Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 8


Previously On Dirty Diana…

Wow I can’t believe this.

This date has been amazing and we didn’t even go to the fair.

Eric carried me back down and we entered the fair.

“Is that his girlfriend”

“Are they dating?”

“She’s so ugly”

“What a slut

“He deserves so much better”

Right there and then I felt like I was about to cry.

Then I felt someone rub my back I was startled by this and I looked up, it was Quame


baby what’s wrong?”

“i lost the pregnancy. I lost it again” she sobbed bitterly.

I tried holding her, but she pushed me away.

I really was a bit relieved on hearing the reason for her tears but i equally was far from happy over the terrible news she just gave me.

“this is now the second time i’m losing my pregnancy. What could be wrong?”
“no this can’t happen. Nooo” i breathed with pain.

“c’mon my love. You got to be strong. We still have enough time to have as many kids as we want. So stop crying. I beg of you”

“you smell somehow. I don’t understand the scent i’m perceiving from you”

“this your big nose really works overtime.

What kind of smell are you perceiving?”

i covered up innocently, grabbed her a bit roughly and carried her to our bedroom while she playfully protested.

The next day i headed to my office to see about three well matured female students, I couldn’t help but imagine what they came for.

“i hope Comfort hasn’t opened her mouth?” i wondered as i walked into my office with a worried look.


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Dirty Diana season 2 continues


Am sure you are all dying to know what happened during my high school time, well it wasn’t that stressful since i had Diva by my side , but interestingly something happened, hmmmmm

Flash Back

What did people think when they saw me? What did I think when I saw myself?

        These were questions that I often asked myself. Normally, there is no common ground between my tormentors and myself, but there was one thing that we could both agree on; I was a nobody. Just the fat, ugly middle girl called dirty Diana, that was what they thought

        “Hey Diana, guess what?” a perky voice exclaimed. By the sound of it, I knew she had something exciting to tell me, and by exciting I meant dreadful.

        Against my better judgement, I looked up, Diva, my one and only best friend i had thanks to shemima, she was standing right before me with a wide grin on her face.

Diva was super pretty, the complete opposite of me, with her long silky-to-die-for-hair, hourglass figure, and the biggest brown eyes I’d ever seen.

        “What?” I asked, trying to sound half as eager as she was. And trust me that task was harder said than done. She was oozing enthusiasm.

        “Well, you know Jason…the guy you like?” she asked excitedly, her eyes wide. 
        “Um, yeah…what about him?” I asked, blushing as I thought about my crush. Okay, so maybe this news wasn’t as dreadful as I thought it out to be.

        “Well, we’re invited to his after-party!” she exclaimed, jumping up and down, her bubbly personality showing. 

        “A-after party?” My mouth dropped open on an impulse. “How is that even possible?” I asked surprised.

        “Who cares? Now you can go and confess to him,” she stated happily as she wiggled her eyebrows at me.

        “I don’t know what to tell you, but…you know that I have no chance with him, right?” I asked, knowing that it was true. “I mean look at me,” I said, glancing down at my overweight body.

        “What do you mean?” she asked.

        “Are you really going to make me say it?” I frowned.

        I wasn’t looking at her, but I could practically feel her rolling her eyes. “You’re very pretty,” she lied, trying to make me feel better even though I knew the truth. I was anything but pretty.

        “You don’t have to lie you know, I know I’m not. I mean, I was voted “ugliest girl in school”, remember?” I said sadly, thinking resignedly about that day.

        “You mean the immature students whose lives solely depends on their insecurities to suffice what they think is a satiable person? I hardly think they know what “cool” is to make a stupid list. So, don’t listen to that,” she said softly, trying to cheer me up. 

        “Well, they’re right, and I don’t want to go to that party,” I said, going back to reading my book. I was just getting to the good part when she snatched it from me.

        “But-but you have to go! It will be fun!” she whined, as she gave me her infamous puppy dog eyes. “I hardly doubt that what you’re reading will be anywhere near as fun as seeing your crush.”

        She had a good point. “Fine, but I’m only going because of you.” She opened her mouth to say something before I cut her off, “Not… because of Jason,” I said giving in to her again as I only partially lied.

        “Thank you! You won’t regret it!” she yelled, hugging me tightly.

        “I better not,” I grumbled back.

        “You won’t! I’ll see you after school! That way we can hang out before the big party,” she said, enthusiastically waving goodbye as she ran off to gosh knows where.


The Lecturer

After relaxing in my office for a while, i invited the girls inside and curiously stared at them.
“good morning sir” they all greeted.

“yea what can i do for you?” i asked with a serious smile.

“we came to introduce ourselves because we believe you don’t know us” one of them replied while i nodded in approval.

“actually we are students of this great department but we graduated last year.

Unfortunately the old man you just replaced failed us in his course, forcing us to spend an extra year over it” she summarized with a pleading look.

“OK i now understand because your faces really look very unfamiliar” i said with a soft smile which lit up their faces.

They all stared at me hopefully.
“please don’t let us spend another extra year over the course. We wrote the exam and tried our best in it, but we unfortunately missed writing the text because we never got any information about it” she murmured in form of an appeal. I breathed deeply and nodded.

“write down your names on a paper, I’ll see what i can do” i offered like a good man. They all breathed deeply with excitement.

“thank you sir” they chorused while i smiled over the way they kept calling me sir. Of course two of the girls really looked a bit older than me.

They wrote down their names on the paper, dropped it on my table and left happily, but as i made to take a look at the paper, one of the girls showed up again.

“i really forgot to invite you to my parents marriage anniversary which is coming up on Sunday” she said, presenting a small invitation card to me. I collected it and read curiously. The names on the card slowly hit my face like a hot slap.

