Choice Episode 12


“I lost my family at a tender age, life was unfair and cruel, there were no Family, relatives, or friends who helped”, he continued with tears falling down uncontrollably again.

“It’s okay Kingsley”, Jane said, trying to console him. she too couldn’t bear Kinsley’s story as tears were falling from her uncontrollably. She couldn’t control hearing the sorrowful and cruel past of the man who had captured her heart and make her shiver. It had started at the restaurant after they had eaten and started discussing. She took up the courage to ask him why he’s involved in armed robbery without fear. She never understood where the courage came from but she knew she had uttered the words already.

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“Why do you involve yourself in armed robbery?” I asked, staring deeply at him without fears”. I know quite well he was expecting the question from me deep down. I can feel he has a tender heart.

“Why did you save my life”? I asked immediately again, still staring at him. He couldn’t answer but tears began to fill his eyes, he tried opening his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Suddenly he changed, his eyes were something out of normal and he was instantly boiling up.
“are you okay”? ‘I asked and stand to support him, People were already staring at us

“can we go somewhere else”? He asked.



But still why involve yourself in robbery and illegal gangs?”.  I asked him in pity, as if i wasn’t a stranger.

” the gang supported me, gave me shelter, gave me assistance when the government didn’t help, i regretted all my deeds year’s back, it’s impossible to leave, it’s a death penalty to exit once in.

“It’s okay”, i said, moving closer to him, cleaning the unstoppable tears falling from him with my hands, I could sense how hurt and how guilty he feels, its hurt seeing him like that.

Hiss past was more cruel than what a normal human should endure, his family was assassinated alongside his grandpa who had watched him grow several years after his parent death.


“How many times will I tell you not to wander around at night?” His grandpa asked after Kingsley closed the door slightly behind him”.

“Oh my God” !! You’re stinking of alcohol Kins” he exclaimed further, standing up from the chair he was sitting on. “Good day grandpa” Kingsley said, walking up staggered towards one of the dinning chair, ignoring the man greetings.

“Must you do this Kingsley?” He asked, walking closer towards the dinning table. “I’ve watch you grow up to this very stage you are Kins” he added, taking a deep breath. “Why must you jeopardize all we’ve worked for all this years?” He asked again, standing few metres away from him.

He tried to touch him but Kingsley bark out and fling his hands away. “Why must you tell me not to find out about my families death? Kingsley asked angrily, walking backwards and giving more space between them. “Why must you obstruct all of my plans if you aren’t involved or know something about their death?” He asked again, moving backwards and giving more space between them. He turned back totally and headed towards the corridor that leads to his room when he saw his grandpa didn’t have an answer to the questions he has been asking him all this years his parent had died. “Why I’m I asking this from you again knowing fully well you wouldn’t answer and yet disrupt all my plans in finding out the truth?” He asked silently to himself and made a faint smirk, the alcohol still making the impact on him.

With tears, his grandpa watch him move away from him, he kept quite and watch him take his leave but spoke before he could opened the door. “Some things are just left not to be touched Kingsley” he finally voiced out while Kingsley stopped, closing the door back and hoping his grandpa will speak this time around. “We have no power to battle this war Kins, we’ll be killed halfway before we could start, the people who killed my children are powerful than us, we shouldn’t start a war we won’t win” he stopped and started walking towards Kingsley direction. “We must survive and raise ourselves to be able to fight them, we must stop investigating them and accept our fate son” he added with tears falling from him.

“Who are this people grandpa and why did they killed my parent and the rest of this family? Kingsley asked him again.

“You don’t need to know son, no matter how hard this might be, we must accept it as our fate and continue our life in silence”.

“Never grandpa, I said never” kingsley shouted, interrupting him. His grandpa stopped halfway, noticing how furious he was, he knew he had to stop or else Kingsley could hurt him or himself especially in his drunken state.

“Is that why you interrupt all my plans? Is that why you make sure all evidence gathered up are destroyed before they are even started? Who are this damn people and what was my families killed for if you aren’t involved in this? Kingsley barked angrily and repeatedly.

“These are my children too Kingsley and i wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their life or cause their death” his grandpa shouted this time. “Is it until we are both killed before you listen and stop been stubborn?” He asked without demanding an answer but continued. “This issue is beyond your control or mine or anybody and you wouldn’t understand a bit of all this, stop been sturbborn and wait till its the right time to battle this war properly” he added frustratedly.

“You like it or not grandpa, I’m going to find out the truth about my parent and my siblings death and let their killers pay dearly even if its involve you” Kingsley voiced out angrily and proceed towards the main exit door instead of going towards his room. He managed to walk towards the door, leaving his grandpa standing motionesslessly.

