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Mariano invites Pablo to a restaurant for them to discuss about the tragedy that is about to befall their family. He starts by telling Pablo that, Esmeralda laid up a trap for him so that he can be near her for she and Mr. Silencioso to corner their family, and in case Pablo do not know, Mr. Silencioso is reopening the case that has been put away on the shares for many years now and that man he is talking about is Esmeralda’s protector and he is their father’s enemy, therefore Pablo should stay away from Esmeralda. Pablo then told Mariano that, he can’t possibly do what he is asking since he love Esmeralda with all of his heart and the only reason why he didn’t immediately look for Esmeralda was only to find a job and look after Esmeralda. Mariano then continues to pressure Pablo that, he doesn’t know what to say to him for him to understand what he is trying to make it known to him and the problem is, that man they are talking about was imprisoned for 20years and the lawyer who was responsible for putting him there was their dad Agustin and so that man hates their family terribly and he is more than willing to finish their father and the one who might end up in prison is their dad but the only way Pablo can help in saving their family is to get married to Monica. Pablo after listening to Mariano still stands on his case that he is never going sacrifice his love this time around anything but also on the other hand he becomes a little bit confused upon thinking about the problem his family is about to face.


Monica’s parents advised her to have a rethink about getting married to Pablo since they just discovered that the Martinez Negrete’s family is just using them to solve up lift their image again since they are only about to fall. Monica still insists and tells her parents that what they are asking her is impossible since she really adores Pablo so much therefore she is not going to cancel the wedding. Her father then ask her if she finds it so difficult to understand that, what they are asking her to do is about the good future they want for her and which is why he doesn’t want her to get married to Pablo Martinez Negrete because she cannot get married to a man who are just about to go down to the drain but Monica never adhere to her parent’s plea and ask them not to force her to do what is contrary to her feelings.

Pablo comes home after he had spoken with Mariano to tell his mother that he is going to call Monica to talk to him about his real feeling and may be after their chart Monica herself will understand and break up their engagement by herself and Lorenza felt very disturbed about Pablo’s statement.

Mariano stands outside of their house and he tells himself that, he is an unforgivable swine, with no values and no dignity. He then ask Pablo to forgive him for throwing him into the hands of a woman where he will never be able to find true love with and with her, he will live the rest of his life with her unhappily. He again say to himself ones again that, he is very sorry but he had no choice since he is also in love with Esmeralda, and he do love her as much as Pablo does and he never stop thinking about her day and night of his thought and the only way for him to be able to get closer to her is for Pablo to start a life with Monica and with he will have every right to get in touch with Esmeralda.

Pablo goes to see Mariano and he tells him that, he has had a second thought of what he told him after he has decided not to see Esmeralda ever again and is surely going to get married to Monica to save their family. But after he asked Mariano a question that, if indeed that is the right thing for him to do then why does he feel so bad and Mariano tells him that, pain is not forever because it will surely go and become a pass in his life.


Jarocha goes to the market and she gets hold of a newspaper bearing the upcoming wedding between Pablo and Monica and she brings it to the house to read it to the hearing of Esmeralda and she gets actually worried and she dies inside her and quickly she collapses. But Jarocha does everything possible and she was able to revive Esmeralda back to life. Jarocha then told Esmeralda not to worry at all because even after Pablo has gotten married with Monica, he is never going to be happy with her. Jarocha after consoling Esmeralda, she goes quickly to confront Pablo about why he has decided to ruin the life of Esmeralda and seriously, she put Pablo in his place as he deserves.


Mrs. Rita falls sick severely and so Esmeralda was informed and she also tells the problem to Mr. Silencioso and they arranged for an ambulance to take her to the hospital. On the hospital bed Mrs. Rita thinking she was going to die, he made the whole truth known to Esmeralda about she and Agustin being the obstacle between Pablo and him and this was after Jarocha has told her that Pablo is about getting married to Monica. She them made a recording of everything and Jarocha quickly rushed to see Pablo and asked him to listen to video to know the whole truth about their separation.

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