Cold Episode 3


It was a Sunday night, the moon was high up and everywhere was a peaceful quiet.

Sargent Mike Browski had just finished dinner with his family and was relaxing over a movie with his wife and two kids. He just turned 33 years old over two months ago and had thrown a lavish party for it, a party too expensive for his salary but then, he was a cop in St Mathews where everything was possible, he had spent over 8 years in the force. His wife, Edna, a fine woman of 29 years old had been with him for 10 years and they both had 2 kids from the union. Mark the eldest was 9 and James was 5. They were together in the parlor when Joseph busted into them with two of his guys, each clutching a .45

“Who the hell are you?” a surprised Mike barked at them.
“Don’t ask me that silly question Mike, everybody knows me” Joseph said, brandishing the gun at him while the rest of his family cuddled together in a shaking fit.
“Joe what do you want?”
“Just some answers”
“What are the questions?”
“Good, my pa and ma got killed some few days ago, you are well aware of that? ”
” Everybody knows, what has that got to do with me?”
“Nothing much, just that on that night, you refused to do a job that you had always done previous nights before that one”
“What Job, what are you talking about?”
“It was your shift, it was under your watch, your patrol that my parents got murdered and surprisingly, you were nowhere around, Mike, what happened?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about, i don’t do shifts on Thursdays ” he stammered
” Your partner gave a different excuse although lame like yours but his was better”
“Payne? What did he say, did he say i killed your parents, what did he tell you?”
“No, after all the trial and error excuses he gave, he just ended up saying that you two were motivated not to do your Job on that particular day”
“That’s not true, it was his whole idea ”
” Really? ”
” Yea, he suggested we took a night out ”
” I thought you were the senior partner?”
“No, he is, he got promoted and i got assigned to him” Mike blurted out, his wife turned sharply to look at him, something Joseph took note of.
“Your wife seems to disagree with you?”
“It’s the truth i swear, my wife knew nothing about it”
“You and Payne, your stories contradict but i think i believe Payne more than i believe you”
“It’s the truth, it was Payne’s idea to take the night off”
“I would have called to tell him your own side of the story but i’m afraid he may not pick ”
” how do you mean, why won’t he pick?
“Lugo do you think there are chances of his survival?” Joseph asked his companion
“A .45 to the brain leaves nothing alive ” Lugo said with an evil frown on his face and Mike’s jaw dropped. Joseph squatted to be on the same eye level with Mark.
” You see, you are our only witness and i ain’t leaving here empty handed”
“Payne knew everything, i don’t know nothing” mike said slowly.
Joseph stood up with a sting and pulled the silencer from his gun.
“I just need you to hear the sound” he said and put the gun in the direction of James who clung to his mother and pulled the trigger twice, the sound was loud as the little boy dropped on the floor, his stomach shattered and smoking while his intestines poured out. His mother fell on him and let out a loud cry, Mark rushed at Joseph and started hitting him on his legs, Joseph kicked him hard and he fell on the floor while he shifted the muzzle to him, his next victim.
“We could do this all night mike, when i’m done with your kids, your wife would be next and then you, either way, you will tell me what i want, willingly or unwillingly, all i need is your motivator, who gave you the motivation” Joseph barked.
“Save our boy mike, tell them what they want” his wife cried out.
Mike just stared in shock at the body of his son on the floor. Joseph cocked his gun for the second time and that snapped mike back to reality.
“Ok ok, i will tell you what you want, just spare us” he pleaded
“Talk ” Joseph said

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” It’s Chief, he gave the instructions, he also paid us”
“Who is chief?”
“The police chief, our boss”
“Yes, him, he knows everything ”
” And why would we believe you?”
“It’s the truth, please spare us, i swear nobody would know” mike begged on his knees. Joseph motioned the guys out. They all went to the door. Mike slowly reached for his pistol under the couch.

Joseph turned and looked at them..
“Sorry, we don’t leave witnesses”..
He fired 6 shots. 2 for each of them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Early the next day, a call was put through

Line 1: sir, two cops have just been killed
Line 2: cops get killed everyday, how’s that my business?
Line 1: true sir, just that these two are connected to the Donati event
Line 2: are you saying that someone is onto us
Line 1: not just someone sir, it’s Joseph Donati
Line 2: oh, so what do you intend to do now?
Line 1: we just need your permission to carry out the second plan
Line 2: good, get it done
Line 1: sure sir…………..

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To be continue