“don’t tell me your father is a former senator?” i asked with disbelief.

“yea i’m his last child” she replied, while a million questions hit my head.

“what the hell is she doing, studying here. The old man i just replaced really had some balls to fail this girl. Damn” i breathed as i weighed the girl before me.

“i hope you are coming?, some senior lecturers including the vice chancellor will be there. Take advantage of this invitation. You are a nice man sir” she smiled and left. My face instantly coloured with excitement.

Just like every young man, I was very ambitious, but i equally realised that the more ambitious i got, the more corrupt i became. The invitation really was irresistible but somehow i was very scared over my intentions and the direction i was slowly heading.

I was still battling with my mind when Comfort walked into my office with a warm smile on her face. I instantly recoiled with guilt.

“what do you want?” i asked coldly.

“relax sir” she replied, drew close and sat on an empty chair across my table…..The damn girl was now like a silly noisy mosquitoe i couldn’t kill..


        Shaking my head at her, I sent her a small wave back, attempting once more to ignore how I looked compared to her thin, pretty frame. Once again, I failed…

        According to the student body (well mostly the insubordinate jerks) in my school, I’m the girl who should buy a paper bag big enough to cover my face and body.

I could see why though, I do weigh more than anyone in this pretentious school of mine. That’s right, I’m fat and I get teased a lot. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m also the ugly duckling in my family.

        Usually, people just assumed I was adopted. Which, in reality I knew why they would. I was the exact opposite of each of them. My older brother, Kwesi, basically ruled my school before graduating last year.

He’d had a few small roles in a few movies before realizing that it wasn’t something he wanted to focus on, so instead, he did what most teenagers at his age did and ran off to the University.

        Even my parents managed to completely make me the odd one out. They were both extremely successful and well respected. Simply being in the same room as them made you take a hit at your self esteem.

Their fancy appearances and pristine demeanor screamed wealth. But not even their sum of cash could keep my tormentors at bay. Not funny though

        Somehow, even my eight-year-old sister made me seem like a chump. She was unmistakably beautiful, and even she managed to woo the cameras of Kumawood with her dazzling little smile and cute personality as a model.

        I’d come to terms with being the sore thumb, and even though I heard the words “you’re beautiful” from them everyday, I still knew that they were just doing their duties as my family; lying to me to spare my feelings.

        I gave out a dreaded sigh when I heard the loud ring, signaling the end of class. As I began to open my locker, people were laughing and whispering quietly amongst themselves like they always did about me.

When opened my locker, there was a note stuck on it. I took it off and saw that it was a crude drawing of me with the subtitle, Dirty Diana.” Quickly crumpling it up, I threw it on the ground without a second glance, far too embarrassed to look up.

        After I grabbed my stuff and began to walk towards my car, yes i had a car till i completed SHS, well not necessarily mine but my parents bought it in my name so i guess yeah, its mine,  i will tell you that part later.

I felt the world tilting as I felt the touch of a foot in my path. My glasses slipped off the bridge of my nose as I fell, scrambling around on the floor as I tried to find them, only to find my hands grasping empty air.

I could make out the blur shapes of my classmates gathering around me, pointing and laughing at me as I groped and tried not to cry.

         “Do these belong to you?” a familiar, voice asked.

         I looked up and from what I could see, there was a guy holding out my glasses, but it wasn’t just any guy.

It was Kojo Bonsu, the meat head who assumed in that tiny brain of his that he had actually conquered my brother’s territory after he’d left last year.

        He had the all-Ghanaian good looks. From the muscular tan body to his sexy smile. If only he wasn’t such a jerk, maybe then he’ll be considered attractive.

        “Give them back,” I said trying to grasp at them, but he just held them up higher. I jumped as high as I could, but found that I still couldn’t reach them. I was at a disadvantage as he practically towered over me at six feet tall, while I on the other hand, made it just over five.

        “Well, well, the girl has a voice,” he said waving my glasses tauntingly in front of me.

         “Just give them back, please,” I pleaded with him.

         “Aw. Did you hear that everyone?” He faced the crowd before he made eye contact with me. “She said please.”

         Everyone who was still around us began laughing, their laughter getting louder and louder with each chuckle.

“I really need to go.”

         “Awwww come on, what’s the rush? It’s not like you have a boyfriend…or anywhere to be for that matter,” he said mocking me.

         “I still need to get home.”

         “Hmm…now just how are you going to get home without your glasses?” he asked, pretending to think over the answer.

         “I could be halfway there if you’d just give them back to me,” I said again, trying to get them from him.

         “Okay, fine. Here you go,” he said, surprising me with the sincerity in his tone.

         “Thanks.” I sighed, feeling relieved as I held my hands out for them.

         The next thing I knew, I heard my glasses skittering across the parking lot as Kojo kicked them as hard as he could.

         “Why’d you do that?” I yelled angrily, the threat of tears stinging my eyes. How was I going to find them now? I could barely see what’s in front of me.

         “What?” he asked innocently. “I tried to give them back. Not my fault you can’t catch.”

         “But you kicked them!”

         “I kicked them by mistake. Geez, I’m sorry,” he said, the sarcasm practically dripping out of his voice, before the shape of his body disappeared along with his friends.

         Hopelessly, I went back to scrounging around for my glasses, but to no avail. The sound of footsteps made me pause as I hoped it wasn’t him and his friends again. I swallowed hard. I could see the shadow of a person, but was too afraid to look up.

         “Here,” a gentle voice said as my glasses were pressed into my palm.

         “Um…thank you,” I murmured, putting my glasses back on.

         Blinking, I took in the form of a tall figure, realizing a little too late that it was none other than Jason himself.

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