Devil’s Bride Episode 8


Hazel’s p.o.v

Mr. Benson was sitting at the front desk.

He took me and showed me the Boss’ Office and my seat, that is going to be in Boss room only.

“Mr. Madrigal manager is going to take maternal break so she will make you capable of taking her position. But only if you are hard working and honest.” Mr. Benson said after I was in my desk.

“What time does the Boss arrive usually?” I asked.

“Mr. Madrigal is on field trip today, so Mr. Dawson will probably be the one in charge”.


Dawson came around after one in the afternoon and met me in the office.

He gave me some tasks and was really satisfied with my work.

“You know madrigal…… I mean your Boss, my bestfriend, will totally like your working. You are perfect Hazel” Mr.dawson said praising my precise actions.

“Thank you so much Mr.Dawson” I replied feeling a little giddy.

Things are finally working out for me.

“Madrigal manager Ms. Sonia will meet you after three days. She is on leave. And I have informed madrigal about you, he will come back from his trip in the evening.” Dawson tells me.

“And hazel.. he doesn’t trust easily so please bear with him for a week. I’m telling you in advance but trust me he is not that scary.” Dawson said chuckling.

“Scary ?? Why are you scaring me sir?” I asked with my puppy eyes.

Dawson laughs before replying.

“Don’t worry you will know what I mean. I have to go now. You can continue with your files and all.”

I bowed down in confusion as Dawson left the office.

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It was seven PM.

Office closes at six PM for working staff and at seven PM for departmental heads. I was not sure if I am supposed to leave at seven or will he be freed when the Boss goes home. And Mr. Benson had already gone without telling me.

I was still working in the office when the door to the office opened.

It was none other than that rude person.

I don’t even know his name!

He entered the office only to see me working there.

“What are you doing there!!” His voice was high.

“I.. I work here….” I answered.

“…But why are you following me everywhere. I’m not after your money, you seem like the one after me now. What do want from me? I can call the security and get you arrested for stalking on me and coming to my place of work…..”

“The nerves you have you this b!tch. ” I heard him muttered.


He is calling me a b!tch.


Like for real?

Ever since we met at the party, I have been coming across him.

Like hello, is he the only dude in Washington?

Why must I see him all the time?

How the hell will he know I’m here if he didn’t stalk me?

You want me to believe this is a coincidence?

He left all other floors and coincidentally came in here, the seventh floor.


This dude is really a stalker!