Cold Episode 36


“It was an accident and stop looking at me like that,” August said. It was his third attempt at trying to get Mary to stop searching him with her eyes.
“Where was it?” she asked.
“Where was what?”
“The accident.”
“Oh, on my way back from the games, fell off a bike and hit my head on the road.”
She watched his face and decided he was lying. She let it go anyways. He had this way of not saying anything when he doesn’t want to.
“How is it now?” she asked, rubbing his head and titling it to get a closer look.
“It hurts but I will be fine. Just don’t tell anyone about it.”
“Nothing, just do not tell them.”
“Because they won’t believe your lie?” she asked and he shot her a look.
“Mary, please get me aspirins. My head is splitting.”

She left the room in search of the drug. He lay back on the bed and heaved a sigh.

Genevieve had kissed him when he wanted to leave the house, after he had helped her clean up the room. He couldn’t deny that he liked it. He only wished it never happened. But if it was going to drive Matt mad, he was willing to have her do it again.

His phone vibrated and he jumped from his lying position, causing his head to sting from migraine. He held his head and closed his eyes.

“Fuck, hello?” he said into the phone and Genevieve’s voice came up.

“Hey, how are you feeling?”

“Better, it only hurts when I breathe.”
She giggled and he smiled.
“Well, the party, I don’t think my boyfriend will want to go with me again.” she said suggestively.
“I told you I got a date already, I can’t go with you and I wouldn’t want another fight.”
“Well, today is still Wednesday. We still got four days before Sunday. So think about it.”
“Do not count on it,” he said.
“Well, I will wait for a positive reply. Goodnight,” she said.
“Yea, goodnight.”
“I love you.”
“Please don’t,” he replied and she dropped the call with a giggle. He removed the phone from his ear and the pain came back. “Jesus, where’s Mary and the aspirin.”


“All of a sudden everyone’s falling in love with the black boy!” Matt yelled as the hot towel dabbed against his head. He was all red from the head butting he got from August.
“And he beat you silly,” Marcella added while she squeezed hot water from the towel.
“You should have seen his face, thing was like a fountain of blood,” he bragged and yelped at the touch of the hot towel.
“Well, I think he is cute,” Marcella said and his brother turned to look at her.
“Who is cute?”
“Him,” she replied and faked a cough. “August.”
“Well, I am going to kill him pretty soon,” he muttered.

“So who are you taking to the party now that Genevieve has got August?”

“I will go by myself, They won’t throw me out for not bringing a date.”


August stood before the mirror and observed the face cap on his head. It was black and matched his black sneakers. He squeezed his face and turned it to the right to get a side view of what he looked like and then to the left again. He pushed it further down so that it barely showed his eyes. He liked it that way. He moved back to get a full picture of himself. His blue skinny Jean trouser brought out the fine contour of his legs and the little bit oversized white top though a contrast to the penciled trouser fitted perfectly to his build.

“You look awesome,” Mary complimented, walking to where he stood. She was on a body fitted black gown, her amazing shape was made visible and the red heels pushed her up in a beautiful way.
“Thank you.” he mouthed and turned to face her. “Do you see any scars?” he asked, moving his head to different angles to let her check it out. She shook her head and opened the perfume bottle. She sprayed it all over him, disregarding his protests.
“Now you also smell good.”
“Thank you but we mustn’t smell the same.”
“You are my date,it’d be more romantic that way,” she said and held his hand.
“They are waiting for us outside.”
He dropped her a kiss on the lip and smiled.
“Shall we?”
She nodded and they walked out to the parlor.

“Nice hat August, never seen you in one before,” Harry commented as they approached.
“Thanks Harry,” he replied.
“Good, so who am I handing you all over to?” he asked, looking around at the three of them.
“Him,” Jeane answered, pointing at August. She was on simply tailored white gown with a flower clipped on the chest to the left. August smiled at her and she nodded.
“Good, so August, I believe you can take care of them right?”
“No fights, should things get nasty, drive straight home and don’t get drunk please,” he warned.
“I don’t like alcohol,” August said and everyone laughed.
“Thank God,” harry said and handed him the keys. “That’s the Audi. No Grand theft autoing with the car, August,” he warned and August nodded.
“Sure, top speed, 50km/h. I can assure you that.”
“Good. So now the time is,” he flipped his wrist watch and observed it with a frown on his face. “4:30 pm. You should be home before 10 pm.”
“Sure, we may be back earlier.”
“Good, now get going.”

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August walked into the noisy party hall with two beautiful teenagers as his company. All eyes lingered on them for long. Matt couldn’t take his eyes off him. He was the reason he came to the party without his girl.

Genevieve had been at the corner getting all the attentions of single guys for herself until August walked in. She just wanted to fly over to them and pick him up to her corner. He looked amazing that evening and she couldn’t wait to grab his attention.

She was in her usual mini Jean skirt and boots that were few inches shy of her knees. Her white top had a v neck that revealed her sumptuous cleavage. She was the hot girl every guy would want to take to bed.

August saw her seconds after she had seen him. He shot her a smile and observed the rest of the hall, trying to make out friends from foes.

“So what next?” August asked, trying to avoid eye contacts.
“We just blend in,” Mary replied and held his arm with both her hands. She wasn’t comfortable with the throngs of female eyes ravaging him.

“Hey,” Victor called from behind them, holding Jeane’s hand.
“Hey Vic,” August replied with a glitter in his eyes.
“Can I borrow her?” he asked, pulling Jeane to himself.
“She’s all yours man.”
“Baby, walk to our company, I will join you in a sec.”
Jeane walked away to where Matt sat with the rest of their guys.

“Well, August. I saw what you did to my brother and I gotta tell it to you. It wasn’t nice,” he said and August watched him with a smile at the corner of his mouth.
“I would like you to know that I am holding it against you and next time shit like that goes down, I’m gonna do things no one would like. I’ll let it slide for the sake of my baby here,” he nodded towards Jeane who had her eyes on them.
“Good, I hope we all enjoy this party,” August replied and walked away from where they stood dragging Mary along.
“What was that?” she asked.
“I don’t really know, I think it has to do with Genevieve or something. Fool thinks I got shit with her.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes Mary, Really,” he said. “let’s find something to drink.”

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