Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 1


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I finally graduated high school. It was amazing how fast it went, one minute It was Shemima with her junior high school drama and I had no real friends

Thankfully my teeth are all fixed up now. Along the way I made 3 great best friends Diva, Blessing and Esi. We just finished getting our diplomas and were about to take a group picture.

” I can’t believe high school is over!” Diva said. oh yes, i went to the same high school with Diva,

” I know I’m gonna miss you guys so much when I’m gone.” I was going to Accra to fulfill my dream of be coming a model. I was actually found at a park one day in SHS 3


I was so late! Blessing and i were supposed to meet in the park at 3pm by my house so we could study for mid term exams. It was already 3:15 and I was stumbling to fit all my books into my bag.

I walked out and began running down the street to the Park where we were supposed to meet up. Luckily for me it was only a couple of minutes away. As I entered the park I ended up tripping on some stones. I fell right on my face.

As I was trying to get back I felt a hand on my arms helping me up. It was a man in his mid thirties. He helped me up.

” are you ok? I saw you fall, you look hurt” he said.

” Yeah don’t worry I’m fine” even though I had a big cut on my knee.

” Are you sure” he said looking at me genuinely concerned.

” yeah I’m ok” I said.

” by the way I’m Quame and just a question, would you be interested in modelling? I’m a modelling agent from Cosmos and we are looking for new models in their late teens for our new line.

I was so surprised at what he was saying, I never thought of myself as ‘model worthy’ but apparently he did. I don’t know why because the only thing I thought was Pretty about me were my eyes. Other than that i had a curly hair just past my shoulders i wasn’t skinny but not fat either.

He handed me a card with his agency name and his number. I was so shocked at what he was saying, I must have looked weird with me just staring at him. I finally managed to answer him.

,” oh my gosh thank you”. I took the card. ” call me tomorrow by 11am and we can talk about your career as a V”

He said. ” sure it sounds great” I said. ”

“ok great, talk it over with your parents and look forward to talking with you tomorrow.”

” ok great bye I will get back to you tomorrow” I said as hurried up. I was definitely late for studying with Blessing. My mom was ecstatic about the news and so was my dad. The next day my mom and i called the agency and it was all set up. I did a test shoot and It turned out I was a natural.

End of flash back

Well here I am graduating and moving to East Legon in Accra and my modelling career was taking off.

” we’re gonna miss you so much bitch, you are leaving us!” Esi said.

” I know but we will text everyday I promise and Skype.” I said.

” I know but it’s not gonna be the same without you” said Blessing.

God I’m gonna miss these girls so much. I was leaving in 2 days and i have to admit I’m scared.


Most African university graduates do dream of becoming a lecturers. We all know about the bright future of lecturers, the respect they controlled and the wealth that followed them.

Yeah being a lecturer gives one the opportunity to get to the very top if he’s serious about it. As a lecturer you have a clear path towards becoming a professor and it’s now left for you to work towards making it happen.

I was opportune to travel to Canada for my masters degree, immediately after my Nysc in 2006. I returned to Ghana 2 years later and quickly married a family friend’s daughter whose father was equally the Dean of Education faculty in the university that employed me 2 months after my wedding.

I had my life well planned out. I already knew what to do and what not to do in achieving my goals. My parents were equally supportive and moderately wealthy. They supported me in everything.

Being the last child in the family of two girls, i was overly pampered by my parents and siblings, even after my marriage to Jessica who equally was a nurse in the state General hospital. I soon started work as a lecturer with a strong spirit towards correcting all the wrongs in the university system.

I swore to stand straight in my dealings with students. I swore never to compromise my dignity and be a good man respected by everyone but unfortunately it was easier said than done.

Being a lecturer opened my eyes to the realities on ground. Politics and corruption was already well embedded in the university system that you either join in the show or look the other way. I was young and ambitious.

The options before me was simply unimaginable. Hmmmm, well at first i was forced to look the other way and face my classroom work, which i did with great zeal . I handled Bio 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 354 & 402.

It really wasn’t easy for me at all and to worsen my situation some of the senior lecturers i shared the courses with, left everything for me to handle alone and the number of students offering the courses were quite enormous.

But that wasn’t even the major problem. As soon as the first exam i was to participate as a lecturer arrived, more temptations poured in.. The first temptation was from a final year student known as comfort. She was the first to tempt me.


After our graduation party the girls and I had our last sleepover before I left for Accra. First I went home I had a quick shower and grabbed some clothes for tomorrow and night clothes. I changed into high waisted dark blue jeans skirt and a bright neon bandeau and a white tank top.

I put on some light mascara and some clear lip gloss. I left my hair to dry natural instead of blow drying it. I grabbed my favourite snap back and my nike duffel bag I told my mom I was sleeping at Diva’s house and I went out the door.

We all lived pretty close to each other. It was a 10 minute walk so I decided to walk

When I got there I was greeted by Esi and Diva screaming in my face.”

“Its our last sleepover!” I was just laughing at them. They were always the peppy ones out of the four of us, Diva and i were always the more laid back ones but we always were crazy with one another.

“Diana, we were thinking about going to the beach since it’s only 3:00pm” Esi said

oh great yeah it sounds good, good thing I brought my bikini” I said. Blessing finally arrived, Esi and Diva greeted her the same way they treated me.

We all got changed and were ready to go. We rode in Blessing jeep since she was the only one who had her license already. Diva and Esi sat in the back

To be continued after 70 share