Dirty Diana Season 3 episode 15


Previously On Dirty Diana

Let me call my mom first.”

“Hey honey, where are you?”

“Just at a friend’s house. They want me to stay for dinner. Can I?”

“Sure, but I don’t want you out too late;

“Okay mom. Love you.”

“Good. Love you too, sweetheart,”

“So um… what’s for dinner?” I

“Whatever you like,” he said. “I can make you anything.”

“My homemade spaghetti and meatballs.”

“Really?” My eyes widened and my smile grew. “I love spaghetti and meatballs! Especially since I haven’t had any in a while.”

“Time to eat!” Mira exclaimed, bringing me back to reality.


“Nothing.” Kojo chuckled. ”

“Thanks,” I said.


“Well, I guess I should head home now.”

“Okay, want me to drive you home?”

“Yeah, if that’s not a problem.”

He faced me. “It’s not, but Mira must come with us.

“So, I guess this is goodnight?”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “But I had a really nice time though.”

He smiled happily at my answer. “I’m glad you had fun,” he said. “Night.”

“Hey Kojo! Is she your girlfriend?” I asked.

Even though it was getting dark out, I could still tell my brother was blushing. He kept blabbering on and on about something, trying to form a complete sentence but failed miserably.

“I see,” I said, giggling quite happily. “I like her! She’s nice.”

He sighed, leaning back in his seat. “Yeah, she is.” I heard him whisper at last.



It was finally December, meaning I’d been in school for about a month or so and give or take a few days. So far everything has been great. Kojo and I have been hanging out a lot more now, and surprisingly I actually enjoyed spending time with him. I know, shocker, but he really was nice underneath the ‘image’ he had going on.

He even invited me to his sister’s ninth birthday party a few days ago. It was small party that included five of Mira’s friends, Kojo (of course), Jason, and I.

Speaking of Jason, ever since that one time in the library, he’s been following me around a lot. At first it was a little weird, but after some time we actually became good friends. Which was strange, I mean, Jason and I being friends? But hey, a lot has happened in the past month.

“Dee! Come on, class is about to start!” Diva exclaimed, snapping me back into reality.

“Oh, okay.” I nodded

I followed after her as she skipped to class with a smile plastered on her face. She stopped in front of a brown wooden door and grabbed the knob, twisting it open. We entered our English teacher, Mr. Lawrence’s classroom. Feeling someone’s glare at the back of my head, I turned around, finding Rachel located near the window. She was sitting with a girl I didn’t really know, staring at me, not being fazed by her glare anymore, I turned away from her.

Ever since she and Kojo broke up a month ago, she’d being giving me weird looks, and to tell you the truth, I was getting sick of them. I mean, it wasn’t my fault they broke up! It’s not like I made Kojo dump her, but I was still happy they were over.

I still remember the day Jason told me they were officially over. After hearing it from Kojo himself during lunch, I knew step one of my plan was complete.

Feeling Diva’s hand around my wrist, she pulled me towards our seats, which were located next to Kojo. When he saw me, he grinned, waving ‘hello’ to me. I smiled back, taking a seat next to him, while Diva took the seat on my right.

The teacher cleared his throat, ready to start class, when a knock came from the door. We all directed our attention toward the door, wondering who it could’ve been since everyone in class was already here. The door opened and in stepped Jason. Wait a minute, Jason? What is he doing here?

“Jason, my boy,” Mr. Lawrence said, taking a quick glance at a sheet of paper in his hands. “I see you switched classes.”

“Yeah.” Jason nodded. “I needed to move some stuff around, and I guess this was the outcome.”

A smiled appeared on Mr. Lawrence’s face as he clapped his hands together. “Excellent, you really have good timing. We’re about to start a project, and with you here we have an even number of students now,” he said happily, motioning for Jason to take a seat.

Following the teacher’s orders, he grabbed a chair behind Diva.

“Alright class, as you just heard, we’re starting a new project, and since Jason has just joined the class, we won’t need a group of three,” he said cheerily. “And since we’re already on this topic, Jason, your partner will be…” he drifted off, his eyes glancing down at his clipboard for a split second before looking back up, “Diva.”

In the corner of my eye, I saw Diva glance at Jason, giving him a short nod.
After the first set of partners were called, Mr. Lawrence started giving the rest of the class their partners. After he called my name, he paused before calling Kojo.

I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly, but I thought I heard Kojo mumble a “yes!” under his breath when he heard his name being called. Before I knew it, a small smile appeared on my face

Even though Kojo was a jerk, he was growing on me.

Once Mr. Lawrence was done passing papers out, he took a seat back at his desk. “Okay, now that everyone has their partners, I’ll explain what this project is about.”

“If you will take a look at the sheet of paper I handed out, please read along while I state the directions.”

I glanced down at the piece of paper with a bunch of questions printed neatly on the front. On the top of the page were the directions and basic information we needed to know. I began reading the paragraph in my head while our teacher started reading aloud.

“You and your partner will work together for the next two weeks to create a biography of each others lives. At the bottom of the paper, you will find a series of questions you will need to ask your partner. After you have completed the questions, you will need to type up a two-page essay about your partner.”

Hearing the word ‘essay’ made everyone groan in frustration. “On the due date, you both will give an oral report, summarizing what you had learned about your partner. Any questions, feel free to ask me now.”

