Colour Of Love Episode 17


Another text came which was written “don’t ever think your girl is a saint or an angel”  This text really pissed him off. He called Adriana to ask if there was something she was hiding from him. She said no.  Ryan took a week off from work to solve the issues arising.

He scheduled a meeting with his parents, the pastor and his family as well.  Both parties met at the exact time and venue. It was the pastors house.  Ryan told the pastor everything that had happened. And in fact you could read from the pastor’s face that he wasn’t happy at all.

He was really disappointed in Roland and his daughter. Roland and Miriam asked both their parents to forgive them, he said he had forgiving them so it is up to them to go for confession.

Mr Ayensu also said he had forgiving them.  Now that their parents have forgiven them, what are they going to do with Mercy? Because the time she gave Ryan had past. She then called Ryan to tell him her next move since he failed to her demands.

Mercy : Ryan I gave you all the time to do this little thing but you couldn’t do anything. So I will let the whole congregation see what your brother and the pastor’s daughter had done.
Ryan : you dare not do such a thing.

Mercy: oh yes am doing it.

Ryan: Mercy is it money that you want? Mention your price and we will pay it.

Mercy: oh Ryan if it is money, I wouldn’t have done all this things. I have great love for you Ryan. I have loved you ever since I saw you in the church.

She was crying while speaking on the phone. She really meant it.

Ryan: why then are you doing this if you really love me?  Mercy couldn’t answer that question and ended the call.

Roland and Miriam went for their confessions and were pleading from Mercy to release the videos to them.

Adriana also came back from UK for her holidays, she also wanted to surprise Ryan so she didn’t tell him she was coming. She went to see him immediately she arrived.

Ryan needed Adriana most at that crucial moment. When he saw her, he wasn’t that surprise to see her. He welcomed her. But Adriana saw there was something wrong with Ryan. She asked him.

Ad: baby is it still that Mercy girl?

Ryan: yes and her demands are getting worse now. And the text I have been receiving these days.

Ad: so do you mean it?

Ryan showed her all the messages. When she finished reading it, she was in a state of shock. That made Ryan suspected something.

Ryan: hey baby why are you so quite after reading the messages? He said that with a loud tone which made Adriana frightened.

Ad: baby em em em em she started crying.

Ryan: will you stop that cry and answer me.

It seemed Ryan had planned to do that long time  Why doesn’t Adriana speak the truth once and for all?

To be continued


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