Dear Guys



  When a girl loves, she loves for real. When she loves you, she becomes happy, she becomes proud of you and she feels happy when talking to you.

  She will be friend with your friends and relatives, your likes will be her likes, she will change her life style to fit in yours.
No matter how much you disappoint her, she will forgive you before you apologise, yes she loves you.

  She will try to be a little bit jealous and protective, because she wants you to be hers and only hers.

  Her boyfriend will now become her EX because all her future will be in your hands.

  She will reject all proposals from other boys,No matter how far or near you are, she will protect herself for you.

  She will like everything you post on Facebook no matter how stupid it is, retweet everything you tweet on twitter and will instantly reply to all ur messages on WhatsApp or Facebook, She won’t mind, whether you give her Money or not, whether you are rich or not, because her interest in you is your future not what you are now.

  She will show you all her friends and relatives, because she’s proud of you! Look at that girl, her heart is made of Gold, so precious and full of love.

  She deserves to be treated as a queen but this bastard (some guys) after making her love you whole heartedly, after making her waste her time on you, after making her reject on other guys who would have been useful to her, and after all, having let her show you to everyone she knows that you are the ONE, Now you’re leaving her, leaving her broken hearted, guys whom she rejected because of you are going to laugh at her, her friends and relatives will ask.


  All she could do is to sit put her head on her knees, cry as if there is no tomorrow.

  Cry endlessly because she loved you endlessly.

  Guys, don’t make that girl regret why she loved you.

  Don’t make others laugh at her. Fulfill your promises to her, if she wronged you, give her a second chance, everyone deserves a second chance.

  Know that she is a human not God so she can never be perfect!.

Source: Relationship Talk
Image credit: Poka Art