“Dance In The Graveyard” chapter 6 Final


General Yaro, Mr Jones.

I was in the confusion of joining or not joining the terrorist. But as soon as I remembered how Rose was crying on the phone, I knew I had no choice. I was waiting for anyone of them to contact me so as to tell them my decision. I waited for about two hours, after which I received a call

Me: “hello”

Unknown: “so have you decided?”

Me: “I don’t think I have a choice now”.

Unknown: “Good. There are just three steps to join us.

1. Write a resignation letter and put it in your commandant’s tent”.

Me: “but my commandant is dead”.

Unknown: “I know already. Have you forgotten quickly that we were the ones who shot the fool. I told you before, you can never defeat us, you are just trying.

2. Pack all your things in the camp and stay with it in your tent.

3. Just lie on the ground with your head facing down and leave any other thing for us to handle and this should be done in 15 minutes.

Your time starts now”

*ends the call* I actually did what I was instructed to do in the exact way. As I was on the ground I heard footsteps towards me and the person used a object I don’t know to hit me.

That all I knew until I was woken up in a dark and big room. When I became conscious, I saw so many hefty men wearing military uniforms. After which I noticed a man sitting on big wooden chair, under a source of light. It was a big surprise to me that it was the General himself. I mean General Idowu. As soon as I recognised him, I was shocked and he noticed. And he started talking;

General Idowu: “look my boy, don’t be surprise its me. Yes its me. Are you still surprised? Wait do you think anyone else can trouble the military when I’m not in support? Well let me tell you my reason; I have friends everywhere. They produce weapons. How will they eat if they don’t sell them? How will they sell them if there is no demand? And where will demand the come from when everywhere is at peace. My boy there should be war, so that some people like us can be billionaires. Look here, as soon as I acquire all I want for myself, there will be an end to everything.

I’m not alone in this. I have someone very exciting show you…. *lanre come out from the dark to the light spot* we know you to be very intelligent and skilled right from the Academy, that’s why we purposely made lanre your best friend so that he will make it easy for us to convince you. And don’t forget your fiancee. So you can see, you don’t really have a choice than to just join us.

If you join us, you will be collecting 25 percent of very profit we make. If you don’t, we will kill your fiancee right in front of you and punish you till you die yourself. So you have just a few minutes to decide”

I didn’t have any other option than to join them. Papers were brought to me to sign some agreements pertaining to my membership and the profit I will be making. As I was about to sign with the pen Major-General Yaro Yusuf gave to me, I noticed a dull red light blinking on top of the pen. As a military intelligence, I know what that means, that’s definitely a tracker. Major Yaro knew nothing about it and he knows something like this is going to happen.

I knew a rescue was going to happen but how? I don’t know. All of them went away thinking I will sign the docu-ment immediately. I switched on the phone Major gave to me, a text message was already there waiting. And it says “I know where you are now, don’t say anything until I get there -Musa Yusuf”. I knew already that a fight is going to happen.

I was already tired of all the threats and all that was happening at that moment. Suddenly, the led of the pen became green and so bright. Tear gas was released through the window. Someone forcefully opened the door. “Stand down Richard”. I knew it was Major Musa already. I ran out of the place and armed myself. Everywhere was so quiet as if I was the only one in that building.

Suddenly, bullets were coming from the dark, we took over immediately. One of the reinforcement died immediately. With all anger, we unleashed explosives inside the building and we ran out. We brought down the building. Many of the other guys died and we opened fire and killed all of them until it remained the General who was injured already.

Major: Idowu, what a man you are. I heard all you said through the pen, which was not just a tracker but also a little walkie-talkie. Because of your selfish interest, you threatened my life and family. I will give you my last honour with my bullet. And to you Richard, thank you for making the pen your best friend because Lanre is not.

The Major shot Gen. Idowu dead. The president himself was told about how everything happened. Major Musa became the new chief of Army staff and I was also promoted to be a senior officer at lagos. I told you I would tell you my location. Well, I’m presently preparing for my wedding now and Rose is here with me. Wish us well. Thanks for time and bye bye

***THE END***



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