Devil’s Bride Episode 36


Hazel’s p.o.v

I went about taking care of many things at a time and when I was finally done, all employees were already present on the second floor where the event was to take place.

The anniversary went well, but between the CEO and his dad, I had sensed a kind of tension.

His dad had aged a lot and his face held a frown while he discussed with him.

He happened to not be able to stay with us till the end of the program though due to his health issue.

Towards the end of the anniversary, one of the present guests, a man who looked like one in his 40s, who had his greying hair held in a ponytail at the back of his head rose up from his seat and walked over to where I was, at the back of the huge hall, standing alone as I watched the CEO who was making his closing speech.

“Hello there.” He greeted with a toothy smile, his Italian accent evident.

“Good afternoon Sir.” I greeted back politely, quite uneasy with the way he was grinning at me.

“Ah ah no, just call me Matteo. May I know your name?”

“I’m Hazel.” I answered hesitantly.

“Wow, nice name, suits your pretty face…” He paused with his eyes fixed on something behind me but since I was backing the hall, I couldn’t tell what he was staring at.

Curious, I turned around to look back.

It was madrigal still a little distance away but I could tell he was making his way over to where we were standing, he wasn’t even supposed to be through with his speech yet.

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“Hi there Mr Rossi, I hope you enjoyed the event.” He questioned with a smile that wasn’t on his face earlier.

“Yes, sure. A wonderful speech there.” Mr Rossi complimented with a burst of very boisterous laughter.

“That’s good to hear but Sir, if you don’t mind, there is something really urgent that I will like to discuss with my secretary here, right now.” At his words, the man’s hearty laughter died down.

“Go ahead.” He said finally with a look of disappointment before walking away to join the other departing guests.

While the man leave, his eyes didn’t leave his back until his exit.

With his eyes back on me, I looked at him expectantly hoping to know what he needed to discuss with me.

“Excuse me, I will be right back.” He said before making his way over to some of the guests.

He shook hands with some of them who left after that and discussed with some.

All this took up to about fifteen minutes before he finally made his way over back to where I was.

“Follow me.” He instructed before starting off towards the elevator.

What have I done this time?

Inside, the elevator, he pressed the 40th floor which was the company’s last floor and I couldn’t help wondering why we were going to the last floor and after we got out of the elevator, he led on to the rooftop.

At the rooftop, as we walked towards the edge, being met and refreshed by the cool breeze, my eyes went further to explore the beautiful view from there. I only remembered I was with my boss after a while, I couldn’t believe I totally forgot.

Who wouldn’t be carried away by such beautiful scenery from up here though being my first time at the rooftop at that.