Beyond My Heart EPISODE 1


A happy family is every child’s dream,I wish for nothing else in life because I had almost everything a child like me can wish for.I have a loving and rich parents and an adorable little brother which made a perfect family .Although I ain’t with them ,I felt their presence every single day.I guess u are wondering where I am, I was sent Abroad with my nanny at the age of 4 to start schooling there and so I m used to the Over sea life.Here in UK, I wasn’t lonely cos I have lot of Ghanaian friends,spendy ,Tracy and Kendrick.

There were all Ghanaian kids but i was mostly with Kendrick cos he is the only one who understands and makes me smile always. We being the only blacks among the many white wasnt easy to deal with ,looking at how they look down on us but our intelligency gave us a little rise on them.I could remember how our white tutor could call either Kendrick or I to come help solve questions for the whole class.We were use to the kind of life there and so ignored all the criticism about being black.

Every night before I go to bed I will video talk with my parents and lil brother in Ghana which made me less miss them.Thanks to Kendrick and my nanny with spendy and some few white mates, my 13 birthday was successful, I sat at one of the corner watching my friends party, I was missing my family cos at least my dad would have given me some package…

Kendra ?A voice from the crowd called me.I turned to see kendrick with a cup of ice cream,with his dimple cheek smile .Happy birthday .He said handling the cup to me. With a smile of gratitude I took it and started licking .That is my little birthday gift for you and also will take u to perlie gardens.Perlie gardens was a small flowered play ground besides our school ,Kendrick and I always go there to play .Kendrick was trying all his best to make my birthday unforgettable but there was obviously something missing ,…. My family .

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