Dirty Diana Season 1 Episode 4



Previously On Dirty Diana

“You’ll regret this that I assure you”

As she turned Diva looked back and and said “you are the man”

I walked to the shop and bought my lunch

I felt a hand on my shoulder as I turned to see Diva, she smiled but was acting very remorseful, she stretched her hand to shake me but I rejected it

“I’ll like to be your friend Diana”

I paused as I raised up my head starring at her quietly,

“You know, I like your courage that’s why I want to be your friend” she said

I still didn’t say any word to her as she turned and walk away

I walked back to the class, only for me to see 2 notes was slipped into my desk, the first was from Max which reads

“I have an announcement to make” I said and the crowd chorused “go ahead!”

I cleared my throat,

“Today we have a clear case of a dog going back to eat its own vomit

“What is he looking for in Dirty Diana” I said

I dropped the letter on the ground and walked back to my seat as the rest of my classmates rushed for the paper

Too many people dragging to see the note and then they tore it as Max walked out of the class in shame



The moment the bell for school over was rang, I hung my bag and to walk out of the class, I had no intention of fighting with Shemima, so the earlier I run to the dinning hall, the better for both of us,

As i made for the door, I noticed my bag was held to a spot, I turned to see Shemima burning in fury

“You want to run abi?, today after i finish with you, you will be reeking of fighting” she said

I pushed her hand off my bag as I tried to act as if we lived in the medieval era, acting like I was more matured, I said

“Am no fool to sit here and throw punches with you, I have better things to do with my time”

My classmates that had encircled us already all chorused “choiii! Tell her you went to school”

I turned to leave but she was adamant and had her mind resolved to go on a fisting affair with me, Diva was quick to cut her short as she cuts in saying

“Shemi leave the girl alone and let us all go to the dinning in peace”

Their was silence immediately, Diva has always been the one that leads the Yawa girls to war but today was different, she was sheathing her sword and clamouring for peace

Shemima raised her hand to slap me but Diva’s reflex was quick as she caught her hand amid air and slapped Shemima with her left hand and just like the gate of hell was let loose all the other gang members of Shemima’s started pounced on Diva but she stood firm to her feet, punching each to the ground one after another and then finally settled with Shemima as she was seated on her and feeding her jaw with well moulded punches!.

A new Era was created that day, I was now the new hero of the underdogs, those that were oppressed took me as their role model and found solace in my own style of leadership, I was no longer dirty because I had folks both junior and some of my classmates that are willing to wash my school uniform but one thing that remained after the storm was the name Dirty Diana

Mrs Joyce who was my sworn enemy hated me the more as she kept looking for faults to bring me down, I was always playing by the rule until it was obvious there was nothing she could nail me to the cross with

She walked into the hostel one day and seized all my skirts, her reasons “they are too short and teachers are complaining” the moment she left, Shemima walked up to my bed and said

“This is just the beginning, we are in for a long war this term”

Mr Boateng Mrs Joyce husband called me to his office to mark scripts him, sitting in his office with the pile of unmarked scrips on my table, he walked to the door of his office, closed the door and locked it and then the windows, I noticed his funny movements as I turned to him and asked

“Sir why are you closing the window?”

He smiled with a big grin, walked to my table and sat on it saying

“You know your a pretty girl, I like you” he said.

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