Adzo” The Untamed Season 1 Episode 2



Sekina was observing with keen interest in whatever was going on. So far, everything went in her favor.

“Master, I beg of you, its Aziz” She lied.

“I thought as much” Mr. Abdul said “Adzo as much as I still need your services here, I can’t keep you neither can I sell you to any of my traders.”

“Master, Please don’t send me away, I have nowhere to go” Adzo pleaded.

“Adzo, you are of no use to me now, am giving you till tomorrow morning to pack your things and leave my yard. Get out of my site right away” Mr. Abdul said.

Adzo dares not to plead again. What her master had said was final and she had no option than to comply. She then went into her hut and began packing her stuff.

Sekina had gotten what she wanted. She knew that with the absence of Adzo, she would surely end up winning the favor of her master and eventually become one of his wives.

Early the next morning Adzo set off. Not knowing where she was going. she had no food just a bottle of water. A young girl already exposed to the hardship of life.

She kept walking with the thoughts running through her mind. She had a different perception about life due to the nature she was brought up.

To Adzo, in life its either you are destined to be poor or wealthy and she just found herself at the former where she was destined to dine with the poor.

Hunger and tiredness sets in. She was weak and couldn’t move on anymore. The sun was setting and she needed a place to pass the night. Adzo heard the cars passing by from a distance. A sigh of relief. At least, if she could get closer to where the sound came from, she may be able to get to a town nearby where she can spend the night.

This renewed her strength to carry on. Adzo walked faster to where the sound came from and soon she came to a road side. She wasn’t familiar with how the road looked. It was tiled with tar and a white markings divided the road equally into two.

All her life, she had grown up in a town where vehicles only came to their village to deliver food items and vegetables. The roads leading to her little town was in a deplorable state, untarred and unpleasantly damaged by erosion.

Upon seeing it, she was amazed; she quickly dropped her bottle of water and her tattered bag to have a feel of it. She then knelt on it and with her hands she began to feel the hardness of the road.

“What is this” She asked herself.

“A hard ground with no sand or even a plant on it. You can’t even tell where it comes from or where its leads to” She kept exploring the road.

“Maybe, this will be a perfect place for me to spend the night.” She said and quickly laid her cloth on it and slept there in the middle of the road.

GOD HAVE MERCY. Ignorance at its peak. Meanwhile, Mr. Abdul noticed that Adzo had left his yard and you could tell that her presence was really needed there. The whole yard looked unkempt and dirty. Mr. Abdul thought that Sekina would have performed Adzo’s duty until he finds someone to replace her.

Within this short absence of Adzo, everything in Mr. Abdul’s yard really looked disorganized. Sekina on the other hand was pleased that she now had no competitor. Adzo who seemed to be a threat to her was out of the way for good. All she hoped for was to climb the ladder and become one of the Mr. Abdul’s wives. At least, she knew this would socially upgrade her from being a servant to a mistress.

Mr. Abdul didn’t like the way things were moving but he felt it was too early to complain. It’s even less than a day since Adzo left, perhaps Sekina would surely attend to it by the end of the day. Mr. Abdul thought.

Aziz on the other remained in the confinement of Mr. Abdul even after Adzo had lied that he was the one responsible for her pregnancy. He was left unpunished, just because he is a male. They never regarded women to be more than just helpers and vessels for baby making.

Adzo had finished laying her cloth in the middle of the road and was getting ready to lie down. She used her tattered bag as pillow and placed her head on it right there in the middle of the road.

Night had fallen and the stars shown bright as she lay down and kept starring at them in deep thoughts.

“Where will I go in the morning” She asked herself.

She began feeling sleepy. Before she could close her eyes, she got distracted by a vehicle horn. She got frightened and stood up to see where the car was coming from.

At that point in time, all she saw was a car coming towards her at top speed.