Devil’s Bride Episode 65


Hazel’s p.o.v

That week at work wasn’t easy on me, my department members served as a support for me throughout and did everything to claim my innocence but there was no evidence to prove it.

Mr Aston didn’t make a big deal out of it but went ahead to replace the telephones but that didn’t stop the rumour about what happened to spread round like wild fire.

Just as the rumour about that was beginning to die down, something else happened.

When I entered the office upon getting to work that day, they were all in a group and were talking in hushed tones.

On seeing me, they all stopped talking and returned back to their desks.

After work that day, it was Catherine who told me about what happened.

Mandy’s boyfriend broke up with her after receiving a text from me when in fact I didn’t have his phone number.

Inarguably, Mandy asked me for advise when she was going to start dating him but I didn’t know exactly why I would send a text to her boyfriend to break up with her saying she was only dating him because of his money.

We were able to straighten things out before the end of that week and she and her boyfriend were able to get back together but there was still no one I could think of to be the one behind it.

That same week, when I arrived at work on Saturday, there was again a box of roses, this time, red roses, waiting for me at the receptionist’s desk.

I expected it to be from madrigal but this time there was a new handwriting and there was something odd about the little note that came along with it.

The note said; ‘To my teddy bear’.

I called madrigal to ask him about it but it was his secretary who picked the call instead and who told me he was in a meeting.

Throughout that day at work, I was troubled and that was because there was only one person who addressed me that way and that was Damien.

After work that day, I drove to the company to see madrigal concerning it, since he knew about the nickname Damien gave me and could maybe even be the one who sent it.

When I arrived there, his Secretary wasn’t at his post and I had made for his office immediately considering the urgency of what I wanted to see him about but what I saw upon entering his office made my mind go completely blank for some time and to forget the real reason why I was there in the first place as I saw him and Sandra so close to each other, with their lips engaged.

“I’m so sorry for not knocking.” I apologized before quickly turning my back against them to leave his office for home.

On the drive back home, somehow, I ended up driving to a bar instead.

Thinking back to all I had been going through at work and then what I witnessed in madrigal’s office that day, I ordered for the first drink and didn’t take long to finish it before ordering for another one.

On the fourth drink, my eyes were already giving way and the world around me was beginning to swirl and to spin.

Just then, in my state of drowsines, though my vision was a little blurry, I saw Madrigal.

He was the one who grabbed my falling and limp figure and then began asking me questions I couldn’t make out or make any sense of, must definitely be because I was drunk.

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I woke up the following morning with a throbbing headache.

I felt so queasy too.

As I got out of bed, that was when I realized I was in a change of cloth, even my bedsheet had been changed.

It was then the memory of what happened the night before came back to me.

“Oh my God, no.” I held my hand to my mouth.

I couldn’t believe that I lost my virginity to madrigal last night.

“What have I done?”

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I shrank as a knock was heard at the door that very moment.

I was so much relieved when I found out it was Anthony who had brought hangover drugs for me but fearing madrigal might be with him I didn’t open the door or respond, just so he would think that I was still asleep.

It was only when he told me madrigal already left for work, I opened the door for him.

Besides, I so much needed the hangover drugs.

He brought some food to my room that morning but which I had no appetite to touch, also in the afternoon and in the evening.

Throughout that day, I was so embarrassed to leave my room and since it was my day off, I remained in my room all day.

As the memory of all that I said that night started coming back to me bit by bit, I would groan at intervals.

I couldn’t believe I said all that I said.

If I was going to drink again a next time, I should be ready to take full responsibility for whatever comes thereafter.

In my drunken state, I told madrigal I was starting to like him and would never forgive him for choosing Sandra over me.I remembered him telling me it was Sandra who forced herself on him and I only happened to have walked in that moment. The atmosphere between us grew tense and then I kissed him

I couldn’t believe I made the first move.

The following morning, at 3am, I was already dressed for work and before 5am I was out of the house.