“This happened because of a reason son, you need to calm down if I’m to tell you all about it, we need the appropriate time son” his grandpa shouted on top of his voice but he had the door closed already and had proceed out. He was going out again, probably to drink more. His grandpa watched him leave with an uncontrollable inner tears.

15 minutes later

The old man sat up tiredly with a slight headache from the bed he was sleeping on, he had only decided to take a nap but had slept off completely for 15 minutes out of frustration. A knock from the door had woke him up, he squinted at first to accommodate the room light and glanced at the wall clock placed at the left wall of the room, its 2:15am already and he wondered if Kingsley could be the one knocking, he remembered he had lock the door when he decided to take a nap a while ago hoping kingsley wouldn’t be coming home again. He stretched himself and sat up fully, he yawn and proceed out of his room to open the door.

“Have you finally come to your senses?” He asked, hoping to get a response but didn’t, he proceed towards the door and insert the key into the door hole and opened. He was instantly pushed backwards and a blow landed on his cheek. Two men entered fully into the room, one was with a gun and the other one walking with a staff.

“What was my warning to you Nicholas?” The one with the staff asked immediately and continued before he could start pleading. “You know the punishment yourself, i thought i could let you and your grandson lives peacefully but i guess i was all wrong, he tried to do something today that jeopardize that decision”

“Please don’t do this, its wasn’t his fault, please we’ll leave this country and never returned please” the old man pleaded. “You should have done that before Nicholas, its late now, I hope you make the right decision in your next afterlife” the one with the staff added and proceed out of the room while the second man shot the old man square on his forehead before proceeding out too.



“I’m sorry you had to face all this” I uttered, staring at him while he too was staring at me, before I could say “Lo”, I had my lips locked with his, with so much passion and love, we both devoured  the long kiss.

He responded as we were locked in one world. We broke from the kiss, panting heavily the moment his phone began to ring.



“He said he will be here immediately”, one of the gang members informed G.B and the others who was waiting for his response.

They had put up a call through to Kingsley for an emergency meeting at the hideout. “There should be no mistake in this, Kingsley must die today, now position yourself to your assigned position”, G.B added.


GMT 12:25 pm

Four vehicles alighted meters away from the gate, the NSS men waited and parked at the order of Agent Gabriel. They watched a car entering the compound, but couldn’t see the complete view of the building.

“How about the cameras?” the agent asked the junior agent who was working on a laptop

“This place is well secured, I couldn’t gain access to it” the junior agent replied.

The agent heaved a sigh, he brought out his laptop and switched it on, he waited and allowed it boot, he was in the vehicle with three men while the other NSS men were at the other three vehicle as backup. The laptop boot within seconds and the main view displayed, the agent typed in some codes before the view changes to a different entire menu immediately, leaving the junior agent who was watching agape, within minutes the agent gained access to the security cameras, he wore his mask, gave the junior agent to monitor and signal to the men in the vehicle to follow him.


Kingsley entered the compound and parked his car at the parking space, he was suspicious at first wondering why the whole compound was silent, he got down from the car and discarded the thought. He had been called earlier that the boss had arrived and immediately called for him. He dipped his hands into his pocket and proceeded into the main hall. He entered the second room leading to the inner hall first and proceed inside but before he could enter the third door leading to another room, guns were pointed at him and the men all came out of hiding.

“There is no where to go Kingsley, there you are”, G.B said, smiled and flashed his teeth,

“I’ve always told you  I will show you how dangerous I can be, never worry, don’t bother to look around, that is your informant and loyal animals”

he added when he noticed how kingsley was looking around’  shoot them, he shouted while spraying of bullet filled the whole room.

“you gonna pay for this i swear, kingsley shouted angrily before a bullet pierced his left shoulder. He winced in pain but managed to hold his stands.

” I told you Kingsley!! You are too full of your self and you’re a piece of sh*t but It all ends here”. G.B yelled, pointing the gun right through his heart and about to pull the trigger
when three men fall with a thud, followed by another and another. Within the twinkle of an eye, the whole place scattered as they all ran for safety.

There was continuous random shooting as the brothers faced their attackers. The passersby and passing motorist had all ran into hiding with nobody in sight, police and other security agencies had surrounded the big building . No one dare enter.

Kingsley was quick enough to locate a cover for himself from the attackers. He wondered who was attacking them or probably who just saved him but was grateful he was’nt dead yet, he quickly ran through the corridor that led to the fourth hall. He was quick to dodge bullets and was about to pass through the yard secret gate when a gun was pointed straight at him. “Stop right there” someone said behind him.

To be continued……..
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