His eyes wandered around the classroom then stopped when he saw Michael raising his hand. He nodded to him.

“So, basically we need to interview our partners and then write an essay based on the answers they gave?”

“Correct! That’s why I paired you up the way I did. They might be your classmates, but I bet some of you don’t even know each others’ last names.”

He was right. Even though most of us grew up together, we usually stuck to our own groups and didn’t bother with anyone else.

“Now for the remainder of the class, get with your partner and start asking some of those questions,” he announced before busying himself with work.

The room was suddenly filled with the sound of chairs scraping against the floor and I did the same as everyone else and moved my desk and chair around so I was facing Mr Jerk.

“Hey partner,” he said. I didn’t miss the wink he gave me afterwards.

I rolled my eyes at him, ready to say something when Diva beat me to it.

“Hey guys, since we’re all working on this, why not work together?” she suggested, gesturing to the four of us.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, I work with Jason. You work with Kojo, but we can work together in a group and help each other out.”

I looked at Kojo, who shrugged, and then at Jason who smiled. I looked back at Diva and nodded. “Sure, why not.”

“Yay!” Diva cheered loudly. Some kids turned their heads our way, but once they saw Diva they shook their heads, going back to their project. Not even paying attention to them, she continued on. “We can all go to Diana’s place after school and get started.”

“Why my place?”

“Because your place is the closest to school, right?” she asked.

Well that wasn’t technically true since Kojo house was the closest, but I doubt he wanted Diva at his house.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Then it’s settled. We can all meet after school.”

We all agreed, and Diva turned her chair around, giving Jason her full attention while I faced Kojo

Taking a look at the first question on the sheet, I looked up, catching Kojo’ blue eyes staring at me. I coughed awkwardly, bringing him out of his little trance. “So, um… What’s your full name?”

He gave me a weird look, raising his eyebrows at me. “What kind of question is that? You already know my name.”

“Just answer the question, Kojo, ” I said, trying to keep my voice calm. Sometimes he could really annoy the crap out of me.

“Fine,” he said. “My full name is Kojo Boafo Bonsu.”

“Your middle name is Boafo?”

He stared at me, confused. “Yeah, didn’t you already know that?”

I shook my head. “No, I never knew your middle name.”

“Oh, well now you know,” he smirked. “I guess it’s not a stupid question after all.”

“Guess not.” I smiled as I grabbed a pen. I wrote his full name in the space between question number one and two.

“So, what’s your full name?” He asked once I was done.

“My what?”

“Your full name, that is the first question.”

Dang it! This is not good! If I tell him my full name, he’ll find out I’m really Diana, which isn’t good at all. If Kojo knew, the plan would be ruined, and knowing him he would probably cut off all ties with me!

“Um…” I dragged the word out. “My name?”

“Yeah, your name, Diana.” He chuckled softly.

“Well, my full name is um… Diana Murphy,” I blurted out without thinking.

“Murphy is your last name?” he asked, his brow arching up.

Okay so Murphy wasn’t my last name, but it was my middle name. Maybe if I say yes, he’ll believe me.

“Uh… yeah?” I said, my voice raising an octave. I closed my eyes, praying he would believe me and let it go.

“Alright,” I finally heard him say, writing down my first and middle name.

I breathed out a sigh, thanking God he believed me. “Okay, my turn. What’s your favorite activity or hobby?”

“Either basketball or football.”

“Of course,” I said, writing it down quickly.

“What about you?”

That’s an easy one. “Modeling.” I smiled, thinking about my secret passion in life.

“Really?” he asked, his eyes going wide with surprise. “You like modeling?”

“Yes,” I confirmed. “Modeling is my passion. No one really knows about it besides my best friend and family.

“Well, I feel honored that you told me,” he said, a big grin forming on his face.

I rolled my eyes. “Aren’t you special?”

“You know it,” he smirked, making sure to add a wink.

“Okay, next question.” I laughed softly. “Are you close with your family?” I asked, reading number three.

“Well my parents passed away when I was ten years old, but that made me really close with my little sister, Mira.”

Seeing his jaw clench at the mention of his parents made my heart ache. Whenever he talked about his parents he would always do that and then go through this depressing stage.

“You know Kojo, if you want I can skip this question while I write the essay,” I told him quietly. I wasn’t exactly sure if he wanted people knowing about his family problems or not.

His jaw relaxed, his eyes returning back to normal. “It’s fine. People know my parents passed away. I mean it was on the news when it happened, but they don’t know about the other issue.”

“Oh okay, just making sure.”

“Thanks Diana,” he said, flashing his teeth. “If I don’t feel comfortable answering any of these, I’ll tell you first.”

I smiled back. “No problem, and alright.”

He was about to open his mouth when the bell rang, drowning out his voice.

“Time’s up everyone,” Mr. Lawrence said, pushing his glasses up. “We’ll continue this tomorrow.”

After everyone put their desks and chairs back, they all rushed out the door, heading for their next class.

“I guess we lost track of time today,” Kojo said, rushing over to me when I made it out the door with Diva “Let’s pick it up after school at your house.”

“Um, yeah sure,” I agreed, waving goodbye to him and Jason as they walked away together. Then it suddenly hit me. Kojo was going to my house today, and so was Jason. What if one of them recognized my parents, or even Lily? My secret would be out, and I’d be done. Great… there goes Diva and her awesome plan.


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