Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 33


I was waiting gleefully to hear what Willie had to say about shape being pregnant but then Willie was just Willie. One carefree guy with not a care in the world. He is only worried when two things happen to him. He is broke and he has no pussy to ram.

“What did she vomit? An antelope?” he had asked when I told him about shape vomiting everything she had eaten since her mother birthed her.
“Why won’t she vomit when she kept drinking the water from our hostel well after I had told her to use pure water.”

And that solved it. The chic was only sick from drinking well water which was infected with a dead dog. The dog had decayed inside it and many other people who drank the water like shape were either wooing chemists or having a field day in their various toilets.

Shape had never been so relieved in her entire life, she actually preferred drinking a decayed dog infested water to being pregnant, well, who wouldn’t.
She decided she needed some break, to calm her frayed nerves and guess where she was going to calm the nerves. Well, Willie was more than willing to help her calm those nerves.

So it was back to being me and James in the lodge with Chinecherem in between us. She was glowing and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I tried to shaa but she had this way of making me not to. She was rather getting on James nerves with her talkativeness. He complained that she even talked in between kisses. That was her only flaw. She was smart too and intelligent to an average. At least she wrote her jamb without help and scored 149. It was her first jamb by the way. Her Jamb result was one of the reasons she had refused to go home earlier. Her friends would laugh her to stupor for her score, she had bragged about how she would trash jamb and maybe score 450 over 400. You know as she is mouthed.

School was getting a sort of dry lately. I think everyone was getting tired of being students, just like me. Only that there were no much babes to party with. Only the nerdy ones. James was on his away match things, leaving me and Chinecherem. She kept talking me into anger and talking me out of it. In the end, you can’t just help but sit down and listen. At least, the whole place was lively with her there.

So on one sunny Tuesday like that, Shape wasn’t back from calming her nerves yet and James was out with a girl he had just met. It was just me around, lying on my bed and basking in the euphoria of loneliness and boredom. Staring at the ceiling and counting from 1 to 100 and back and hoping nepa would bring light at the count of 50 or 60 or 70 or 100. Just then, Chinecherem came back from where she had gone to eat down a guy that had just hooked her up. She came in, chewing loudly at her gum and humming into my bored ears. I was glad she came back, I needed a bit of her noise. she was on a pink gown and black sneakers. Her ass shot out of her back in a way that would make you want to rock her and her boobs were ripe for plucking. She came in clutching a black bulky waterproof. She dropped it on the table and sat beside me on the bed.

“How are you?” she asked me and I nodded a fine. She rubbed my bare chest and smiled. I wished she would just seduce me because I was too weak to initiate a foreplay plus I was scared she was a virgin.
“I am hungry,” she announced, looking round the whole room.
“I thought someone took you out.”
She hissed and lay beside me, rubbing her body against mine.
“Just one shawama and the guy was doing face like he wants to cry.”
“So you ate shawama and you came back here to say you are hungry?”
“It wasn’t enough naa and I really want to eat indomie,” she sang out and I hissed.
“Well, I bought you yogurt,” she announced and I smiled for the first time that day. She ran to the table and came back with the black waterproof. She refused to hand it over, insisting that I take the first sip from her hand. Well I did and she poured the stuff all over my mouth. I was going to lick it up myself if she hadn’t kissed me and did it herself. I watched her with surprise, it was the first time she was doing that.

We stared at each other for a long while. She had a smile on her face and I had a frown on mine.
“What?” she asked.
“What did you do?”
“I only licked the yogurt.”
“I pray so, don’t lick it again, I have a big tongue.”

We got back to drinking the yogurt, taking a sip after each other and when it finished. Our romance too ended.

