Choice Episode 16


Agent Gabriel took out his phone hurriedly and dial the junior agent line, he hissed and tried again, its wasn’t available was the response he heard for the sixth time. He paced around, wondering what could have happened, blaming himself for not going initially, but luckily a call came through and he was told the junior agent had an accident and died instantly.



“Please where is Starlord Hotel around here?” I asked a man I met by the road side, who probably want to cross the other side of the road.

“you are almost there, turn left at that junction”, he pointed out,
“you go dey see the signboard for there” he added in pidgin.

“oh! alright thank you”.

Kingsley had sent me the address of where to meet him, I wonder why he said I shouldn’t come with my car but a cab at a place I couldn’t even see one to board. I alighted at the parking space of the hotel and in no time, I was with him in the hotel room.

“who’s there?” I could hear his voice after the knock I made on the door but I didn’t reply until the door was opened.

“hey!” I called out to him happily, hoping to see him happy but there was no warmth whatsoever, he looked at me without responds nor smiled and walked back inside, leaving the door opened. I stared at the door at first and myself if anything was wrong few seconds before entering.

I entered fearfully and close the door gently, wondering what was wrong, he turned towards me and stared without saying anything. I also stared at him and my surroundings fearfully, he wasn’t smiling and the look on him was deadly.

“why did you sell me out?” he asked, his voice harsh and loud.

I stepped back a bit and raise my brow fearfully in confusion ,

“sell you out? What do you mean?”

“I barely met you for weeks and I’ve told you every details about me, merely after, our hideout was raided” he said immediately and brought out a gun, he pointed it straight at me. “who are you? and who sent you to me?”

I froze and stepped back fully until my back was against the door fearfully and shocked, “does he meant I revealed his identity?” I think to myself and exclaimed out.

“oh my God!! what are you saying?” I don’t understand”, I stammered and exclaimed with fear, looking at him.

“answer the damn question I asked now” he shouted out loud in anger, making me more scared and coming to the realization of what I just entered. its was all my fault for colliding with a criminal instead of reporting him to the authorities, tears were dropping from me instantly.

“I didn’t sell you out, I didn’t inform or tell anyone about you I swear” I answered in tears but he seemed reluctant, his eyes were out of ordinary likewise, he raised the gun higher and I screamed out loudly as I fell with a thud.

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“Its wasn’t him that died you sh*t, that was the junior agent under him” the I.G shouted.

“we never knew he wasn’t going to drive himself, the job was given to our insider at their office” Don answered calmly, wondering why the I.G shouted on him,

“we never knew the agent won’t be driving himself but fortunately we now know how he get to know about the hideout” Don said, getting the I.G attention.

“how?” he asked Don.

“Mrs. Law is very much alive, the junior agent was traced down to her residence” Don said.

“awesome”, the I.G nodded, “she’s a living dead, execute her death straight away and alongside the agent. make sure their death appears like an accident”.


9:15pm Lagos

(Phone conversation)

“I gave him the document you required, its so surprising he was reported dead”

“I couldn’t get the document, the vehicle will be accessed and checked soon but right now”, the agent paused and heaved a sigh.

“I want you to leave your house tonight, do not sleep neither pack anything , just leave with your granddaughter”

“why? Is there any problem? She ask Fearfully.

“ no but I think until I could analyze Fred Dave’s death, we shouldn’t take a chance, he was coming from your place when this happened, just leave until I confirm everything”.