Deception Episode 22


I sat in the office with his Excellency as we watched Justin and his Secretary in his office through the big screen. We had put secret monitors in his office that he didn’t know about the minute we discovered how intelligent he was.

‘What do you think we should do now?’ his Excellency asked

‘It’s time to take her down.’ I said with a tear at the corner of my eye

I had followed Justin when he left work, I knew sooner or later the truth would come to light and the last thing I wanted was our plans to be ruined. I hated how he loved his wife, I hated how happy they were. They were both intelligent and had the best of life. At first it was just jealousy, but then it turned into envy and malice. I wanted to have what they had, my marriage was a sham, a façade. People saw me happy but in actual sense I was falling apart slowly.

I was obsessed with everything about them, I knew I could never have the President to myself so the best way was to destroy them. I had tried more than once to ruin their marriage but it seems no matter how many times I tried they always found a way of getting back together.

I sat in the car waiting for him to leave the clinic, I pulled on my black shades and black gloves. I had told my investigator to remain inside and tell me exactly what was happening. I got that call saying he had his results, I drove to his house to end what I had started.

Felicia opened her door immediately I knocked, more like she was expecting someone.

‘Ma’am.’ She said surprised

‘Is it wrong for me to visit you?’ I asked her

‘I am just surprised because you have never stepped foot in my yard.’ She said

I wasn’t in no mood to entertain her, so right there and then I cornered her with my gun and moved her to the next room knowing Justin would be in soon.


I drove out of the clinic like a maniac, I was upset for the manipulation, the humiliation of not holding a child of my own. I was upset for the fact that I had kept Felicia in the dark, I was upset because I thought I had a problem when in actual sense the state was killing me slowly.

I got home and straight away started looking for my wife.

‘Felicia!’ I called out like a mad man

‘Felicia’. I called out again.

‘Look at what we have here.’ Wane said when she appeared with a gun to Felicia’s head

I could see that Felicia was scared, she had eye bags under her eyes which showed that she had been crying for a long time.

‘Let her go Wane.’ I commanded

‘I can see this little toy doesn’t scare you.’ She said as she licked her gun

‘Sit!’ she ordered Felicia

She obliged and sat down as tears started streaming down her face.

‘You thought you were clever right, you thought you were going to come here and tell your wife how bad the state is? Tell her that we are evil people because we took away the only thing that would have completed you as a family?’ Wane asked

I looked at her as if calculating my words wisely

‘Answer me d–n it!’ she commanded with fury now

‘What exactly do you want from us?’ I finally managed to ask

‘Are you just stupid or pretending to be?’ she asked her gun still on Felicia’s head

‘Put that gun down Wane.’ I told her knowing I couldn’t reason with her

‘And you think if I put it down I won’t come back for her? For the both of you?’ she asked before laughing

‘Tell her now.’ She said again when I didn’t respond

‘Tell her what?’ I asked her

‘Tell her that you don’t love her, tell her that you used her to get into the system, tell her about the vasectomy!’ she ordered

‘The what?’ Felicia managed to speak out

‘Babe listen.’ I began

‘Oh please, just tell her the truth Justin.’ Wane ordered again

I kept quite without saying a word

‘Is it true?’ Felicia asked her voice in a low tone

‘Babe I can explain.’ I told her

‘There is nothing to explain, this man doesn’t love you. He never did.’ Wane said hysterically

She got some files and threw them at Felicia, if he is not willing to talk how about I show you how much of a loving husband he is.

She got the papers with her trembling hands and the tears couldn’t stop running.

‘Justin but why?’ she asked when she closed them

‘Why have you chosen to disgrace me in this way? Why have you chosen to add insult to injury?’ she asked again

‘Babe you know how the system is, I had to let go of one of my weaknesses if I had to work for them. I was young and ambitious, I was determined to make something out of my life.’ I said now settling into the nearest couch

‘And me? How do I fit into this equation? Is this true?’ she asked

‘I was told to bring down your cousin, the only way was to get close to you. But I swear baby I fell in love with you. I swear everything has been true.’ I told her softly

‘Take me down now, I am ready to meet my mother.’ Felicia said

‘Babe we can work this out.’ I pleaded

‘Now Wane.’ She ordered

Wane cocked her gun and pulled the trigger. The last thing I heard was a loud blast, the only thing I saw was blood everywhere. Some splashed on my face and I smelt it, fresh raw blood.

‘No!!’ I finally managed to scream as I moved towards where Felicia was, a darkness clouding me.