Coming Up Tonight On La Gata Episode 25 On UTV 21th May 2015


In today’s episode, Silensioso Pays Esmeralda And Jarocha A Surprise Visit And They Welcome Him Greatly Even Though Very Astonished. Silencioso Disclosed To Esmeralda That, He Came Purposely To Speak To Her Since He Truly Understands The Predicaments She Is Going Through. Jarocha Quickly Jumped Into The Conversation To Say A Big Thanks To Mr. Silencioso For Saying That Because Esmeralda Is Almost Dying Of Hunger Since There Is Nothing For Her To Eat. Esmeralda Felt Ashamed And Asked Jarocha To Shut Up But Mr. Silencioso Told Her Not Feel Bad Because He’s Passed Through Such Situation Before And He Wants To Give Her The Affection She Needs From A Father And Also Give Her Great Future.


He Then Narrated The Story Of His Dead Wife And Lost Daughter To Her And After Insists That Esmeralda Move In With Him To Stay In His House But She Still Refused As She Thinks That She And Her Children Are Going To Be Of Great Burden To Silencioso. He Then Told Esmeralda That He Wants Transform Her Into A Queen So That She And Pablo Could Be On Equal Class Or Stature And When Pablo Sees That, He Will Come Crawling At Her Feet Begging Her To Forgive Him But Esmeralda Believes All Hope Is Lost Between Her And Pablo After What Has Transpired Between Them Therefore She Should Forget About Pablo And Allow Him Move On With His (Pablo) Life.

Ines Sees Garabato Flirting With A Lady Right Beside The Railway At The Garbage Dumb And Quickly She Goes There To Beat The Girl Up Severely And Garabato Stands To Watch Them Fight For A While Before Separating Them. Ines Warned the Girl Not to Ever Invade in Someone’s Property If Not She Is Going to kill her on the Next Attempt. Garabato Then Pronounces A Break Up Between Ines And Him To Ines And Says To Her That; He Can No Longer Continue A Relationship With A Lady Who Is Always Jealous.


Monica Calls Lorenza To Declare Her Great Happiness About Pablo’s Proposal To Her And How She Is Going To Be The Good Wife To Him As Everyone Wishes For Him. Lorenza Then Inform Her That They Are Going To Start The Wedding Preparation In A Few Days And Monica Jumps Into Extra Ordinary Joy. Mrs. Merche Visits Esmeralda And She Advised Her Not To Give Heed To Mr. Silencioso’s Proposal Of Asking Her To Come Stay With Him So They Both Take Revenge On The Martinez Family Because Generally, In Revenge A Person Is Avenged But On The Other Hand Too, The Person Gets Hurt In The Process. Lorenza Asks Mariano To Go Dash Esmeralda Some Money To Stop Her From Pursuing Pablo So That Pablo Will Also Have His Peace Of Mind And Mariano Accepts And He Goes To See Esmeralda Not Purposely For What His Mother Ask Him To Do Rather He Goes There To Do It To Make Up For All The Despicable Things His Family Has Done To Esmeralda.

Mariano Goes To See Esmeralda And Takes A Look At The Children And He Declares It Right Before Esmeralda That The Little Boy Resembles Pablo. He Then Insists That Esmeralda Takes The Money He Is Offering Her But Refuses And Walk Him Out Asking Him Not To Ever Return Again And She Tells Him That She Regret Ever Having Children Carrying The Blood Of The Martinez Niglitez Family.


Garabato Go Back To Ines To Ask Her To Forgive Him For All The Wrongs And Ines Accepts. Silencioso To Visit Esmeralda For The Second Time Coincidentally Meets With Mrs. Rita At Esmeralda’s House And She (Mrs. Rita) Begins Destroying Her (La Gata) To Silencioso And Jarocha Who Detested How Mrs. Rita Was Disgracing Esmeralda, Also Reveals To Mr. Silencioso All The Maltreatment Mrs. Rita Has Putting Esmeralda Through Since Her Childhood Till That Time.

The Mere Hearing Of Mrs. Rita’s Name Strikes Silencioso And He Quickly Excused Them And Rushed To His House To Ask Damian The Name Of The Woman Who Raised Esmeralda And Damian Mentioned Mrs. Rita’s Name. Silencioso Then Says to Damian that, the Name Reminds Him of a Woman Who Was At Her Wife’s Side When She Died, The One Who Took His Daughter. He Then Sits Damian Down And Ask Him To Tell Him Everything He Knows About Mrs. Rita And Esmeralda. After Damian’s Description, Silencioso Starts To Share Tears And Tells Damian That, Esmerala Could Possibly Be The Daughter He Is Looking For If Only Mrs. Rita Says That Her Mother Was An Artist And A Singer According To Damian’s Story.


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