Choice Episode 13


Kingsley stopped immediately, “your hands on your head and go down” the voice added.
Kingsley slowly turned, his hands raised up. “go on your knees”. the NSS Agent voiced out again, walking slowly towards Kingsley without taking off his gaze or checking around first.

He moved carefully towards him, watching if he has any weapon or try to make any movement. He was few steps away when a bullet pierced his skull from behind.

G.B had also narrowly escaped from the main hall and followed the route Kingsley took, he shot the officer first before shooting at Kingsley who had saw him earlier behind the NSS officer and had taken cover already, but a bullet pierced him before he could hide successfully.

“ I’ll be the one to kill you myself Kingsley, nobody else”. G.B shouted. “ no one else is doing this but me” he added, shooting towards Kingsley direction without restricting fire.

Kingsley winced in pain behind the cover he had taken, he didn’t understand why G.B wanted him dead so badly aside from their little differences in act of leadership. He had been outsmart so quick and he blamed himself from been so foolish to have taken things slightly even though he had taken counter measures against it.

He had no time, he thought of what to do or will be dead in few seconds, especially now that G.B was already moving towards his direction. He could see the dead NSS officer’s gun few meters away from him, he made a quick deliberation on how to get it without been hit but there wasn’t a way to do that easily even when he has been shot twice. He made a slight glance towards G.B who was almost near the agent dead body and quickly stopped the move he had planned, accepting his fate and whatever G.B decide to do with him now that he was completely helpless and without a gun. He await his death.

Unluckily G.B ran out of bullet before he could reach the dead officer’s body, and luckily Kingsley was quick to notice that and came out of hiding instantly, he was more near to the dead body than G.B and headed straight for the mere opportunity he had to get the gun, he fired straight at G.B but the bullets missed him few inches away, he fired the second time but the bullets still missed him because he was more at advantage than Kingsley and had taken cover already. He immediately used the opportunity to jump out of the compound while the shooting continues in the building.


Phone conversation

“What am I hearing? How reckless could you be to let this happen?” The senator asked without greetings.

the morning news had just reported how the hideout was destroyed when the law enforcement bombard the place and attack the gang, which results in a gun battle, some of the gang members were killed, some arrested while some were seriously injured, some NSS officers also died.

“We advice people not to stay long out at night because no one know what could happen and also to inform the police of any illegal or act that doesn’t conform with the law of the country immediately”, the reporter added while the news continue. The Senator hadn’t waited any seconds more before placing a call to Don angrily.

“I had no idea how this happen or ever knew it was coming, I came back from the State yesterday and get to know the hideout was invaded” Don replied the Senator calmly.

” I want you to see me today and I hope you are ready to face the consequences?

” The man said angrily and ended the call” he strolled down his contact list, and select a contact, he dialed it and waited few seconds before the call was answered.

“ Good morning sir”
“ good morning I.G”, the senator replied impatiently…. “You hear the news?” he asked instead.

“yes sir, its so surprising to hear a well protected place like that could be discovered”

“that is the question, how was it discovered under your nose?” The senator asked interruptedly.

” it was some NSS agent and some secret agents who invaded the place, I got the report just early this morning, some of the brothers were arrested and”

“make sure the arrested ones are dead before the questioning, clear off any trace or record that could link to our involvement, I want you and Don to see me today. the senator said before ending the call likewise.

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Hours later

” how else was it discovered? What have you been doing leaving what was put under your watch destroyed?” The senator asked angrily with disappointment.

“I’ve received calls this morning, be ready to face the punishment and consequences later, right now we need to figure out how the base was discovered” the Senator added, facing Don who was standing opposite his sitting position.

Don heaved a sigh in frustration before speaking, “I’ve also been thinking about that, the level of security installed in that area is too strong to be bridged like that, more so, I couldn’t watch or access the database to know who the attackers were, the records were deleted”

Don voiced out, looking at the men staring at him keenly, the I.G was beside the left sofa while the senator was sitting opposite him,

“I’ve come to realize someone who might know about the base”. he added while the men made a glance at each other, Wondering what he was saying.

“ who is it?” both of them asked with curiosity,

‘Mrs. Florence Law’, he replied.
“We never found her dead body though the boys claimed she died when the accident occurred before the truck hit her vehicle into the sea, although she hadn’t been seen ever since then but I think she may have survive it”.

“ I don’t think so, she couldn’t have survive that fall, besides she could have no knowledge about the hideout and”

I want you to search everywhere for her Don, though am still in support of what the I.G said, she couldn’t have survive that fall but her dead body wasn’t found when they claimed she had died, we should not leave any chance. If the hideout could be traced like that, it means the other base are at risk, make sure those base are

cleared immediately and”

“what else do the agent know ?” The senator turned to ask the IG

“The NSS agent only received orders to ready themselves, they knew nothing about the discovery. Its was claimed some secret agent was behind the whole scenario, I have inquired for the agent to see me for a job well done” the IG replied.

“aren’t secret agent suppose to be secret, they wouldn’t show themselves” the senator said.

“I’ve made steps towards that, the agent will see me soon”. The I.G answered


Gmt 3:20 pm

Don tried again without any of them getting through, he had tried Kingsley line without reach, G.B also wasn’t reachable, he knew the men were strong enough to die and wasn’t among the brothers arrested, he felt scared at first because he knew the senator wouldn’t listen if they were both captured, what entails them is death, unless the brothers are on a secret mission, anyone captured should be killed immediately.

He heaved a sigh, and decided to contact G.B for the last time, but it also didn’t go through. He heaved a sigh again and strolled his contact list, he got relieved when he sight one of the junior brothers contact, he dialed it immediately.

“ hello boss”
, “where are you?” Don ask impatiently,

“ I’m somewhere around Asokoro”

“ How did this happened?” Don ask.

“its was Kingsley, he set us all up, we had visited the club the day before, I had become suspicious weeks back when he and one of the brothers opened the k-gate, I told G.B about it but he discard it, saying its isn’t possible for Kingsley to betray us, I don’t know if he is still alive or dead but Kingsley shot him before we could attack”.

“Come to Lagos straight away, we have work to do”.

Don said with no further remark and end the call. Truthfully he received signals weeks back about the K-gate, he doubt if truly Kingsley could betray them as he think of many possibilities, but he surely needs to act fast and never leave a chance.

to be continued