“Why don’t you like me?” she asked all of a sudden.
“Who said I don’t like you?”
“I know you like me but it’s not that type that I mean,” she said and smiled shyly.
“What type?” I asked.
“Love. The type that.”
I watched her and shook my head.
“Do you know that pregnant girl, Chinaza?” I asked her and she nodded.
“She will just kill you if she finds out that you are trying to chyke me, ask shape about her.”
She replied me in a way that I wasn’t expecting. She threw herself into my hands and got on with licking the rest of the yogurt on my mouth. Funny thing was I actually let her do it. I too engaged myself in licking off hers. We kissed for a long time before we stopped. I was aroused already. I tore down her zipper and she crawled out of the gown, standing before me, clad only in her bra and pant. Her figure firm and her boobs robust. She was what we called the tip of a fresh pumpkin leaf. Not much tapped.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked before hand and she shook her head with a giggle.
“Then so help you God,” I murmured and pulled her closer by the cup of her bra. She fell into my hands one more time and we got into another deep French kiss. She dug her hand into my boxer and grabbed my rock hard tool, moaning softly as she felt its ferocity. My hand crawled down to her panties and skid into her clean shaven pussy. I tugged her clit in between my two fingers and she moaned with mad ecstasy, hugging me tightly and trying to bite out my tongue. We fell on the bed, into deeper foreplay as she shut her eyes through it all. Her beauty was animate as we rocked each other deeper into the ocean of passion only at the brink of getting ourselves into the main ish.

I finally drew down her pants and let it drop to the floor, her shoes followed suit and I mounted her. She raised her legs, strapping them to her belly with her two hands to show me the sweet little hole that have destroyed many men. It was shooting out fluids as I slid my tool in, watching her shake with sensation and biting her lips softly. I dived in deeper, holding her legs to her body and moving in slowly, slowly and then faster and harder as she asked for it. She wrapped her legs round my neck and kissed me multiple times as we were at it.
“I love you so much,” she murmured and I smiled. Pillow talks. I thought it was only exclusive to guys. I rammed her harder and she kept moaning my name softly, trying to choke me with her legs, but then, the sweet pleasure only made.. the pain more desirable. I brought down her legs and turned her over. She was petite in a way and it made her flexible. I tried her butt hole but it was still tight and I didn’t have the time to break it. I went into the easier hole and continued where we stopped. She was already asking for more and I thought she loved only food.

So it was Chinecherem on Chinecherem as we drove each other to madness. I went from being above her to under her as she rode me like a cowgirl, her boobs jingling along to the ride. The bed was all wet with our sweat. She bent low while she rode me and kissed me, holding my mouth for long and shaking with passion.

“I love you, the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you and I didn’t know how to tell you and you treat me like a baby and…. ” she confessed, being her talkative sef.
“Neche, stop talking,” I hushed her and she stopped. Her moans was enough noise. Seconds after the silence, she came along with me, spilling the jizz all over my thigh and me, shooting mine up her pussy. She kissed me warmly and long enough for the both of us to be tired of it.

She kept dancing all over me as we cleaned up the whole place. She even wanted a bath together but then, I didn’t want it.
“You can only see my dick when I am fucking you.” was what I told her and she didn’t argue.

Shape came back that same day. Her nerves seemed all calmed as she was looking fresh and happy. Chinecherem couldn’t keep away from me for a very long time. I realized that her confession of love weren’t just pillow talks after all. She loved me and before she went to bed that day. She texted it to me.

“Before I think of anything or anyone else, I would always think of you first. I love you so much my bear.”

I read it with a smile on my face. I loved what she called me. “bear”. In the end I texted her back.

“I love you too baby bear.”

Funny thing was that I actually meant it. Interesting days ahead I tell ya.

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She wrote me tons of love texts and I wrote her tons of replies. She was falling in love with me and was dragging me along. I started doing the things that I once hated and that was dating a girl in secret. I would normally want my guys to know that I had caught this fine chic and she was blowing my brains out. That was for many other affairs but on this particular one. I had gone against every single ethic. Not that James really cared much about her but he may still be thinking her as his girl. Shape would simply poison Me if she found out. And me sef was loving the girl more than I should and our affair was something beyond just fuckery. I had to confess that for a while there I seemed to have forgotten my pregnant love and was starting to lose interest.

