my hair now?”

“Of course. Let’s just go into your room,”

“What style do you want?”

“I want curls and I want it up.”

“Okay sweetheart,” she replied before getting to work. Then after half an hour on my hair, my mom was finally done and it looked just how I imagined it would.

“Wow Mom, it’s amazing! Maybe you should quit being a supermodel, and work on hair instead,” I said, laughing a little.

“I’d have to think about that,” she said laughing back.

“Well you should,” I grinned at her, “but anyways is the party ready?”

“Yeah. It has been for the past forty minutes so everyone is probably here by now.”

“Okay. Who’s coming to this party again?”

“Just family, Louisa, Banahene and his girlfriend.”

“Alright. Cool.”

“Yeah, so come on, birthday girl!” my mom said, pulling me out of my room, heading downstairs. She dragged me towards the ballroom and when we entered I saw that everyone she had mentioned was there.

I saw Diva talking with Kwesi and Banahene talking to Joyce; his girlfriend. Lily was eating food with Dad and I saw some of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and my grandparents here.

The room was really pretty and well decorated. In the middle of the room there was a huge life sized ice sculpture of me and the room was decorated all in purple.

There was a DJ in the far corner, a disco ball in the center of the room, a table full of food and another table with my gifts on it.

“Happy birthday, Diana!” my family and friends finally shouted when they saw me.

“Thank you, guys.” I grinned as I walked into the room.

“So how does it feel to be seventeen years old?” my brother asked.

“It feels awesome, so far!” I exclaimed.

“Well, I’m glad for you,” he said cracking a smile.

The next thing I knew I was suddenly attacked from behind with a big hug from someone. That someone happened to be Diva screaming, “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks Diva, but could you get off now? I don’t want to die on my birthday,” I said trying to breath from her strong hug.

“Sorry!” she said getting off and surveying me. “Wow I love your dress, you look beautiful tonight.”

“Thanks, so do you.”

And she did. She was wearing a strapless, black dress with black high heels and her hair was curled prettily.

“Diana, happy birthday!” Banahene said, coming over to us.

I looked over at Kwesi and was happy to see that he wasn’t looking at him angrily. Apparently after a while Kwesi finally trusted him.

I think it was because he finally saw that he wasn’t going to go after me anymore, but he is still being the overprotective brother he is and will always be.

“Hey!” I said waving at Banahene.

“You all remember my girlfriend, Joyce, right?” he said pointing at the girl next to him.

“Yes, hey Joyce,” I said smiling at her.

“Hey Diana!”

We all met her last month, when she came to visit. At first I didn’t like her, mostly because of the small little crush I have on Banahene, but she turned out to be really nice, so there wasn’t really any point in being jealous. She was also very pretty with her hazel eyes and her beautiful, long hair.

“So are you going to eat cake?” Diva asked, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“No I’m not, I’m trying to lose weight remember? No chocolate,” I said shaking my head.

“How did you know your cake was chocolate?”

“Well since my brother picked out the cake with you, I know you guys would pick chocolate.” I rolled my eyes as she grinned sheepishly.

We spent the next few hours just hanging out and dancing and then they stopped at some point to eat cake as they sang happy birthday to me.

“Sabby! Time for presents!” Lily said dragging me to the table full of gifts.

“Alright,” I said laughing a little, following her.

“Open mine first,” she said giving me her present.

“Okay, let’s see what you got me,” I said opening it. As soon as I saw it, I was blown away. “Wow! It’s beautiful Lily!”

It was a beautiful necklace with a gold chain and a pendant of a star. The star had one little diamond right in the middle of it, sparkling brightly, as I held it against the light.

“Thank you so much Lily,” I said smiling brightly at her, hugging her tightly.

“No problem Sabby,” she said giving me her wonderful smile.

“Alright me next!” Diva exclaimed giving me her present.

I opened it and saw that it was a friendship charm for the bracelet she had given me for my tenth birthday. The charm itself was a white little puppy.

