“Dance In The Graveyard” chapter 4


“Don’t go further” I woke up the following morning, something strange happened. There was no one in the tent with me. At first I was terrified until I heard the sound of marching men, then I knew those were my colleagues.

“I did not join the drill this morning, I’m in trouble” I was thinking about this on my mat when I notice someone was standing in the tent with me. I got up quickly and to my surprise it was the Major.

“Morning sir” I greeted him.

“Go back to your mat and continue your rest, I purposely told them not to disturb you because I know you were the mastermind of yesterday’s attack against the terrorists. I know you will be very tired. But my boy, don’t go beyond your capability. You are just a young soldier”.

He said all these without allowing me to say a word. He left. I didn’t understand what he was talking about. I was thinking that day was a bonus day for me but that day was the start of trouble. I was about going back to my sleep when I notice my phone has been operated by someone else. And that was the time I understood what he was talking about.

He saw all I did about him on my phone. What will a spoon do when a hungry man is ready to eat than to obey to direction of the mouth. What can a young soldier like me do to a Major? I knew already that I was in a mess. How can I clean it up? Our superb work in that area became a worldwide story, congratulatory and encouraging words were coming from everywhere. I personally receive more than one hundred messages daily.

I was really proud of my job and myself. The moment that thrilled me the most was when the chief of Army staff, General John Idowu came to our camp with press men to celebrate us.

“I am really impressed with this set of soldiers, you are fresh and gallant. I respect your tenacity and I salute your courage. Listen to me and listen good, as a vibrant soldier that will want to become what I am today, do not let anything stop you from discharging your duties effectively to this nation. Thank you” that was the General.

We applauded him after his wonderful speech. The general allowed questions from soldiers. My colleagues were asking different questions, I was actually thinking if I should ask my question. I summed up courage and I raised my hands.

“Sir, what if there is a spy among us that is trying to stop the attack again the terrorists, what can we do?” I asked. There was a coincidental silence for a few seconds after which the general answered

“soldiers have sworn an oath, so I don’t think there can be something like that”. I was still not convinced but I kept quiet and sat down.

Is the General also into this conspiracy? Who knows. I was really in a deep blue sea. Lanre and I became so close that he knows all most everything about my fiancee and I know his too. We talk about them almost every night

“That your babe dey gan oo” he will always joke with me. I told Lanre about everything I have been facing secretly with the Major.

“Listen, everyone of us knows that already but how are you going to hold him responsible. You better step back” lanre said.

“Probably that’s what I will do. I can’t risk my life” I responded. I was about sleeping when I received a call

Me: hello

Unknown: leave that premises

Me: who is this?

Unknown: you will know me when you leave the premises.

I took my gun, as soon as I left my tent, I was apprehended by three hefty men and I was taken to a van that is quite far from camp. I was blindfolded, I couldn’t shout nor do anything. When I got inside the van and I could see the man who was talking to me. It was the General, then I became relaxed a bit.

General: hello young man, you should know me by now.

Me: yes sir.

General: what’s your name?

Me: Richard sir.

General: about the question you asked the other day, tell me more about it

Me: there is nothing sir.

General: don’t be afraid, I know you know something, so tell me.

I told him everything about what I saw about Major Musa Yusuf.

Me: sir, I wouldn’t mind if I can get a transfer sir.

General: I will not do that. What will be the reason for me transferring a young soldier that has not used up to a year. I will support you. Just tip me on all your moves. these words were encouraging.

This afternoon will be another day to tell you more about my dance.

to be continued


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