In my life, I had always wanted only few things in a girl. She gats to be beautiful, hot and curvy and she must always be around me. Chinecherem scored all that point and that was just all I needed. Chinaza had something above her though. She was light skinned and I love light skin girls like a fat kid loves cake.

So James’s sister was going to be married and he was inviting us. It wasn’t actually an invitation, he was insisting we all come, especially me.

“At least, if nothing else, you can help me pound cassava,” he had said as he was listing out a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t miss the traditional marriage.
“Will they make egusi soup?” Chinecherem had asked with excitement. After loving me, the next thing she loves is food but I guess y’all already know that.
“Go home and show your daddy your Jamb result,” Shape had chided her. I stifled a laugh and she kept quiet. Her jamb result had this way of keeping her quiet.
“But guy, your village is far shaa,” I said.
“Are you trekking, no be car you go follow come?’
“And who go pay?”
“Williams baby can take us in your mother’s car naa,” shape chipped in.

So that was the end of the conversation. We managed to coarse mom out of her car. The crew for the marriage was I, shape and Williams. Chinaza was pregnant and I wouldn’t want her to take the long trip plus she never actually liked the idea of traveling that far. Shape had insisted that Chinecherem go home. Jamb was over already and her parents had been hotline blinging shape over her. I liked the decision tho, even though I realized I was falling in love with her, I didn’t need her to mess up any prospect I had of hooking my self up with an Ebonyi chic. Shape was dragging Willie along unwillingly but he accepted tho. He could do anything for a good booty.

I and James actually set out the day before the actual day. He wanted to show me around and help him out whenever he needed it. We left around 6 am. The trip from the bus park to hometown was straight boring. We were sandwiched between two other guys. The one beside me was busy sleeping and passing it onto us and the other guy was speaking Queens English into his phone at every interval, lying to whoever it was that was on the other side of his phone that he was on his way to South Africa. At a point, I had to start asking if we had boarded the wrong bus.
The only breath of fresh air in the bus, two fine daughter’s of eve that I would have so much loved to be cranked in between them were way far up at the front seat, being entertained by the driver with his boasts of haven once driven Barack Obama in the white house. Those girls were beautiful but looked very dull so I think they actually believed him.

We drove into ebonyi by 3pm. Another 30 minutes on an okada brought us to James’s house. It wasn’t actually the enclave I had expected to see. They had a very nice bungalow to themselves, freshly painted in brown color. The whole house was swarming with workers, designing and cooking. I strapped my bag and shaped my face very well. I needed to wow any chic that might bump into us.

“Chibundu!!” I heard someone scream and turned to look. A young lady was running towards us, her boobs running before her while she followed closely behind. She came right at us and dropped a hot hug on James. I was expecting her to give me mine but nothing of the sort happened. She examined him properly and hugged him again. Then he introduced me to her and her to me. Chinenye was her name, his elder sister and the reason we had come. James is my friend but I am not going to lie, I am too old to tell petty lies. The truth was that James was actually better looking than his sister, Chinenye. She had that curve factor, interesting set of boobs and an enticing backside but then, James had a better face.

We walked into the house. The interior was tasty and impressive. We met his mother in the sitting room. She was one sweet little woman, her face a carbon copy of Chinenye’s. She hugged her son and shook my hand. She was sweet and happy. That settled the difference between James and Chinenye’s difference in looks. I assumed James got his good looks from his father then. We went to his room. He had done a very good work on it. Nice paint work. A large enough flat screen and a sturdy mattress, lying on a fluffy red rug.

“James how come?” I asked, pulling my pencil gean trouser from his wardrobe. He grinned cheek to cheek.
“I forgot it during the holidays.”
“Ah ah, and you were even helping me search for it back at our lodge. Nawa to you o.”