Devil’s Bride Episode 47


Hazel’s p.o.v

I could tell that he was going to kiss me and I knew for sure that if I stayed any longer, I don’t trust myself to hold back from kissing him back if that was his intention.

“Umm, I’m pressed, I think I need to use the bathroom. Can’t hold it any longer.” I stepped away from him, before leaving for my room at a fast pace.


“So this way Mrs Madrigal” She prompted, leading the way to Mr Aston’s office, the owner of fashionista.

Vivian was the name of Mr Aston’s secretary who was sent to get me and lead me to his office.

It was the Monday I was to start work and since he had been informed beforehand he had her come to get me immediately I arrived there.

Mr Aston was a forty-four year old bachelor but with a youthful face and gait.

“Hazel!” He rose from his seat as he saw me enter.

He was at his desk with his apple laptop opened before him.

He walked briskly over to me with a bright smile on his face.

“Good morning Mr Aston.” I greeted.

He pulled me into a friendly and warm embrace on getting to where I was.

“Come sit.” He said after releasing me from the embrace.

We sat on separate chairs facing each other.

“Hope you slept well?” He asked, the smile not leaving his face.

“It was fine Sir.”

“No doubt. You are glowing. I’m happy to have you here at my company and you have such a good qualification. You are the type I want here at my company. I love team work, It had always been that way since I started this company, everyone relate freely with each other here and we are like a big family. I want you to further encourage team work at your department. Can I be assured you will do just that?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Will you like me to show you to your department now?”

“Sure Sir.” I replied.

“Let’s go.” He said.

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With this, we both rose to our feet while he led the way to the elevator.

“Hope you enjoyed your honeymoon? I was supposed to be at your wedding but I couldn’t make it, I was on a business trip. I will assure you, you got married to the right man.”

“I’m really lucky to have him.” I said.

Note the sarcasm

“He is a lucky man to have you too. If you are ever having any problem at your department, be free to tell me, I will be ready to do anything to help.” We both stepped out of the elevator on the third floor.

“And this…” We entered a large office.

“Is the customer service department.”

There were six medium size desk distant from each other and a large one at the far end of the room with the employees seated at their desk busy with work, the large desk vacant.

They stood up upon our entry.

“Good morning guys, this is Hazel, who is going to be your new head of department. I want you to be of good conduct.” He advised.

“Hazel, your desk is over there.” He pointed to the large desk that stood alone at the far end of the room.

“They are going to introduce themselves to you. I will leave you guys to do that.” He squeezed my arm a little before leaving.

They all crowded round me after he was gone.

“Hi, I’m Juliana.” The lady with a baby face whose blonde hair was pulled into two neat pigtails introduced.

“Catherine.” The plump lady among them introduced.

“Michael.” Introduced, the tall guy with hazel eyes.

“Mandy.” Introduced, the short lady with bold lips and red hair.

“Jameson.” Introduced, the average height guy with a mole on the side of his nose.

“And I’m Grace,” The last person to talk which was a lady with light brown eyes and a flat nose. I shook hands with them as they introduced themselves.

“Let me repeat your names so I don’t forget, this is Juliana, and this is Catherine, Michael, Mandy, Jameson and Grace.” I called their names while pointing at each individual.

“That’s right.” They chimed together.

“I love your eyes. They are beautiful.” Jameson commented.