Devil’s Bride Episode 82


Hazel’s p.o.v

Since it was already nearing evening with madrigal still not back from where he went to after getting back from work, I thought he wouldn’t be able to make it again for where he said we would go to just like Annabel, until he sent me a message to dress up and that he would send his driver who would take me to a beauty parlor, over, with his car to pick me up.

I took a quick shower.

After dressing up, I made my way out of the house to his car where his driver was, waiting.

He drove me first to the beauty parlor where a beautiful dress was picked out for me.

It was a short, plain net inky-purple dress which had an iridescent sheen, just like the feathers of a purple martin.

She proceeded with doing my makeup after the manicure and pedicure.

I had a beautiful makeup done for me.

My long light brown hair was held in perfect bun and my ears were adorned with pretty gold studs.

I was helped with putting on the dress and it sure looked perfect on me.

It gave out a little of my cleavage at the cup area and since it was a revealing fabric, it was underlaid with a black fabric which extended from the cup area to mid-thigh, this hugging my body perfectly and the inky-purple fabric, from the waist was a flare but made to be in a low hemline umbrella fashion.

The dress felt so light on my skin, so much I couldn’t feel I had anything on.

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Black stilettoes and a black designer bag were also picked out for me.

Amy, the owner of the beauty parlor who made me up with the help of two others was someone with such a free spirit who told me about herself and also about how she had been hitting on madrigal ever since she set her eyes on him which was about twelve years ago when she was just thirteen whereas he didn’t show any interest in her, telling me how lucky I was to be the one he chose to love and to marry.

I didn’t ask her how they knew each other, not as if I even had the chance before she brought up a new topic.

What was even more worth admiring about her was how at such a young age she was already managing a beauty parlor as big as this and controlling many employees.

I fell in love with her flair for starting off a conversation naturally with someone she is just meeting for the first time, almost immediately.

The makeup she did for me was nice, so also was the dress she picked out for me.

“Did he give you any reason why he couldn’t come to pick me up himself?”

I was back in the car now with madrigal’s driver at the steering.

He got on the road.

“He needed to meet with a client but he said he will be there waiting for you before you get there.”

“A client? At this hour?”

“I don’t really know much about the details but this particular client just arrived from France this evening, he is helping him with settling down at a hotel.”

“Okay. So where are you taking me?”

“Dreams hotel.” He answered.

I didn’t say anything to that but sat back to enjoy the view of the places we passed by as the car drove past them.

The hotel came into view, as the car neared it.

Written bold and clear in a brilliant luminous gold color was the hotel’s name, ‘Dreams hotel’ at the top of the massive building which was eluding a powerful aura of grandness.