Coffee Shop Episode 15


“That is going to be difficult considering the fact that I am in love with you. Good bye Ekanem”, he says to her and walks away.

Ekanem goes back into her car and drives off. She decides to make a quick stop at the coffee shop.

She walks up to Peter with a smile on her face.

“Hi Peter, I am glad that you are the person working here today” , she says to him.

“Good evening madam!” , he replies.

“Please is Mr Tochukwu available at the moment? “, she asks.

“No ma, he has been out of town for a while. Is there a problem? “, he replies.

” I need to discuss something important with him.I don’t mind travelling to meet him because I can’t reach his phone lines “, she says to him.

“Madam I don’t have the address of his current location and even if I did, it would be wrong to divulge such a sensitive information . He calls this office once a day though”, he replies.

“Oh really! has he called today? , she asks.

“Yes ma ! He called an hour ago”, he replies.

“Does he have a specific time of calling?” , she asks.

“No ma ! , He can call by 10pm or 7am , anytime he feels like ma”,he replies.

“Peter can you copy the number he uses to call you guys? .When next I come, I’ll pick it up from you if you don’t mind ” , she says to him with a smile.

” Ah, madam I don’t mind doing that for you but the problem is that he calls with an unknown number. It’s like he doesn’t want any one to call him”, he replies Ekanem.

“Okay thanks for your help ” she says to him.

Ekanem leaves the café feeling so disappointed. She drives home and goes straight into her room.

“How am I going to find Toks?”, she says to herself. “No responsible employee would ever dream of revealing the address of their boss without permission”, she wonders in her heart .

She attempts calling Toks’s line but it’s switched off. Ekanem goes to bed after resolving in her heart to trace Toks whereabout , no matter how long it takes.

Ekanem wakes up the next morning .She makes a very brief stop at school and goes to the café afterwards.

Peter sees her as she comes into the café and smiles.

Ekanem sits on the chair and signals Peter to meet her.

“Has he called today? “She asks excitedly .

“You just missed his call ma ! ” ,he says to her.

“Did you tell him that I need to see him? “,she replies with a look of disappointment in her eyes.

“Ehmm! Madam I told him that a lady stopped by to see him but when he asked who it was, I didn’t know what to say .what is your name ma? “,he says to her.

“How could I have forgotten to introduce myself name properly. My name is Dr Ekanem Akpan. Please tell him to call me whenever he calls. I will come again tomorrow”, she replies.

“Okay ma”, he says to her.

Ekanem goes home, she contemplates talking to her mum about the situation but she changes her mind .She figures that it’s better discussed face to face.

“Chioma may not want to help me by contacting Toks’s personal assistant since I am not making all this effort for Kola. What’s the guarantee that he would tell me where Toks or his parents live? “She says to herself.

Ekanem tries her best to distract herself by watching her favourite TV series.

Chichi comes home and finds her lying down on the sofa.

“Babe go inside and sleep, I hope you are okay? ” ,she says to Ekanem.

“I will be fine once I am able to find him”, Ekanem replies.

“Find who ?” ,Chichi says to her.

” I cant reach Toks and I don’t have his house or village address “, Ekanem replies.

“This is serious.Have you asked his workers? “, she says to Ekanem.

“No luck from that angle”, Ekanem replies.

“I don’t know if this is a silly idea but I think you should just ask his workers for the name of his home town or better still check the Internet. Since his dad is a king, tracing his palace won’t be difficult”, she says to Ekanem.

“Chichi you are so smart , I will do that immediately”, she replies excitedly .

Ekanem finds an article about a traditional ruler from Nanka who bares the same surname as Tochukwu.

She hurriedly shows it to Chichi.” I have to go to Anambra state tomorrow. Have you heard of a town called Nanka before? ” ,she says to Chichi.

” I have been to Ekwulobia before and I believe that it’s close to Nanka”, she says to Ekanem.

” I hope you won’t get lost? ” , Chichi says to her .

“I am so confused Chichi. I don’t know if it’s really worth it. I have never allowed myself to be this vulnerable in the past “, Ekanem says to her.

“Follow your heart dear and try to get some sleep”,Chichi replies .

Ekanem goes back to her room .She says to herself “life isn’t meant to be this complicated Ekanem “.

She takes a cold shower and slips under her duvet.

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It’s a beautiful morning. The cold harmattan breeze makes Ekanem enjoy her sleep so much that she almost forgets about Toks.

She overcomes the inertia of getting out of bed and goes to the kitchen to take a glass of water.

As she walks towards her room to plan her day, the door bell rings.

Ekanem goes to see who is at the door.

She opens the door to see a box of donuts and a cup of coffee as seen on the label.

Ekanem doesn’t see anyone around except for the snacks which was left on her front porch.

She takes the snacks inside. When she opens the box of donuts, she sees a small note which reads;

“It hurts not having you around me,I miss you everyday.Love Toks “.

Ekanem feels so sad after reading the message .She takes a quick bath and wears a casual long gown.

Just as she contemplates her next line of action, the door bell rings again.

Ekanem walks hurriedly to the door .

She sees Peter through the glass peep hole. Ekanem quickly opens the door and says “what are you doing here?”.

“My boss asked me to give you this parcel ” ,he says to her.

She says thank you to Peter and enters the house.

When she opens the parcel, she sees a note which reads “Please have dinner with me by 6pm.I will be in Lagos by 4pm today.Kindly wait for me at your house, if you can “.

She has mixed feelings about seeing him again because even though she wants to be with him,she is a bit worried about what the future holds for her if they end up together.

Ekanem relaxes in her living room .She is somewhat glad that she doesn’t have to travel all the way to Anambra .

She watches the television as she enjoys the donuts and chocolate drink Toks sent to her earlier.

Ekanem goes to the market afterwards to do some Christmas shopping.

She buys some foodstuffs needed to cook a variety of meals on that day for her friends.

It’s about 5pm. Ekanem freshens up and begins to prepare for her dinner with Toks.

She puts on a long black fitted gown and packs her hair neatly to the back. Her make up compliments her silver accessories.

At exactly 6pm, the door bell rings .Ekanem goes to the door to check whether Toks has arrived.

When she opens the door ,Toks smiles at her and says” you are so beautiful “.

“Thank you”, Ekanem replies.

“Shall we go ?”,he says to her with a smile.

They both get into his car .He puts on the cd player. Ekanem looks at him and gives a nod of approval at his choice of music.

There is silence in the car except for the music playing till they got to their destination. Ekanem knows that they have so much to talk about but decides to enjoy the moment.

Ekanem watches him with the corner of her eyes as he parks in front of a house with a waterfront.

She then moves her gaze away from him to the place he brought her to.

She admires the beautiful house

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