Dear Mum



I have decided to talk to you, to let you know my feelings. I want to know why you did it. My story is short. I have stayed inside you for only three months. I was very comfortable and warm. I felt really protected. I know you are a special person because I ate the food you ate. I longed for the day I would see your face. Nine months was a long time to wait, but I was determined to wait. I had to be patient.

One day I heard you converse with a man about me, and at some stage you quarreled. The man then offered you some money to get rid of me. I was happy and prayed that this meant that I would at least see you, the only person that I knew in the world: I was wrong. I had almost forgotten the issues until I felt something sharp pierce my tiny ear. I jerked silently and in pain, and asked you to protect me.

Seconds later the object came, fiercer than before. My tiny body was cut up, starting from the ears then arms and legs. It was an agonizing experience, my head was then cut off and I died. It took me a whole hour to die, a whole hour for an innocent three months human being to be murdered. I remember the whole incidence vividly and I keep asking myself, what I did to deserve that cruel death? Why me? Why did you do it to me? And why was I not given a chance to live?

I know you are having a lot of nightmares. You remain guilty for the beastly act. Please explain to your God why you committed the heinous act. Personally I have forgiven you though I never lived to see your face. My journey to back to my creator was safe and I arrived safely. I was given a red carpet welcome by an angel. I am infact, without bitterness. I still love you mum

Your Unborn Baby.


Just wondering, how many people will consider abortion if the act actually kills the mother and leaves the unborn child safe and sound? Of course some cases of abortion results in death. But will people attempt abortion if for a fact, all abortions lead to the dying of the mother and the saving of the life of the child?

The issue of abortion is a very pathetic one. There is a lot of injustice going on in the world today. The injustice is wilder when one consider the issue of abortion. I recently read that Gerald Ortega of Contra Costa, CA, was sentenced to 5yrs imprisonment in May 2010 for killing a dog (Retrieved from: voicesforpets). Now here is the injustice:

If somebody can be sentenced to at least 5yrs imprisonment for killing ‘just’ a dog, and under the same jurisdiction, people and doctors perform abortion (destroying a human life) and go scot free without any persecution, or charges of any kind? Then I am sorry to say that something is not going right. We as a people, a nation and a world, is making a wrong prioritization which God is not happy about.

I am not by any means justifying animal cruelty, No! The point, however, which I intend making, is that, both animal killings and abortions are murders which require at least equal attention. 

The same laws that abhor animal cruelty and send offenders to jail should also be able to recognize abortion as a murder because that is what it is. All the arguments by doctors who approve abortion appear very invalid upon a second thought. Imagine if abortion had been legalized in most countries about 100 years ago. A whole chunk of the world’s population we see today would not have been born. As a matter of fact, a good number of those doctors who justify and performs abortion would have had no place in this world.


It is very pathetic how people, who thinly escaped the doctor’s life andtools, have grown up to be pro-abortion campaigners and advocates. Lord have mercy. In writing this article, I took the pains to research on one prominent pro-abortionist who is a minister in Ghana. To my utmost amazement, Ifound this minister was born when his mother was just eighteen years old. Imagine the trauma and humiliation that an eighteen years old pregnant girl was likely to face way back in the 1960s. There is a good chance that the young girl would have aborted her unborn child if abortion was legalized at the time. Today this man who escaped abortion back in the 1960s because of its illegality raised the motion to support  abortion in Our country

Young women, mostly teens, and women in their twenties, are the most people that perform abortion nowadays. Lives are being destroyed, dreams shuttered and destinies are prevented from unfolding. Children are said to be the future leaders. If this is true, and I believe it is, then why are unborn children made to suffer the doctor’s knife at a stage and hour of their lives where they cannot fight for themselves. This is cruelty; abortion is murder, gruesome murder, if you ask me.

I recently learned about a young couple who wanted to abort their unborn child. The doctor had said the child will post great danger to the mother at birth, and proposed that the only way out was for the child to be aborted. These young couple heeded to the doctor’s advice and had taken the decision to kill their unborn child. But the LORD intervened. They met a Christian doctor at the hospital who gave them a godly advice. They resolved to keep the pregnancy in spite of the danger predicted by the first doctor. Few months later, the mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The child became their greatest joy and they became very fond of her.

The young couple loved their daughter when she was finally born, the same child they wanted to abort. Truth is, there’s no difference between the unborn child and the baby. It is the same living organism at different stages of development. 


It is not common to see people in their right minds killing their own children. Why? It is because such act is considered murder and punishable by law. However, people commit abortion and do not even realize they are committing murder. After all, many jurisdictions do not recognize abortion as murder. How sad. Innocent children are being killed every day, every hour and every minute through abortion and we sit and watch, and say nothing. We need no religion to tell us abortion is murder. Abortion is a gruesome murder and we as a people ought to stand up against it.

Each human being in this world is unique. No two people are the same. That is why we all have different thumbprints to reveal to us how unique we are. It’s sickening how millions of unique children are denied the chance of coming into this world to live their unique lives simply because they had to face abortion.

It is time for change. You and I can bring a great change. Let’s tell the world to stop abortion. Decide today to stand up against abortion. Talk to friends and family about the need to stand up against abortion. Life is a free gift and no one should be denied living it. LET’S STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, LET’S STAND UP AGAINST  ABORTION!


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