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Pablo Goes To See Esmeralda At Mrs. Rita’s House To Ask Her About Why She Decides To Break Up With Him After All The Promises They Made To Each Other Before He Travelled To The United Kingdom (U.K). He Reaches There Only To See Mr. Domenico Opening The Door For Him After He Had Knocked On The Door. Pablo Demanded That He Call Esmeralda For Him But Mr. Domenico Ask His Reason For Seeking For His (Domenico) Wife. And Just At The Mentioning Of Wife Pablo Gets Angry And Yells At Mr. Domenico To Stop Dreaming Because Esmeralda Will Never Get Married To A Man Of His (Domenico) Because He Is Not Her Taste At All.

Domenico Then Tells Pablo That, Whether He Likes It Or Not Esmeralda Has Gotten Over Him And Therefore Is Warning Pablo Not To Get Closer To His Wife Ever Again. Pablo After Listening To All This From Domenico And Mrs. Rita, He Leaves Them A Message To Be Delivered To Esmeralda Which Is; They Should Tell Her That He Says He Was Never Worth Of His Love. Whiles Pablo Set On His Way To Go Take His Car Back Home, He Sees Esmeralda From A Bit Far Distance And Quickly Esmeralda Also Spots Him And Shouts Loud To Call His Name But Pablo Was Quite Hurt Of The Words From Domenico And Didn’t Even Stand To Listen To What Esmeralda Has To Say To Him Rather He Runs Quickly To Take His Car And Drives Off And Esmeralda Continues To Run After The Car Pleading With Pablo Not To Leave Her Alone And She Cries Painfully.

Esmeralda Comes Home To Inform Jarocha That Pablo Saw Her But She Can’t Understand Why He Runs Away. Jarocha Then Ask Esmeralda If She Is Actually Surprise At Pablo’s Attitude And That It Is Hard Time Esmeralda Gets Convinced That Pablo Is Not Man Enough And That He Is Always Seen As A Coward. Esmeralda Quickly Gets Up From The Ground And Tells Jarocha That, She Has To Go See Pablo To Speak To Him To Tell Him That They Have Two Children But Jarocha Begs Her Not To Go To That House Because They Are Capable Of Calling The Police To Arrest Her.


Esmeralda Then Tells Her That, She Doesn’t Care A Bit About That Because Pablo Has To Give His Sir Name To His Children And She Has Every Right To Demand From Him And She Doesn’t Give A Damn If Their Marriage Was Annulled By His Parents.

Jaroch Asks Her To Have Some Pride And Forget About Pablo But Esmeralda Still Insist On Doing It Because This Is Not About Her But Its About Her Children Therefore She Has To Fight For Them, Give Them A Father, And Even Though She Doesn’t Want To Take Anything That Is Not Her But On The Other Hand She Has To Give Her Children What Belongs To Them So That They Will Not Be Denied Of A Sir Name.

Silencioso’s Counsellor Continue To Process The Papers For The Arres To Agustin Martinez And Agustin Still Find It Difficult To Believe The Fact That Silencioso’s Counsellor Always Succeed At Every Step They Take And It Continues To Bother Him A Lot Since His End Is Gradually Coming. Whiles Agustin Keeps On Talking On The Phone To His Lawyer, Lorenza Walks In To Ask Him To Speack To Pablo Since He Is Behaving Very Strange After Returning From Wherever He Came From. Agustin Answers Her Not To Worry Him About Pablo’s Troubles, He Has A Problem At Hand To Solve Which Day In And Out Every day His Enemy Silncioso Keeps On Haunting Him With His Closeness And He Wishes To Die Than To Have Him Destroy Him.

Mariano Goes To Talk To Pablo In His Room Why On Earth He Refuses To Talk To Anyone. Pablo Explains The Detailed About What He Witness With His Eyes After Going To See Esmeralda At Her House And What The Italian Told Him About His Marriage To Her And Their Children. Mariano Ask Pablo Not To Believe Those Words From Domenico And Concentrate On Settling Their Differences If Not He Is Going To Regret Later On But Pablo Tells Mariano That He Never Going To Regret It Because Now He Despises Esmeralda With His Whole Heart.


Mariano Quickly Replies Him That If He Is To Consider All The Things He Did To Esmeralda When He Went There To See Her And Even Pretenting Not To Hear Her Calling And Running After Him Not To Leave Him Alone But Stil He Did, It Means Pablo Doesn’t Deserve Her At All Because Esmeralda Is A Good Person And Has Dignity And Will Never Marry That Domenico.

Pablo Jumps into Anger and Shout at Mariano Not To Say That Because It Is Rather Esmeralda Who Doesn’t Deserve Him. For That Reason He Is Going To Get Married To Monica To Take Esmeralda Out Of His Heart. Whiles the Conversation Is Ongoing, Monica Was Eavesdropping and She Over hears Pablo’s Declaration about going to marry her, so She Grows into Great Excitement. Silencioso Invites Esmeralda and Jarocha over to His House and When They Keep on Charting, Esmeralda Spots Pablo at Their House Standing at Silencioso’s House. Quickly She Runs Down To Pablo’s House to Confront Him and Indeed He Put Pablo at His Place with Great Insults and Even Extended It to Monica and Pablo’s Parents.


Silencioso And Damian Couldn’t Help It Standing To Seeing Esmeralda Alone In That House So The Two Of Them Join Esmeralda There To Defend Her. Immediately Agustin Sets His Eyes On Silencioso, He Became Dumbfounded And Wishes To Die At Ones. Lorenza Enquires From Him Why He Stood Speechless Whem Those Brats Came Here, And He Tells Her That, That Man (Silencioso) And That Face Looks Very Familiar And He Is Very Sure That He Is The Man He Put In Prison For Over Twenty Years and if it is Fernando Dela Senta Cruz then they are completely ruin. Stay tuned to tonight’s Episode at 8:00pm! Watch the Repeat every afternoon at 2:30 pm, and on every Sunday from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.

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