Devil’s Bride Episode 85


Hazel’s p.o.v

They created a position for themselves in the free area a little away from where we were.

Just then, the slow melodious tone came to a halt and was replaced with a more quicker tone.

The two in costume started displaying a funny dance along with the tone.

By the time they were done, my side was hurting from too much laughter and there was something a little familiar about the dancing steps of the one in the mickey mouse costume but I shrugged it off.

They left after the display and I could swear I saw the same one in the mickey mouse costume shot its bum secretly at me when madrigal was not looking as they exit the hall.

After they were gone, madrigal rose from his seat and walked over to my side.

“Let’s dance.” He stretched an open palm towards me.

“Alright.” I placed my palm on his and rose up from my seat as he led the way to the same free area where the two in costume just finished performing.

It was the former calming tone that was going on now.

With his hand on my waist and his other hand engaged with mine, I had my other hand on his neck as we swirl gently to the tone.

We danced in silence as we allowed only our eyes to do the talking.

He led me back to my seat after the music stopped before making his own way to the piano set at the corner.

The aged man who was seated before the piano stood up for him to sit and then he sat on the vacant seat.

He sent his fingers playing on the piano and a beautiful tone was produced as his hands moved about.

As he continued to play on the piano, a song came into my mind, it was the tone for the song ‘If I tell you say I love you, by davido’.

He opened his mouth to sing and from his lips came the most sonorous voice ever.

I had never heard him sing before.

I didn’t even have an idea that he could sing not to talk of playing a piano.

The words of the song came out flawlessly and I couldn’t help but to watch on with much admiration.

If I tell you say I love you
My money my body, na your own baby
Thirty billion for my account
Versace and Gucci for your body.

His gaze was on me the whole time as he continued to look profoundly at me.

Though some of the words were altered, he sang it so well.

The look in his eyes carried so much emotion so that I could see clearly through them.

Even after he finished singing, I couldn’t get myself to get over the song he sang
The aged pianist took his position back before the piano after he stood up.

“How was that?”madrigal asked.

“Wonderful! I had no idea you could sing or play a piano so well.”

“It was something I learnt when I was still very young and for the singing part, I got that from my dad.”


“And I meant every word of that song.” He said.

“Aw… I’m really trying hard to not blush right now?”

“Oh really?”

I nodded.

As we ate the cake and sipped from our wine-filled glasses, the two individuals in costume returned again.

I thought they came back for another display and they really did come back for another one.

After the display, the one in the mickey mouse costume took its head off.

“Annabel?” I was quite astonished.

That explained why she couldn’t make it to my place, it was to plan this for me.

She made her way toward us.

“Man, I’m so dehydrated.” She wiped off the sweat on her forehead before grabbing my wine glass and gurgling down the content.

Not satisfied with that, she gurgled down the glass of water that was before me.

“More more before someone faints here.”

I poured her more water and I grimaced at the way she gurgled down the content almost immediately.

“Okay now, I’m good. Happy birthday Hazel.” She screamed happily leaping up and down.

I rose up from my seat to hug her.