“Dance In The Graveyard” chapter 3


“Who taught you to behave like bloody civilians. Are you foolish? Who asked you to say any word to anybody? If anybody is trying to prove stubborn, why can you shoot?” He asked all these angrily.

“Shoot to kill sir?” Lanre asked.

“Yes, shoot to kill I said” the Major replied.

He ordered us out of his tent when he was through ranting on us. The hatred of man began to grow in my heart. I was beginning to suspect something about him. what I was suspecting, I don’t really know but I knew something must be wrong about the man. But will a soldier do than to obey orders.

I didn’t know what to do. Training continued, vote supervision continued also for about one week. Until another when we were all alerted that this time, the terrorists were coming with war thugs (military vehicles). This time there was no fear.

Apart from handling ammunitions, we were also trained to be military intelligence. That day was great, col. Yaro shot just one bazuka (missile launcher) and all of their vehicles were destroyed, all other surviving terrorists were shot dead in no time. That particular operation took us about one hour.

As the normal tradition, we celebrated in the evening of that day as usual but this time the Major was not present. “Go and call the Major to join us in this celebration, he should be in his tent” col. Yaro ordered. As I was approaching his tent, I was hearing a different language. I peeped to check who it was, it was definitely the Major.

That language is never a Hausa language, it sounds like a foreign language. While I was thinking about all this, I suddenly heard

“who is that?” That was the Major.

“I was asked to call…….” He didn’t allow me to finish my statement.

“Shut up! I’m coming! Now go away.”

Now I’m really convinced that there is something wrong about him. We continued our celebration and ended when we were all tired. In my tent, I couldn’t sleep and I don’t know why. So I was just surfing the internet, checking facebook, instagram and other social media to while away time and to know what is happening in the outside world, after being in the camp for more than three months.

After doing all these I couldn’t sleep still, my mind went straight to search about Major Musa Yusuf. Google brought out some interesting thing about him but there was a part of my screen that redirected me to another page.

to be continued


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