Cold Episode 34


“Stop staring at me, you are making me nervous,” August murmured as he played around with the wrapped box. Mary looked at him with fixed smile on her face.
“Open it,” she muttered excitedly. He tugged at the pink ribbon and it gave way.
“Unwrap it,” Mary ordered restlessly. He paused and looked up at her eyes.
“Chill already, it’s your gift after all.”
He removed the beautiful blue gift wrapper to reveal a white box. He held the box with his left hand and pulled off the top with his right. The box was empty. He looked up at her again with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Nice try, I hope you do realize that I wasn’t born on April 1,” he said. She smiled and moved closer to him on the bed.
“The gift I have for you was so big it couldn’t fit into the box,” she commented. He eyed her with the smile still at the corner of his mouth.
“Show me.”

She held him by his shirt and dragged him closer to her. Her arms went round his neck and she placed her lips on his. He held her by the waist and closed up the gap between them.
“Hope your dad doesn’t bust in on us,” he whispered and bit her lips.
“No one is at home,” she stated excitedly. He got up and lifted her off the bed and dropped her on her back. He kissed her deeply and effectively and she responded, wrapping her arms round his neck. She pulled at the zip of his shirt and he stopped her half way.

“Do you want to do this today?” he asked, looking her straight in her eyes and loving the way she looked back.
“You don’t?” she asked.
“Not exactly, just that I wouldn’t want to do something I would regret on my birthday.”
“It’s ok. I thought you would want a more elaborate birthday gift.”
He smiled and moved to sit on the bed. She sat up and stared at him.
“You have this way of looking at me that really scares me,” he commented, moving his hand through his hair.
“Everything scares you, even Love.”
“I love you and it doesn’t scare me, what scares me is losing you. I tend to lose everything I love and it’s not funny.”
“Yes, like that ice cream you got for Genevieve once?” she asked with a giggle.
“Get out of my bed. Must you remind me of that?”
“Yea. Just trying to confess.”
She got up from the bed and adjusted her hair, looking down at him at the same time.
“So?” he asked, watching her plain out her ruffled dress.
“Well, I ate the ice cream.”
He looked at her with disbelief in his eyes.
“It’s been 3 years now and why are you even telling me?”
“You didn’t lose it, I took it,” she replied, sitting beside him on the bed. He thought of all those he loved that were no longer there, he realized he never really lost them.
“They were taken from me,” he murmured. She watched the sorrow in his eyes and heard the bitterness in his voice.
“Let’s go to the pool,” she commanded, pulling him up by the arm. He obeyed and stood up.
“That ice cream,” he started and she nodded. “it was for you not Genevieve. Stop teasing me with her, I feel nothing for her and you are just getting yourself jealous over bullshit.”

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Jeane stood staring at him for a long time without saying a word. She wouldn’t let him talk too and that somehow freaked him out. He also loved the way she stared at him, he could have sworn she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He tried talking and she hushed him with a wave of her hand. They had been standing and staring at each other for some minutes.

“Do you love me?” she eventually asked and he scoffed.
“Really, you are asking me that?”
“Yes and answer me please.”
“Of course you know I do, I’ll do anything for you, just ask.”
She let him hold her hand for a while and then snatched it. She thought it would seem like it was August holding it but it never worked.
“Is something bordering you?” he asked and she shook her head.
“You sure?”
“I am fine,” she snapped.
“Don’t you want me, Jeane?”
“Victor, just don’t ask me and let me be.”
She ran down the street, away from where she had called him out to meet her. He didn’t run after her or try to. He felt he was too big to do that. A 19 year old boy running after a 14 year old girl. He was bigger than that.

“What was that?” Matt asked, snapping him away from his thoughts.
“It’s Jeane. Don’t know what her problem is,” he replied, turning to look at him.
Matt stared at his elder brother for a while and shook his head.
“Told you already, let the bitch go, she probably catching feelings for that August guy.”
“Well I’m gonna kill him if he is the one putting her through all this,” he said and brushed pass Matt.
“Well please do, a lot of good that would do all of us.”

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