Devil’s Bride Episode 48


Hazel’s p.o.v

“Thank you. Your are beautiful too.”

He blushed.

“Thank you.”

“Do you have a best sport?” Juliana asked.

That was the last question I was expecting.

“I love basketball.”

“Same here. I love volleyball too though and I also love swimming. Are you a good swimmer?”

“I wouldn’t say yes, but I can swim.”

“Do you like clubbing?”Mandy, the lady with the red hair asked.

“No, not really.”

They all gasped.

“Oh why? I love clubbing, we all do, the flickering lights, the deafening music, the crazy dancing and drinking until you get drunk, which, is the best part.” She laid emphasis on the last two words.

“We all love clubbing but we are not alcoholics like her. We go there whenever we want to celebrate a success or birthday.” Grace added.

“How about we go to a club this Saturday to celebrate you joining us?” Mandy asked.

“I don’t drink.”

“That is no problem, you don’t have to drink. We can just sit at the bar, play games and all that. That way you will get to know us more.”

“Sounds good.” I agreed.

“What’s your…” Jameson was saying but I cut in.

“Guys, guys, we should get to work. Later we can continue with this.”

“Aww!” They groaned with disappointment.

“Okay?” I asked.

With this, they all returned back to their desk while I walked over to mine.

I loved the department and I developed a liking for all of them, they were all nice and cooperative.

There was Juliana, the youngest in the department with good brain, Catherine the philosopher, Michael the jester, Mandy the sassy girl, Jameson who was a bit of a talkative and last of all Grace the timid one.

I got back home at five. I was given the grace to always get off work at five everyday with Sunday off. After I took a shower, I went downstairs to the dining table where Anthony already set the table.

“Scrambled eggs.” He announced placing the last dish on the table alongside the other ones.

“Thank you.”

“How was work today? I hope it wasn’t too stressful.” He asked.

“Not at all and they were all nice to me.”

“I will say lucky you.”

“Yeah, lucky me.” I laughed.

“Will you like to join me?” I asked.

“No, don’t worry about me, just enjoy your meal.” And then he left.

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I was going to raise a spoonful of salad to my mouth when Madrigal walked in.

Acting like he didn’t see me, he walked on to his room and I shrugged before getting back to the food before me.

He didn’t come to join me at the dining table as always.

I left for my room after assisting Anthony with doing the dishes.

Hearing a knock at the door, I hopped out of bed to check who it was.

I was busy painting my nails and had grumbled at the possibility of them getting smeared during the process of opening the door since they were not yet dry.

It was madrigal at the door and he was holding about ten folded sheets in his hand. It looked like he just finished taking his shower as his hair was still wet a little causing them to stick together.

There was also the alluring and seductive scent of his body wash which could make a lady wish to remain in his embrace forever.

“Here.” He handed the sheets to me, bringing me out of my reverie.