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I slowly drew close to the helpless man firmly tied to a tree and removed the piece of cloth used to cover his eyes. He stared at me with shock and surprise. He couldn’t believe his eyes.
“yes Kelvin. It’s me, why are you so surprised huh?” I asked with an unforgiving smile. His lips quivered, his face colored more deeply. Tears instantly melted his eyes. Unfortunately none of it moved me. My heart was already made up and cold.
“Dear me! Stella I beg of you. What’s in your mind? what are you planning to do to me?” He managed to ask with trembling lips.
I stared at his youthful body. He was so handsome, young and charming, but deep inside, he was nothing but a crook. A cunning bastard. A gold digger. I pointed the 9mm gun I held to his face, cocked it and smiled, “nobody pulls a fast one at me. My face will be the last thing you will ever see in your miserable life” I threatened with a laugh while he screamed with all his might. My finger went to the trigger…….
How did my story with Kelvin begin??? ………. I guess I have to start from the very begining.
In the Other room is a maid who’s obsessed with her Madame’s husband Jane, Jane left her husband and two children to live with her new found love and Audrey the house maid decided to use this as an opportunity to win her almighty admirer Mr Duncan
  It’s been three days since Mrs Jane left the house. To me, this meant freedom to work out for what i meant an opportunity which came just once. I have assumed the role of almost a housewife. I cooked, washed and prepared the kids for school (something jane did alone).
“Audrey, have you seen my blue tie? Mr Duncan asked whilst rummaging through the hanged ties.
“A minute sir”. I knew where it was…so within a twinkle of an eye i submitted it.
“Thanks dear”, he muttered and positioned it appropriately.
Did  i hear  him say “dear”.  Since i didn’t want to spoil the fun; i just whispered;”you are welcome sir”. That actually made my day because the joy and triumph with which i served the kids and their dad Oats and toasted bread foretold it all. I cleaned up the house whilst they left for school and worked.
The door to his bedroom was half opened. I slipped in slowly and noiselessly. Tonight i was more than determined to get what i want. With his back towards me, i walked towards him noiselessly, i saw him touching his chin and moustache. He turned by instinct and saw me standing. He was too surprised to utter anything, hence i made the move.
“Mr. Duncan, don’t tell me you don’t feel anything for me..for these past months i’ve been here fantasizing how to make your bed, how to make you happy and make you feel like a man”. I said and moved closer to him. I was completely closer now.
Somehow he understood the language and came closer as well. He drew me close to his chest. I could feel his heart beat now. He ran his hands into my hair and slowly brushed his soft lips over mine. I felt numb and weak thus my body surrendering. He kissed me his tongue busily searching for mine. I moaned, groaned and held on tightly to him. I wanted every part of him. He swept me off my feet as if i weighed nothing and gently placed me in his soft bed. Slowly, carefully, he undressed me living me bare.he moved his lips  on my neck and gently took hold of  my nipple. I gasped and sought for more air. 
He sucked it hungrily like a  baby latching. Moments of ecstasy. I kept moaning and saying crazy things like “Baby.:…. Don’t stop it”, …you are damn good.”  He spreaded my tighs wide and  his  soft hands working its way into my hot chambers. I didn’t even realise how wet  i was.  I was completely lost from the  land of the living; but somehow i managed  to come back  because of the interruption from the door:
“Dad!!!!!! What are you doing  with aunt Audrey!!! ; Maria called out   from the door her eyes depicting disappointment and lost of trust .
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Obsessed is written by Obayaa Ahoɔfɛ
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