Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 3


Last time on the Chronicles of Isioma;
I was tied on my bed and waiting for the next line of action.
What should I do, how do I run, who should I tell,
every chance for me to tell Kelvin was being
interrupted. I laid there helplessly. I thought to
myself, is this really my blood brother? What has
come over him? Has he been taking drugs? I am
confused as you are on what to do. Wish someone
could just give me a clue.
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My brother left me tied on the bed for days, only
came to give me food and tied me back when I
finished eating, Kelvin couldn’t reach me, no one
to send to call him for me, and he couldn’t even
come and check on me, I thought to myself that
maybe he didn’t care about me. So I decided to
carry my cross by myself. In the afternoon on the
third day, I heard a knock downstairs, but I didn’t
know who was knocking, all I heard was “she
wasn’t around and she has gone out with her
friends”. I guess it was Kelvin who finally came to
check on me. Kelvin called few of my friends and
they said I wasn’t with them, he concluded that I
may have gone out with some new friends he
might not know.
Few hours later, My brother entered the room with
two of his friends, of which one of them have
been asking me out and I kept on turning him
down, his name is Ejira, and the other was one of
their notorious friend . They all sat around me and
were laughing. Ejira touched my face with the
back of his hand smoothly and was cleaning my
tears, “Stop crying, your brother is only doing
what is best for you, he hasn’t killed you yet na,
try and be calm, and enjoy the ride, it is fun” he
My brother then laughed again and asked him
why he is begging me not to cry, that he shouldn’t
listen to me and ignore my tears because I can’t
deny that I have not been enjoying the ride. The
second guy was just there rubbing his manhood
with his hands, I thought he was actually
masturbating until he removed his pants and said
they should excuse him, because it was his turn to
enjoy me. They stripped me naked and each of
them took turns to rape me.
They hurt me so bad that I couldn’t breathe
properly anymore. The torture was too much for
me to bear, while he was having canal knowledge
of me, the other was busy squeezing my b—-t so
hard, that I was screaming, but my voice wasn’t
loud enough because my mouth was tied. Is this
my brother, who cursed him, why is he doing this,
could it be that his friends influenced him, or are
there no longer girls for him to pick one to satisfy
his sexual desires, why his own blood sister, why
me?, I have never heard of it in my entire life. I am
so pained, both physically and sociologically.
When they felt they were satisfied, they left me,
still tied to the bed. The next day Kelvin came to
the house and saw the house opened, he didn’t
see any one around, so he came straight to my
room, and knocked on the door, I couldn’t answer
because my mouth was tied too. I wasn’t even
with the key to the door. Kingsley’s (my brother)
room was next door so he heard the knock and
came out. On seeing Kelvin, he shouted at him,
“what are you doing here, don’t you know your
boundary anymore?” Kelvin answered with a
surprised face, saying he just came to check on
me. “She is not around and don’t come to this
house again, you hear me” Kingsley said. Kelvin
left with anger, wondering what he may have
done wrong to deserve such negative response
and didn’t come back again.
***Oh my dear Kelvin, he was the most
understanding guy I know, but these days, he
understood me no more, he is even confused
himself. I wondered what was going through his
*****(She continues her story)*****
Some hours later, my brother left the house and
told the gateman not to allow anyone come into
the house. I was shocked when I saw the
gateman inside my room. He released me quickly;
I was already panting seriously and asked him
how he managed to get the key or something. “As
oga dey commot, e give me 500naira make I use
buy food, as he dey bring the money come out,
the key fall, so I come try whether na d key to the
room wey you dey, I dey always hear your voice
dey cry everyday” he said. Thank you so much,
my God will surely repay you. What do you
suggest I do now? I asked him. “I go advice make
you run katapata from this house, run far, no
come back again” what If he asks of me and
didn’t see me? “I sha no no say you dey here na,
why e go ask me, ino no wetin dey happen” he
I quickly packed some of my things. My tummy
was hurting me, I was feeling dizzy, I didn’t know
what was wrong with me. I made up my mind that
I will visit the hospital before I go to Kelvin’s
house. I went downstairs, went through the back
door and tried to leave, and Kingsley pressing the
horn of his car. He is back. Ahamdu the gateman
quickly tried to help me jump the fence at the
backyard, I was in big trouble. Kingsley got down
from the car and was shouting for Ahmadu to
open the gate; he stood outside the gate and
stood at a distance trying to see if there was
anyone around at all and saw me running away.
He entered his car and tried chasing me with his
car, but he was not fast enough as I entered a
bike and took off.
He angrily went into the compound slapped
Ahmadu and asked him why he would allow me
escape, Ahmadu who was scared, said he didn’t
know how I did it “me I no know o, I know even
know say madam dry inside house, no be me do
am o” he said fearfully. Kingsley, who is now
boiling in anger, went into his car brought out a
gun and shot him. He died on the spot.
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