Cold Episode 18

Lugo drove casually through the road that led into St Mathews from Georgian. Everywhere was quiet apart from the soft music that played on the cars stereo system. Joseph’s leg had bled to its limit and his soaked trouser was getting caked with blood. He had lost enough blood and was feeling feeble. He took a glance at Lugo who was driving and fell back into his seat.
“Hey, that thing he said about William, did you believe him?” he asked looking at Lugo who shook his head.
“I don’t know for sure, maybe we should have forced it out of him you know”

“Well, fuck it, William is dead, he too is dead, so fuck it all” he said and went mute again. A little close to St Mathews, the police siren came up again. They all turned back to take a look, a little far from them, a police car was advancing towards their car.
“Shit, this is not good” Joseph said grabbing his AK47.

“Do you think its wise engaging them” Lugo asked casting him a worried glance. The others at the back just readied their guns for action.
“Do you have any other idea?”
“None for now”
“Do you suppose we should walk up to them with a smile on our faces and explain we are just coming back from Fredrick’s place where we went to settle our scores?”. He asked and Lugo nodded with a smile on his face.

“You my friend, are a mad man”
“Hello, this is the police, I need you to clear your car by the road side for inspection” the loudspeaker from the police vehicle blared.
“Do you plan on stopping? ” Joseph asked and Lugo shook his head.
” Good, now i suppose this car has a sunroof” he said looking up at the roof of the car and tugging at the sunroof.
“Maybe you should let me do it, you are wounded” Spencer said.

“No no, do not worry about me, worry about the families that are going to lose a cop father or husband or whatever”.

He dragged the sunroof open, threw his gun out of it and climbed out after it, his trunk out on the roof and his feet inside the car, he smiled and waved at the police vehicle, they watched him pick up his gun, released the safety catch and balanced it on his hands.

“Roy, the bastard’s trying to fire at us” the driver shouted to his partner.

“I can see that” Roy said pulling his gun from its strap. He aimed at the tire of the car from his window and took a shot before Joseph was ready. The tyre made a loud busting sound and the car swerved clear from the road and the gun fell off Joseph’s hand, Roy took another shot and the second tyre got peeled off the wheel, Lugo lost control of the car and it ran straight into the bush, Joseph fell off the roof and hit the ground with a thud and slowly, he blacked out. Climbing mounds and huge stones, the car tilted to its side and dragged along the rough ground before coming to a stop against a tree. Everywhere became quiet. The police vehicle parked at the side of the road, the two cops called for backup over their two way radio and then preceded slowly into the bush to the point of the clash.
The car lay on its side, totally wrecked. Lugo lay half way out of the drivers door, his gun by his side, the rest still inside the car were dead, their heads shattered beyond recognition.

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“Check if this one’s still alive” Roy said to his partner, nodding towards Lugo. He moved closer to the car, Lugo coughed and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, he turned his burning head to the left, his blurred vision only showed him a little detail of his surrounding.

He turned right and observed a figure coming close to him, his hand felt too heavy for him, he lifted it uneasily and it found its way to the gun at his side, before he could get a firm grip, he was shot, three times on his stomach, he stretched out and his head fell to the side while his eyes shut slowly.

“Let’s wait for backup” Roy said, strapping back his gun. His partner walked to him and they watched the car from where they stood like it was some mystery object.
“Hey”. Someone called from their back and they turned immediately to face Joseph, the left side of his face soaked with blood and through the blood, the rage in his eyes could not be unnoticed. In his hands was his infamous Ak47, pointed in the direction of the two policemen.
“Now, drop that gun and we can settle this here, right now” Roy said and Joseph smiled at him.
“Yea right, we shall settle it here” he said and gave out a dry laughter before grabbing the trigger, he sprayed the bullets at the police men and never stopped even after they have fallen. He reduced them to a piece of tattered flesh and dropped his empty gun beside their body. He walked past their mutilated body and the car wreckage and staggered deep into the bush.

To be continued