Cold Episode 37


August heard the water splash and also heard the laughter that followed. He joined in the laughter even though he was still trying to figure out the cause. His eyes went through the door and to the pool. He saw Mary in it, looking so out of place with her clothes still on.
“The hell is she doing in there with her clothes on?” he asked to no one and stood up from the bar.
“I’ll be right back,” he said to Garvey and walked towards the pool, clutching his glass of Vodka. He met her staring furiously at Matt, her eyes red from looming tears. He shifted his gaze to Matt who was muttering something inaudible. He strained his ears and caught part of it.
“Bitch slapped me,” he kept repeating. August flared and dashed at him. He flung a blow at his face with the half filled glass replacing his knuckle. He caught him squarely in the face and he let out a scream. He fell on his back, blinded by the alcohol.

August fell on him and pulled him half up by the shirt with his right hand. He landed him punch on the face with the left hand, it sent his head back to the ground with a thud. August clenched his fist for a second punch but felt himself lifted up by his shoulders by firm hands. He wriggled free and turned to receive a blinding slap on the face by Victor. He staggered back, trying to catch himself and also clear his vision blurred by the slap.

The music stopped and people made a big circle around the three of them. He observed the wicked sneer on Matt’s face as the blood tickled down his face. He moved his gaze to Victor who looked at him like a lion would look at an antelope. He took a deep breath and clenched his fist.
“You are dead,” Victor bellowed and charged at him like a bull. Within the split second he was waiting to be run over by the rampaging bull, he felt a wooden object hit his hand lightly. He turned and saw Garvey handing him a baseball bat with a smile. He snatched it and waited for victor with it.

He raised it like batman would and crashed it on his head as he got closer, cutting short his attack. He landed him another blow on his back as he fell. Matt took in the whole scenario with one look and swallowed hard. August faced his direction and passed the bat from his left hand to the right.
“Come on boy, come get it,” he called at him with a sneer.

Matt switched his body weight from his left foot to the right foot and watched him, fidgeting his fingers. August dropped the bat on the floor and went at him with empty hands. The crowd cheered as he approached his unsteady opponent.

Matt threw the first punch, intending to catch him unawares but August seemed to be expecting it. He blocked it by grabbing his extended hand and pulling him closer. He dropped on his famous headbutt and he fell back from the impact, sneezing out thick blood from his nose.

August went after him in succession and hit him all over with his knuckles, finishing him off with a lethal kick. He fell bank and ended in the pool, sending up a great deal of water. The crowd roared and it upped his rage, his eyes were red like a sea of fire as he approached the pool. He felt a wet tender hand restrain him. He turned and met Mary pleading at him with her eyes, her wet hairs stuck to her head.
“Please,” she begged. He nodded and heaved a sigh.
“Let’s leave here,” he said and turned. Mary and Jeane walked after him as the circle parted to let them pass.

Victor rolled over and shook his stinging head to clear his blurred vision. He got up to his knee and pulled the gun from his waist.
“Gun! he’s got a gun!” Garvey shouted and the whole place lighted up with screams. He aimed and fired, two shots before Garvey knocked him out with the Baseball bat.

The party had been crashed. Everyone went for the exit door at the same time. Some tripped and were ran over amidst their cries. Screams rented the whole place.

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August dragged Mary out through the door and hugged her.
“Are you hurt?” he asked her and she shook her head rigorously, biting her shaking fingers.
“Where’s Jeane?” he asked, realizing it was just the two of them there for the first time. He made a quick scan through the escaping crowd and couldn’t make her out.
“Go to the car and wait for me, I will find her.”
She walked away without a word and he turned back into the door. The place was empty. He walked the side of the pool, throwing glances around the whole place.
“August,” Jeane called faintly from the door that led into the party hall. He made a quick turnaround and saw her walking towards him. He ran over to her and hugged her tightly.
“Are you OK? Are you hurt?” he asked breathlessly. She looked him in the face with her eyes wet.

“Why are you crying Jeane?” he asked, holding onto her.
“August,” she called weakly and collapsed on him. He caught her and slowly stopped, dropping her on his laps. He held up her right hand it was wet.
“Is that your blood? Are you hurt?” he asked a little loud. She blinked slowly and whispered his name. He searched her frantically and found the little bloody hole on the right of her abdomen.
“Jesus you are shot,” he gasped and lifted her up. She slowly closed her eyes as he struggled out of the door with her body in his hands.

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