Cold Episode 16


Georgian was more of an estate than a street, a gate with the inscription “Welcome to Georgian” above it led into a collection of neatly arranged buildings with almost building design and pattern. The blocks of building were arranged into three different classes, the Top class, the middle class and the lower class. It was very clear and they seemed divided by invisible demarcations. At the gate which led into a neatly tarred road stood a security house which is always manned by two gun wielding thugs, new cars and strange faces are scrutinized before entry is allowed.

Joseph slowed down to a stop a little distance away from the gate and the three guys with them dropped.
“Wait for 5 minutes before coming down” he said, looking from the first man to the last.
“Sure boss”
“Drop down any obstacle and make sure it doesn’t stand up again ”
“Sure boss”.
He nodded and drove further down to the gate. One of the guards at the gate looked up as the car approached.
“Scott, look who’s early today” he said to his companion who also looked up.
“Kingsley”. Scott said and smiled at the car. Joseph beeped the horn at them and they waved, he drove pass them at great speed to avoid the risk of them discovering who was on the wheel. He drove straight through the well tarred streets and stopped at a gate with the number 13th Inscribed in shinning figures on its pillar. He beeped the horn three times and the gate opened slowly and behind it was an old man dragging it along to allow the car entry.
“Hmmm, nice house, looks like paradise” Joseph said looking through the windscreen into the house and Lugo nodded.

The house, a duplex, painted white just like every other house around it reeked of class. In the middle of the compound stood a fountain constructed in the form of a dolphin standing on its tail in a pool of water and spitting out water which went back into the pool.
“Aha, our friend” he said, nodding towards Frederick who was leaning on the balcony of the top floor, peeping through the rim of his glasses into a newspaper he held in his hand, his hair was nearly parted at the side and he still wore his pajamas and on the balcony hand rail stood a glass of wine.

Joseph made a head count of five men at strategic points patrolling the compound, their hips bulging from the shape of guns beneath their shirts. The old man got through with the rigorous job of sliding the gate open. Joseph drove in on the tarmac floor at an unusual speed which earned him stares from the people around, Frederick also looked up with a frown.
“Wait” Joseph said as Lugo made to open the door. They sat in the car quietly observing the house from inside the car, the tinted glasses gave them a perfect cover. From the balcony, Frederick stared at the car, trying to make out who was on the wheels.
“Kingsley?” he shouted while trying to peep into the car through the windscreen. Joseph quietly picked his Ak47 from the floor and motioned Lugo to be ready for movement. Frederick from his position saw Joseph drop the Ak on his laps.
“That’s not Kingsley, get him” he said to the guards on the floor and ran into the house.

Joseph quickly restarted the car, shifting the gear to reserve, he spun the steering wheel furiously and reversed, aiming for one of the guards, he knocked him right into the fountain and the car came to a halt.

“Duck!” he yelled and bent his head below the steering wheel, Lugo filled suit and in a quick succession, the guards opened fire on the car.
The guards at the gate heard the sound of gunshots and quickly picked their own guns, they ran slowly in the direction of the sound, behind them, the three men approached unknown to them with their weapons aimed directly at their backs.

“Hey!” one of them called out to the two guards and they turned, before they could steady their guns for defense, they had been shot down.

Joseph and Lugo held their head down while the bullets rained on the car, shattered glasses fell on them as they shook and gritted their teeth. The deafening sounds of the gun only added to their misery, their hands held tight to their ears wasn’t enough to keep the nerve wrecking sound out. A bullet Pierced through the strong metal body of the car and into Joseph’s right lap.
“Arrgh!” he screamed and tightened his face as the pain hit him.
“What? ” Lugo yelled.
“My leg, I have been hit” he shouted clutching his bleeding laps.
“We should start shooting”
“No, wait a little, and where the fuck is Spencer and others? ” Joseph asked.
“They should be here by now”. Joseph said and they both became silent again,Joseph bit his lips from the pain that stung his right leg.

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“Stop!!” one of the guards yelled and the others stopped shooting.
“Check if they are still breathing” he said and five of them walked towards the smoking car slowly. A millisecond of silence followed and then Joseph brought his head up, grabbing his Ak47, the men saw him immediately and held up their guns at him.
“Drop it and come out now, both of you” the guard said, Joseph gave him a blood shot look and raised his middle finger at him.
“Fuck you” he mouthed.
“Oh no, it’s fuck you now, cause you are the one trapped here” he said with a wicked grin on his face. Joseph looked at him with mad hatred in his eyes, the guard caressed his trigger and shook his head at him.
“No way out man, come out of the car”.
“Go to hell” Joseph said and with speed and agility, he pulled his pistol from his waist, before he could steady it in his hand and take an aim, gunshot sounds came from outside.

To be continued