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In today’s episodes, After Esmeralda and Pablo fought and kissed at the social centre in the presence of everyone including Monica whiles there was an ongoing show, Silencioso quickly goes to separate them and slapped Pablo for making fun of Esmeralda. Monica gets hurt about Pablo’s attitude and she calls Lorenza to inform her about the situation and the embarrassment Pablo has brought upon her for kissing his ex-girlfriend before her and everyone in the public domain.

She cries her eyes out and still complains bitterly especially about why Pablo kissed Esmeralda and Lorenza tells her to try to understand her son that he is only but a man who wouldn’t beat a woman and the only way for him to stop Esmeralda was to kiss her to calm her down so he shouldn’t feel so bad at it even though it marvels her why Pablo will kiss that garbage dump girl.

Monica then tells Lorenza that if indeed Pablo still loves Esmeralda upon everything she’s done against him, then she is ready to set him free so he can go be with Esmeralda to save herself from another humiliation but Lorenza pleads with her not to take any stupid decision but rather if she loves Pablo then she has to be intelligent and shouldn’t let that wretched Esmeralda beat her over Pablo love because if she decides leaving Pablo things will definitely be much easier for Esmeralda to get in touch with him.


Esmeralda also comes home and she share tears bitterly about the awful situation she created at the social centre and when Silencioso determined how worried Esmeralda has become since their return from the event, he goes to her to comfort her and he asks her not to feel sorry for everything that took place at the event but rather move ahead even though it’s not easy but he can assure her that, a day is coming when Pablo will come crawling at her feet for forgiveness because they are going to pay dearly for everything.


Pablo goes to see Monica at her house and on reaching there Monica begun to question him on why he kissed Esmeralda in front of everyone and not even thinking about her feelings. Pablo after listening to Monica, he then ask Monica to let them break their engagement because he can now see that things are still going to be the same since he thought that Monica’s love will at least help him to forget Esmeralda but time still can’t heal the wounds at all.

After Pablo’s has finish saying his mind, Monica tells him that she don’t think she can be able to stop loving him and to stop all the problems they are going through, she suggests and pleads with Pablo that they speed up their wedding plans and get married as soon as possible as she is afraid that Esmeralda may snatch him away from her.

Lorenza writes a letter which content contains the black paintings of Esmeralda from Lorenza to be given to Silencioso to kick Esmeralda out of his house because she will be a bad fortune to him if he continues to harbor her in his apartment. She gives the letter to Dorilla (maid) to go give it to Silencioso in his house and wait to bring her the reply from him if he will be willing or unwilling to come over to her house to listen and no more about Esmeralda.

Dorilla sends the letter and after Silencioso had read it, she tells Dorilla to go tell her madam that, he will surely be coming over to listen to whatever Lorenza has to say to him concerning Esmeralda.

Mrs. Rita is now worried about the character Ines is putting up nowadays and she starts to cry bitterly complaining to Esmeralda after she paid her a visit at the garbage dump. She tells her that now Ines doesn’t even respect her anymore and also doesn’t pay attention to her again and Esmeralda ask her not to get worried at all because she will always be there for her and also it was this attitude of Ines that she was alerting her (Mrs. Rita) about but she just chose to cover her eyes with just one hand and didn’t want to take notice of anything involving Ines going the wrong part and now things have gotten worse than first and promised Mrs. Rita that she will try and speak with Ines to put some sense in her before leaving.

Silencioso takes a bold step to honour the invitation Lorenza sent to her and when the conversation set in, Lorenza becomes so nervous after Silencioso tells him that he met Fernando Dela Santa Cruz in prison and according to him he just killed a man in self-defense leading him to be sentenced for over 20years in prison and after he was ripped off all his assets. Silencioso made the day very miserable for Lorenza Since everything he said causes fear and panic to her because suddenly Lorenza discovered that Silencioso is Fernando Dela Santa Cruz..

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