“Aww! I love it,” I said putting the charm on the bracelet, resting on my right wrist, that I wore everyday.

“I knew you would, but I bet you’ll like your next gift even more,” she said pushing Kwesi in front of me.

“So Kwesi what did you get me?” I asked as I noticed that he wasn’t holding a gift.

“You’ll see,” he said smirking. Then he suddenly blew a whistle and someone opened the door to the ballroom and a puppy ran in.

It was all white and fluffy, with a purple bow around its neck, and it was the cutest puppy I have ever seen! The little puppy slowly walked over to him, smelling everything on its way over to us, looking left and right at people.

“Dee, she is a Samoyed puppy and she’s twelve weeks old,” puppy and giving it to me. “Take good care of her.”

“Aww! I will. She is so cute! I’ll name you Sweets,”

“Kwesi thank you so much! I love her, and you,”

“No problem little sis.”

“A puppy! Can I play with it?” Lily was quick to exclaim.

“Sure, but be careful with it,” I said letting Sweets down.

“Ok,” she said happily, following Sweets down the ballroom.

“And this is from Joyce and I,” Banahene said giving me his and Joyce’s present.

“Thanks!” I said smiling at him.

I opened it and saw that it was a beautiful red dress. The only problem was it was way too small for me.

“Um, Banahene you know that this dress is too small for me right?”

“Yes I know. This is the dress you are going to wear after your transformation is over. I know you’re going to fit in that dress no matter what.”

“Aw…thank you!” I said grinning, hoping that he was right.

“Here Diana, this is from your father and I,” my mom said giving me a small red box. I opened and found a small key.

“What is this for?” I asked holding it up.

“It’s the key to your brand new car!” my mom exclaimed happily.

“Wait, what? I already have a car.”

“Yes, but that one was getting old so we bought you a new Lamborghini.”

“Are you kidding me?” I asked, shocked, eyes going wide with utter confusion.

“Nope, it’s in the garage next to your old car.”

“Oh my god, thank you Mom and Dad!” I said happily giving them both a big hug and a kiss.

“Just be careful with it!” my dad warned.

“I will,” I promised.

The next hour I spent opening more presents from the rest of my family. The rest of my gifts were mostly either money, clothes, or jewelry.

Soon the day was drawing to a close and everybody began going home. I took all my presents up to my room and brought Sweets with me.

She fell asleep on my bed as soon as I put her down and I assumed she was tired from playing with Lily all day.

Feeling tired I took a shower and put on pajamas before climbing happily into bed. I couldn’t believe that in one more month I would be back at school, I thought before I drifted off to sleep.

~One month later~

“Alright Diana, this is the moment of truth, let’s see if you got to your goal weight of 180,” Banahene said putting the scale in front of me.

“Okay,” I said nervously. I cautiously stepped onto it and waited. I kept chanting my goal in my head, hoping that I’d made it. God! Please let me make it!

“Diana, you weigh 178 pounds! You did it, you lost twenty pounds!” he exclaimed happily.

“I did it?” I asked shocked, not believing it.

“Yes you did, congratulations!”

After a while of jumping up and down, he got serious and said,

“Now Diana that’s very good for only six months. You made your goal weight, but with your height of now five foot six inches, 178 pounds is still considered overweight. When I look at you though, you look much healthier than you did half a year ago.”

“Thank you, but would you consider being here for another month or so?” I asked hopefully.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the day of my party, my mom said that I could take another month or two before I have to go back to school, so I was wondering if you could stay a few more weeks…..or so.”

“Really now?” he said raising his eyebrows, “then what is your new goal weight?”

“I really want to get to 160 pounds.”

“Well if you lose twenty pounds in the next month and a week then you can do it, but do you really want me to stay here for another one or two months?”

“Lets just say one month for now, and then see what happens in the end.”

“Alright then, I’ll stay for another month for now.”

“Thank you!” I said happily hugging him, determined to make my new target weight.