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Pablo goes home and Lorenza tries to plead with him to speak to him to stop Pablo on the issue of Esmeralda trying to make him break his engagement with Monica but Pablo in great anger says to his mother that, there’s nothing for them to talk about and if he has to renounce his family to defend his love for Esmeralda then he is going to do exactly that because to Esmeralda he will gives everything and without Esmeralda he is nothing. And these sayings from Pablo really broke Lorenza’s heart into pieces and hold back her tears.
Pablo feels like going to look for Esmeralda but he immediately recollect the condition that Esmeralda gave him that before he can see her again unless he breaks up his engagement with Monica which is becoming so difficult for him now since there is also pressure coming from his family that he shouldn’t do it since that is marrying Monica is going to save their family from sinking into the deep looking at the misfortune ahead of them.
Esmeralda feels very much afraid since she can’t hold back her love for Pablo and therefore tells Silencioso that she can’t continue to cause any more pain to Pablo since she still loves him very much and also sometimes she finds it difficult to believe him because most of the things he always ask her to do is all because of the revenge he wants to take on the Martinez family and not because of her happiness but wants to use her to get back at Pablo and his parents. Silencioso then tells her that, she is actually wrong to think that of him because his revenge is his and no one else’s. And that what he is doing for her is different and it is for Pablo to come back to her so that they will never be separated.

Esmeralda then asks him about what Pablo is going to do if he finds out about the plans Silencioso has for his father. Silencioso replies her that, Agustin Martinez Negrete is responsible for his act and has to answer to him and his son Pablo has to answer to her (Esmeralda). But still even after that Esmeralda still says that she is so scared and don’t think she can continue with this pretense because she loves him so much and doesn’t want to cause him too much pain again.

Monica receives a message from Pablo asking him to call him back since he called and monica was unable to pick. She called back Pablo on his phone but he refused to pick and therefore she called Pablo’s mother to ask her about why Pablo refuses to pick her calls. Lorenza then ask monica to listen to her carefully because she doesn’t think it is the right time for her to talk to Pablo since Pablo is going through difficult time because he saw that woman (La Gata) again and that is making him very confused, and he wants to break up his engagement with her. monica become so hurt and nervous at the same time and so she tells Lorenza that even though it hurt her a lot, but if Pablo thinks he doesn’t love her again who is she to still insist but lorenza shouts on her to stop saying those nonsense because Pablo still loves her and adores her. monica agrees and says to Lorenza that since she knows the best and Lorenza also tells her that it is indeed true that she always knows what is best and that is Pablo for her and she for Pablo and no matter what both of them are going to marry or else her name wouldn’t be called Lorenza Martinez Negrete.


10989117_852193771518091_6234156593955304816_nMrs. Rita sits Fela down to talk to her and explain things to her. she tells her that, she wants her to get well and that is her prayer and she is also very old and have so many secret inside her which is makes her very much afraid to leave this world that is likely to happen any moment from now. Fela also ask her not to be afraid since death is inevitable for every leaving being no matter what one does to flee from it. Mrs. Rita quickly tells Fela that death is not even her biggest problem but her main worry is about where her soul will be going whether heaven or hell because of all the secrets she is keeping she doesn’t think she will make it to heaven and that is why she would like to make all off those secrets known to Fela.

Fela then ask Mrs. Rita to sit down and poor all her heart to her because she has all years to listen to her. Mrs. Rita begins by telling Fela that she is called Blanca and she is the wife of Mr. Fernando and in any moment from now she will be going to live with him. Fela finds it a bit difficult to understand but Fela tells her that she is gradually going to help her get back her senses and to start that, she made Fela to understand that, what she Fela has been holding is not her child but only a doll and she also told her how she lost her mind which was due to bad people who entered her house to steal her daughter from her and that daughter is still alive and she is going to give her back to her because she is still alive and she is Esmeralda (La Gata) whose real name is Renata but she only changed her name to protect her. Fela became very happy and thanked Mrs. Rita for her kindness. Immediately, Esmeralda enters and Fela stirred critically at her and couldn’t control herself and called Esmeralda her daughter but she was confused and asks Fela why she called her her daughter which is not usual. But Esmeralda thought it all over and said to Fela that, it is because of her high fever that is causing her to imagine and saying things. Fela told her that, the only truth is what she has said since she is her real daughter and she is her mother but still Esmeralda never believed it but tells Fela that she truly wish that Fela is indeed her mother because she adores her very much. And Fela cries bitterly.

Pablo gets jealous once again and decides to quit going after Esmeralda after seeing Esmeralda embraced by Silencioso because it seems to him that Esmeralda is cheating on him with that man and if that is so, then why does Esmeralda continues to pressure him to leave Monica and indeed this sounds very stupid to him. Maraino upon hearing this from Pablo therefore ask him to forget about her for good and go ahead to marry Monica.
Mariano comes outside and he also sees Silencioso and Esmeralda again at Silencioso’s house embraced tightly, and he says to himself that; “that woman has bewitched the three of them (Pablo, Silencio and him), even a man in font, damn you Gata! Why did I have to fall in love with you. And like his brother Pablo, i can’t take you out of my heart either.”

Pablo calls Esmeralda on phone and the children starts to cry and Esmeralda ask him to hurry up on the phone so she can attend to the children but Pablo get furious and he commit the greatest mistake of his life by asking Esmeralda if those children are more important than him and if so then he truly despise them. Esmeralda then cautions him angrily not to say a word against her children since they are the most secret treasure in her life and shouldn’t call her again until he is ready to apologies to the children and not her and quickly she hanged up the phone and tells Jarocha that she is never going to forgive Pablo for despising his children and even if the children are not his, he has no right to despise them.                                                                                                                               11390408_852193788184756_4218011733985373172_n



Mr. Silencioso after many confrontation by Mrs. Merche that he stop involving Esmeralda in his revenge since the poor child Esmeralda has suffered a lot and do not want her to suffer more, Mr. Silencioso finally blows the secret news to Mrs. Merche that he is actually the father of Esmeralda to clear the doubt about him concerning Esmeralda and mrs. Merche bowed her head in shame and asked Mr. Silencioso for his forgiveness.
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