Dirty Diana Season 1 Episode 10


Previously On Dirty Diana

“All junior students standing here right now should either fly or jump, “Yawa Girls are around” she said

“Please give me my change let me go before this senior punish me”

“Senior please let me collect my change” she begged

“Grow up Abi, leave the poor girl alone”

She felt insulted as she turned to Diva saying

“And What are you gonna do about it? ”

Diva could not control her ‎indignation as she rushed to Abi in anger and in split minutes they were on the ground, throwing punches

As I landed on the ground, I turned to see Florence, another member of the Yawa Girls right on top of me and all hell was let loose,

I searched for Shemima but I couldn’t see her, the fight lasted for almost 45 minutes but came to abrupt end when Wili-wili showed up, student scattered and ran in different directions only for them to regroup at the field singing war songs.



We no gree oh, we no go gree!, today today Yawa Girls must end”

Wili-wili grabbed his mega-phone and walked to the field standing on a makeshift podium and from the speaker his voice was blaring as he screamed in anger, his eyes blood shot, his tie loosely knotted with his sparkling white long sleeve shirt folded to his ankle

“Silence! Silence you kids of primitive upbringing” he screamed

There was instant silence as he paced up and down breathing heavily before he continued

“What a barbaric way of showing your grievance, am ashamed that all the good qualities we as your teachers have tried to instill in you is of no use, no country that goes to war ever remains the same, dialogue is the key people! Yes dialogue” he said

He called Shemima in front of the students as she was booed, while she stood at the make shift podium, tears gathering at the corner of her eyes and her face turning red, I was expecting the next name to be called was Diva as I looked at her and said

“Be strong”

Next I heard was my name, as I walked to the podium students began to cheer me, Wili-wili grabbed the mega-phone and gave further directives

“The both of you should go to my office, kneel down and wait for me”

As we walked out of the field to his office, I could hear him call out Diva and Abigail but could’t hear what he said to them as we had walked very far from the field.

Kneeling in his office was Shemima and I, she couldn’t hold back her tears as she kept on crying, I faced the wall not to let her see that I too was beginning to shed tears, she stretched her hand towards mine as she spoke slowly

“Diana am sorry for all that I must have put you through” she said

Tears began to flow from my eyes as we hugged each other crying

“Yes! That’s a good way of reconciliation”

We were caught unawares by Wili-wili as he clapped his hand saying that and then continued

“I will leave you guys here for another five minutes, just talk about yourselves” he said as he walked away closing the squeaky door behind him.

By the time we got out of the principals office Shemima and I had build a bridge of friendship

When we got to the class, we heard that Diva was given two weeks suspension while Abigail was expelled, we took that opportunity to announce to the class that we were no longer enemies as Shemima dissolved her Yawa girls, Max has been pestering me till date, maybe someday in the near future I’ll consider him

Watch out for Dirty Diana Life On Uni Campus coming up soon


First goes to the Almighty Father

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Third goes out to Nairaland for this nice story, tho the writer is invisible but all the same thanks to him or her

Next season will start soon so keep your fingers crossed, the next story is i faked my suicide

…………….End Of Season 1 ………………..

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