Devil’s Bride Episode 84


Hazel’s p.o.v

It started getting dark as we walked further down the hallway and I was beginning to wonder if there was a problem with the lights when I saw ahead of us the entrance to a room, I guess, generously lined with lighted candles.

The red candles were arranged in a neat row on both sides and through the light of the reddish orange flames of the candles, I could see the red rose petals sprinkled all over the black sparkling floor.

As we neared the entrance, it looked like the candles were never ending.

Once we reached the entrance, what I saw in the beautifully decorated room made me feel like I want to cry.

At a corner was a musical procession.

There was a piano set with an aged pianist seated before it whose hands played smoothly on the keys with great dexterity, a calm melodious tone being produced from it.

There were other instrumentalists such as the hypists, saxophonists, violinists and the cymbalist whose shiny bronze cymbal was also letting out a cool melodious tone.

A table was set for two at the middle of the room with a larger candle on it and a bouquet of red roses.

Red rose petals were all over the floor and at the back of the room, the rose petals were made to form a large solid heart shape.

This, was surrounded with red lighted candles.

The glass wall on both sides of the not too large room was reflecting everything in the room thereby making the place look even more surreal.

He drew a chair back for me to sit before making for his.

“Wow…” My eyes continued to survey the place with so much awe.

A covered trolley was rolled in by someone dressed in a mickey mouse mascot costume.

It gave a bow before uncovering the trolley and setting covered dishes on the table.

Another trolley was rolled in by a different person who was dressed in a Dora mascot costume.

The first one in the mickey mouse costume left after it finished setting all the dishes on the table.

The second one in the Dora costume uncovered it’s trolley too, to reveal a rich dark chocolate cake with fresh fruits, waffles, chips and coconut flakes on top.

It also left after setting the cake down at the middle of the table.

The owner of the hotel through his introduction, who was a friend of madrigal’s, came to wish me a happy birthday and presented me with a special wine as he said it was before leaving.

The melodious tone was still going on and I could feel myself drowning in its sweet melody.

We set to eat.

After we were done eating, the two individuals in costume returned back with empty trolleys to take away the empty dishes.

Before leaving, the one in the mickey mouse costume helped in lighting the tiny candles on the cake.

“Happy twenty-third birthday,Hazel.” Madrigal said with a smile.

“Thank you and thanks for this.”

“No more thank you, for tonight.”

“Okay.” I threw my hands up in the air in surrender.

“Want to make a wish?”

“I will love to.” I closed my eyes to make a wish before opening them back.

“Blow out the candles.” He prompted.

I snuffed them out with a wheeze of air from my mouth.

He picked up the wine, uncorked it and poured out some for both of us.

The two individuals returned again but this time around with no trolley.