Childless Episode 7



You heard Tutu saying that young women should take a cue from the lies he was spewing out. Well, I want you young bachelors to listen to this short tale I’m going to tell you, and take a cue from it.

This man, Kwabena Dompreh, is forty-five years old. Now, let us go back to something that happened twenty-five years ago. At that time, Mr. Kwabena Dompreh was twenty years old, and his father, Mr. Tutu Dompreh, was not as rich as you see him now. Mr. Tutu Dompreh was in fact serving a prison sentence on a fraud charge. He was not guilty, mind you. He had a government contract, and there was a change in Government, and he was accused of serious fraud by the new Government and thrown into jail.

Kwabena was in school, and his mother was sick. Kwabena had to work just to support his mother and himself. At that time, he had a girlfriend called Dede, whose mother was a poor widow in the village. Dede came to the city and was selling waakye around the school Kwabena was attending. That was how they came to know each other.

Kwabena was a handsome young man, and when he told Dede that he loved her, the poor girl didn’t hesitate in giving her love to him.

Kwabena Dompreh’s face is suddenly filled with terror. He shakes his head weakly and tears come to his eyes.



Oh, no! Oh, please, no, no, no!


Oh, yes, yes, yes! You’ve terrorized your wife to the point where she was contemplating suicide! You allowed your father to make life a living hell for Akua, forgetting all about Dede, that innocent seventeen-year-old girl! Now, let me tell you about Dede, my dear friends…



enters the room cautiously. It is a small room in a dirty environment. It is a private hostel for students who didn’t get hostel accommodation at the University. It is located in a secluded vicinity. About six boys are crammed in the room which is meant for only two. The room is hot, and the boys are screaming and shouting. Some are playing cards and others are watching an action movie on the small television.

A boy called DAUDA MOSHIE suddenly screams when he sees Dede.


Yooooooooooooo!!! Hey, Kobby, aboa kwasea, your chick land o, e land!

The other boys scream and greet Dede, some of them embracing her. Dede puts the basket she is holding down on a table.

Kwabena Dompreh sits up in bed sleepily and smiles at Dede.


Hello, my Heartbeat, my darling pie! Welcome, Dede, my love!

A look of pure love spreads across Dede’s face. Kwabena motions to her, and she goes and sits on the bed beside him.



How have you been?

Kwabena drapes an arm around her shoulders and kisses her lightly. She giggles and tries to hide her lips under his neck. Dauda uncovers the basket, takes off the lid of the huge bowl inside, and then lets out a yell of delight.


Yoooooooooooo!! Waakye apai ooooooo!

All the boys stop what they were doing and go in search of spoons. Kwabena gets to his feet and glares at them.


You bastards! Me wey e bring the chow give me I no taste am, den you orphans wan chop am!


Abi lovi lovi dey sweet you! Go chop lovi lovi, massa. We too dey chop waakye for here!

Dede watches from the bed as Kwabena also takes a spoon and they begin to eat the food. Afterwards the boys leave the room on one pretext or the other, and soon Dede and Kwabena are alone.

Dede opens her bag and gives a stuffed envelope to Kwabena.


That’s all the money I have. I closed my account with the Susu Man, Kobby! I don’t have any money again. You know I took the first instalment for your mother’s medicine and her hospital bill. My own mother is sick in the village and I needed to send her some money, but your exams is more important, so I withdrew my savings so that you can settle your exams fee.

Tears come to Kwabena’s eyes as he drops on his knees beside the bed and takes Dede into his arms.

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You’re such an angel, Dede! My own guardian angel! Sent from God to come and take care of me! What would I have been without you? I’m so grateful, my love. This is my final exams. When I pass out, I’ll get a job, and we’ll be married immediately, my darling!

She smiles and runs a finger down the side of his face.


Everything I do for you is out of love, Kobby. Just don’t betray my love, or you’ll kill me!

Kwabena sits on the bed and kisses her hard, jamming his tongue into her mouth.



You’re the only woman for me, Dede! I can’t live without you, never! I love you more than you can ever love me!



That cannot be true, Kobby! No heart can love more than I love you!



Your love is like one percent of what I feel for you! He kisses her throat, her lips, and puts a hand on her right breast, feeling her taut nipple. She is panting now, and his hand steals under the hem of her skirt and creeps up her inner thighs.

Suddenly she clamps her thighs together, trapping his hand, and gets up quickly. He lies on the bed, suffused with desire, looking at her through the slits of his eyes.



I can’t, Kobby, please. Not now, not here!



Come on, my love! Let me make you mine, in the real sense of the word! You and I are going to spend eternity together!



I know, my love. But not in this room, okay? You share the bed with your friends, and they might even now be outside trying to see us making love! My mother is a Christian, my love, as you know. I’ve promised her to lose my virginity only on my wedding bed. My father died when I was young. I’m her only child, and she didn’t have money to help me further my education. She loves me, and she wants only that from me. You’re still in school, and we don’t want any pregnancy now!


I’ll use a condom, my love! Even if you get pregnant I’ll marry you! Can’t you see I can’t wait anymore?

She smiles and sits on a chair near the door.


Yes, I can see, my love! The feeling is mutual, but sorry, we can’t do it now. Very soon you will pass out successfully, and I’ll be your wife. You can have it as many times as you want then, my love! Now drink some water to cool down, and come and take a walk with me!

Kwabena takes a deep breath, smiles, and then they laugh together. Their love for each other is strong!