Childless Episode 5


He stands up, tall and foreboding, and then he begins to walk purposefully towards the podium. All eyes are fixed on him. There is something about him that arrests attention, a strange magnetic charisma that has a most powerful allure. It is not the unreal aura around him, nor the unveiled sense of confidence and sureness. It is something deep, something divine that brooks no argument.

He mounts the steps to the podium and stands looking at the pugnacious face of Tutu Dompreh. The old man glares at him with sudden disdain and anger.


And who the hell are you? And what are you doing here? Who invited you? And who gave you the audacity to come up here?

The stranger smiles at him.


I take no authority from any mortal, and certainly not from foolish mortals as yourself.

The insult carries through the microphone, and Tutu Dompreh jumps to his feet, his face almost exploding with the depths of his fury.


How dare you! You stupid infidel! You think you can come into my house and insult me? You fool! Who invited this bastard anyway? Is he one of your stupid friends, Kobby?

Kwabena shakes his head numbly as he stares with unease at this stranger who seems to exude such danger.


No, Daddy. I don’t know him.



He was sitting with Akua, Grandpa. I think she brought him here.



Of course she would, the witch! I’ll deal with her myself! She’s moving out of that damn house! Guards, come and take this bastard away! Akua, wait for me, you’re dead!!

Four security men holding batons emerge quickly. They climb the podium, and two approach the stranger on each side.


Sir, please come with me. We don’t want to hurt you.

The stranger doesn’t even look at them. His eyes are fixed on a fuming Tutu.


Hurt me! Hurt me? Believe me, my dear fellow, the likes of you aren’t empowered to hurt me! On the contrary, I’ll advise you to keep your distance if you want to avoid getting hurt!



Get this madman out of my sight! TAKE HIM AWAY NOW!! The guard on the left touches the stranger. Immediately he is hurled back with a hidden force, as if he has touched an electrical feed. He is thrown violently into the air, and he smashes into one of the metallic poles of the tent, falling down hard.

The security man on the right tries to stop himself when he sees what has happened to his friend, but he is too late. He touches the stranger’s right arm, and then he screams shrilly as he is spun round and round violently, and then he slams down on top of one of the tables below the podium, and remains still.

The other two security guards are trembling, and with fear on their faces they slowly take steps back away from the stranger and get down from the podium.

Akua, sitting far away from the podium, suddenly giggles as she sees the look of sheer terror on Tutu’s face. It gives her such great satisfaction.

An air of fear has gripped everybody present. They don’t know what is happening. The stranger turns his cold eyes on Kwabena now, and a look of sheer fury crosses his face, making him so menacing that Kwabena swallows with sudden apprehension.


And you. Such a nerveless man you’ve become, always living in the shadow of your bully of a father! You let him call your wife a whore! You fool! Is your wife a slut? Has she ever committed an abortion? HAS SHE?

His last words were uttered with cold, terrifying harshness, causing Kwabena to flinch as he looks miserably at the stranger.



No, no, sir!


Don’t tell me, moron! Tell your father! Tell the spectators here!!



Akua came to me as a virgin, Daddy.

Because there is absolute silence, his words are picked by the microphone and amplified by the giant speakers, and these humble words make eyes turn to Akua again. Eyes that had held disdain, and disrespect, now look at her in awe. The stranger leans forward and picks up a piece of chicken wing. He pops it into his mouth and chews appreciatively.


Mmm. Sweet. Chicken has always been my weakness. And now, listen to this, old man Tutu Dompreh, you fool. That boy Baaba is holding is not your grandchild.