Choice Episode 15


“Location still not found boss, he had secured himself” the brother repeated.

Don paused to think for a moment, “What’s holding up G.B? Put a call to him again”

“Okay boss” the brother replied and walk away to get his phone.

Don continued what he was doing on his laptop, the cameras were hacked. “the hacker behind this must be intelligent to access our system like that” Don said immediately the junior brother returned.

“Yes, our system couldn’t have been bridge easily without an insiders help, Kingsley is behind the whole thing” . the junior brother said after sitting beside him.

Don stopped what he was doing and glance at him few seconds before facing the laptop again, he wondered r if truly Kingsley could betray the K’s as Flex claimed, he knew Flex was loyal to G.B and he knew about the differences between his two subordinate. Kingsley was good at tactics and strong in combat while G.B was more cruel and wicked, he is a true expectations of a K leader, he’s wise and doesn’t sway himself with emotions. He had deliberately choosing Kingsley over him and that had started the whole problem.

He knew he had to find out the truth first if truly Kingsley was behind it but he doesn’t seem to understand why he should, he glance another look at Flex before a short sound from his laptop interrupted his thought, he turned the laptop aside and called Flex attention to it.

“Trace the hacker back using this” and also”

A soft vibration on his phone interrupted him and Flex who was about to speak, he heaved a sigh seeing who the caller was, he thought of ignoring it at first but decide to receive it after few deliberation before the call could end.

“Don I want you to see me today”, the caller’s voice sounded from the other end.

“is there any problem sir”, Don asked, noticing the urgency

“I know the agent behind this, come straight away” the caller added.


Gmt 7:21 am

I woke up very early today prepared for work, a lot of meetings was scheduled for me this week just because of my absence weeks before, within minutes, I was out of my room not after applying the make up thing when I heard my dad laughter right from the dinning room, I smiled remembering how my late mum makes jest of him whenever he laughed like that, he’s extremely happy I suppose.

I closed the door gently behind and walked out through the corridor that leads to the dinning room, he was seated with my step mum, both discussing and eating

“oh !! Here comes my beautiful daughter”

“good morning” I greeted them while they both echoed “morning”

“what’s up Jane? your mum here is something else” he said laughing, pointing to my step mother.

ofcourse she’s my mum too in as much she makes my dad happy. “she should have chosen to be a comedian” he added smiling, bringing me back from my thought.

my step mum has this radiant astonishing smiles that is powerful and calm. The only difference between her and my birth mother is she’s not just my mother even if she takes the role of my real mother.

“what’s is not yours is definitely not yours, no matter how close its might be” a quote from my favorite author “IRETI ADEDIPE”.

I smiled staring at her before she called my attention through a wave

“Jane is anything the matter? what is wrong?” she asked with concern.

“nothing mum, its just that I’m amazed of how beautiful you are, God really perfect your beauty, Dad is just so lucky to have married you, thank you so much for taking good care of him and staying with him all the time” I answered without looking at my dad who was already looking at me.

“oh !! thank you so much darling, and I must say you are much beautiful, sweet and pretty too” she said smiling.

“sit down Jane, let me serve your food before you go”

“no mum, i’m actually late already, I have things to settle at the office, don’t worry, I’ll get something to eat there.

“Jane, remember your father is the owner of the company you are heading”, don’t stress yourself out, you’ve been coming home tiredly since Monday, remember you are not an employee, your assistance can handle them”

“yes daddy, but I have to go, its due to my absence weeks back, i’m the one at fault here, there are things needed to be sorted out at the office and I need to be there before the meeting with our Russian investors”.

“oh!! you’re right, that’s true, I almost forgot about that, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take breakfast before you leave” Mr William argued.

“your dad is right Jane, please don’t over stress yourself, let me pack the food for you then”.

I wonder God’s goodness on me, surrounding me with love one’s, I watch her pack the food into a food container, I hug her before she gave me the flask, bade them bye and hurried out immediately.

I was about entering my car when my phone began to ring, I managed to stop and checked who the caller was, I brought out the phone from my bag. The caller ID display Kingsley, I stared at the phone few seconds surprisingly, I was so happy and I answered the call immediately.

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“Hello Kingsley, where have you been? Are you okay? I’ve been worried” I asked instantly with concern, not bothering which one he should answer first.

“We need to see Jane” he said instead, not minding the questions

“yes we need to meet”, I replied happily, though noticing his tone

“Good, I’ll sent you the address soon” he said and the call ends

“I somehow felt happy and at same time worried with the way he spoke without giving a chance to ask him how he is and where he had been all this whole time but I shrugged it off, entered my car and zoom off to work.


Lagos, Nigeria

“This is the file sir” the junior agent stretched the file to agent Gabriel to access.

“the minister denied the allegations against him and won the case” he added and wait before the agent collect the file.

agent Gabriel heaved a sigh before collecting the files from the junior agent, he had stayed two days without sleeping, investigating all around, he made lots of progress but need lots of rest.

“I will go through this later” he said and closed the file back.

“its 10am already, will you be able to meet up with Mrs Florence Law? , you need to rest sir”. the junior agent added, taking a look at his wrist watch , noticing how tired he looked.

“Yes I won’t, right now, I need the rest, meet up with the woman and get back to me later”, the agent said, he yarn tiredly and close his eyes, resting totally on the chair he was sitting on.

“but sir, I’ll have to use your car, I actually thought we’ll be going together earlier, my car had been sent for maintenance due to some mal-function”

“its okay, you can use mine, the key is right there in front of you, you can leave”. he said tiredly

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Abuja, Nigeria

“Wow !! That was awesome, you did beyond what I expected, I knew you are the best man for this”. the two men laughed loudly, toasting their drinks

“To wealth, power, and to a brighter future” Mr Donald shouted while they drink.

“those judges were amazed with the counter you gave them, I could recall one of them was left agape”

Mr William laughed loudly and empty his cup, “yes they should, with the situation on ground, we’ll surely emerge the winner

“yes we will but don’t you think its high time we start planning a strategy of how to run the government? We need a good plan and a way to choose your cabinet members” Mr Donald asked, he walked towards one of the chair to sit, waiting for Mr William’s response.

“yes its high time, the election is soon to be held, and if elected, we need to prepare the list of members that will work accordingly and justly with us”.

“yes we should, there are people we need to stop associating with when the time comes, people like senator Elvis” Mr Donald said, after taking a sip from his drink.

“what !! Senator Elvis”, Mr William shouted with a frown, “why?” he asked

“why don’t you have a seat first and lets me brief you” Mr Donald replied.

News at 2

Gmt 2:00 pm, Lagos

“Its a tragedy today as an accident occurred around Aguda, it was reported a man in a vehicle with plate number SN23 drive recklessly and collide with other vehicles which resulted to a vital accident, its reported the young man died instantly, fifteen traveling student died, five other people died and leaving twelve people injured”.

“This is the news reaching us from our reporter Shola Olawale” the news ended.

Agent Gabriel sprang up on his feet the moment the plate number was called, “what just happened?” He asked out loudly to himself, that was his car and the man driving was the junior agent who had been reported dead.

To be continued