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In today’s episode, Lorenza cries her eyes out and Mariano enters the room to inquire from her why she is shedding that tears. She lied to Mariano that his father is in deep trouble which is, that awful man La Gata’s protector is the problem. She stated that, Agustin was in involve in his prosecution and they locked him up in prison for a long time for a crime he committed but now that he is out of prison and has more money he seeks revenge and he wants to discredit his father. Mariano then tell his mother not to cry again because everyone knows that their daddy is an honorable man with great prestige therefore nobody is going to doubt the Agustin Martinez Negrete. Lorenza still complained to Mariano that the situation worries her because what if that criminal (Silencioso) way through to destroy their family. Mariano still continues to encourage his mum not to be over anxious about that because it never going to happen and if there’s anything to be boasting of, it is for her to feel proud that she is their father’s wife in the same vain that he is proud that he is his son. After Mariano left her, Lorenza said to herself that, something tells her that, days of suffering are ahead of all of them and terrible days are





Mariano angry with Pablo and confront him since he finds it difficult to understand why Pablo continue to seeing Esmeralda for the past days and demands that Pablo explained to him and also on the point that Pablo refuses to come out of his room least to talk to anyone. Pablo then tells Mariano that it seems that Esmeralda has bewitched him and also the love he has for her is stronger than him and therefore will continue to see her until she accepts him back into his life again.

Esmeralda tells Silencioso that she doesn’t want to see Pablo ever in her life again because she doesn’t have the strength to withstand Pablo’s love she goes closer to him and at the same time she hates and want to hit him very hard for betraying her and abandoning her and his children and that is why she wants to quit from seeing him again. Silencioso replies her that, by so doing she is committing a great mistake of her life and therefore to defend that love, she has to go the extra mile of stretching Pablo a bit to see if indeed she cares about her and the children and by so doing Pablo will call of his engagement with Monica to be with her but if she doesn’t make those effort, she will lose him forever.

Agustin tells himself that he doesn’t want to his children to see him defeated as everything he has achieved is about to go wasted. He therefore prefers death before being disgraced. After reflecting his mind on all these, he pulled out his gun to shoot himself but quickly Virginia who is endowed with the spirit of discernment felt it within her spirit and suddenly woke up from bed and walks gradually to his father’s study room to stop him from doing so to himself and his father became shocked about how she managed to see that he was in his study room.

Virginia then used the opportunity to tell his father that, she loves him very much and want him to be alive for her even though he doesn’t even notice that she exist and that she is also part of the family and if he thinks that he can hide these things from her she doesn’t care about that as she has noticed that something has been bothering him and she doesn’t even know what the problem is but all she wants to tell him is that, she loves him and no matter what the problem is together they can overcome it but the only thing they are to do is to stick together as a family and Agustin couldn’t hold back his tears by listening to




Silencioso decides to have breakfast with Esmeralda but he is told by Mrs. Merche that, she went out with Damien to look for Fela. Mr. Silencioso then ask Merche to tell him who that Fela is who has truly stolen the heart of Esmeralda so much since Esmeralda has always being mentioning her name in their conversation every day. Merche gladly gave all the information concerning Fela to him and the great friendship bond between her and Esmeralda and how helpful she has become to Fela throughout those hardship days and now that she is lost Esmeralda will never rest till she finds her.

After Esmeralda and Damien has gone wandering from all corners of the community, Fela was still nowhere to be found and Esmeralda’s hope was truly gone but Damien asked her to have patient since they are surely going to find Fela. He then ask Esmeralda to go to a nearby church to pray for Fela so that the Lord will protect her and bring her back to them safely or help them find her and she did just exactly that whiles Damien goes to look around to search for her and to her surprise, After she had finished praying and coming out of the church, By God’s grace she finally find Fela sitting right in front of the church house and she called Damien and they took her to her house at the garbage dump and had her



Esmeralda is now so curious and doesn’t feel like living Fela all alone but whiles thinking and talking to both Damien and Maria about the issue, Mrs. Rita reaches there and asked Esmeralda to leave Fela with her because this time around she promise to take good care of her and after Esmeralda contemplating for a while about what maria told her about Mrs. Rita, she accepts and hand over Fela to Mrs. Rita though Fela was a little bit nervous and this time around Mrs. Rita was so nice to Fela knowing what she was about which is presenting her to Mr. Silencioso that, she has found his wife because she feels that it is only fair that she helps Fela to go back home to be with her husband and also by so doing, Silencioso will also take her into his house and make her Fela/Blanca’s caretaker.

Pablo and Esmeralda meets again to still talk things over and this time Pablo tries to kiss Esmeralda but she refused him and Pablo starts to complain about why she has been refusing about a month now and she tells him that, her kisses are only going to be for him if only he breaks up his engagement between monica because she doesn’t want to share his love with anybody and this once again becomes a blow to Pablo.

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